Our Planet is Sickened by Carbon Dioxide Poisoning


This chart says it all:

For context:  climate reporter Eric Holthaus tweeted the bad news today. It is based on data developed by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.

Please don’t shoot the messenger.  Instead, please practice the following steps to reduce your contribution to our planet’s carbon dioxide poisoning:

  1.  Vote!  Some of our politicians are beholden to interests that rely upon their ability to poison our planet.  You can change that.
  2.  Plant trees, not lawns, on any property you own.   And install drip irrigation when you are doing that planting.
  3.  Don’t eat beef or lamb.  Livestock generates about 15% of all manmade global greenhouse gases.  Plus, your body will thank you.
  4.  Use less electricity — unless you produce it yourself from renewable sources like PV arrays or windmills.   Here’s how to conserve energy.
  5.  Buy locally grown produce that doesn’t come from far distances.  You can find amazing produce throughout San Diego County.
  6.  Purchase your clothing at consignment shops
  7.  Use public transportation, rideshares or bicycles, when possible.  Even better:  walk!   Here are some options.
  8.  Avoid flying, if driving is an option.   Listen to podcasts during your drive — it will go faster.

If you need to pollute, at least buy a carbon offset to help undo the damage you are doing.  Some nonprofits, such as Myclimate , Cotap and Terrapass, fund renewable projects that reduce our CO2 emissions and help restore our planet’s health.

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