Satellite Entertainment: Is it Out of This World?

With all of the entertainment options at our disposal today, it can be tough to figure out the best ways to get all of those TV shows and movies. There are cable, satellite and online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, just to name a few. It can get pretty confusing in fact.

As far as the “old school” way of getting entertainment, many still use cable and satellite TV. The better of these two is satellite. But is it really worth it?  It’s advantages is that it is readily available anywhere, it is cheaper than cable,  it’s geared for sports and HD programming,  and it has more music channels than over-the-air radio.   However, it comes at a price that exceeds Internet-based entertainment.   So, it may end up being a bit too sweet for your particular financial sweet spot.   But consider the following:

Watch your shows anywhere 

Satellite TV offers users many great options to take your content with you wherever you go, allowing you to watch shows on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV. You can do much more than with a cable subscription. Another great benefit of satellite is that their set-top boxes are much more advanced than cable. For instance, DISH TV’s Hopper 3 box has a voice remote, allowing you to vocally browse your channel guide, your recorded programs, Netflix, and On Demand with a single search. It will also store up to 500 hours of content and give you access to all of your apps. That’s pretty convenient. The future of television looks bright for satellite over cable.

Cheaper than Cable, but Not Cheap

Satellite generally has cheaper packages compared to cable. Even if you factor in what you are paying for other services like Netflix and Hulu, you are getting a great deal. There are no extra charges for HD content either. Cable is much more expensive, with many extra fees. There is a reason that so many viewers are cutting the cord.

For the Sports Fanatic

You just can’t beat the sports packages that satellite TV offers. Whether you are a football fanatic, a soccer fan or a baseball devotee. They are very reasonably priced and there are several packages to choose from. In fact, I would say that one of the big reasons for the success of satellite TV is the sports packages that they offer.

HD Channels

You get more HD channels with satellite compared to cable. You just can’t beat TV satellite technology, which includes 4K TV offering a clearer picture. Cable just can’t compete. Also, cable charges an extra fee for HD channels.

Installation May Be Free

Satellite providers generally do not charge an installation fee, whereas cable TV providers do charge a one-time fee. So, yet again, you are saving money. DISH Network even offers free installation for up to 6 different TVs in your home.

More Music Channels Than Radio

If you enjoy music, you really can’t beat what satellite offers. They offer a variety of commercial-free music channels. This along with sports is one of the things that made satellite TV so huge. Satellite offers the largest selection of music among their competitors.

So Is it Worth It?

Satellite entertainment isn’t cheap.  It’ll cost between $60-180 per month.  That’s a lot of money.  And because there are only two satellite companies serving the U.S., competition isn’t going to drive down the prices anytime soon.   However, it’s easy to compare Direct TV and Dish prices, just check out this article.   Is it cheaper than cable?   Perhaps — although cable prices have been dropping in order to deal with cord cutters.   Is it cheaper than on-line based services?  No.   But if you really like sports programming, it may be your best bet.    For that reason alone, it may be worth checking out.


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