Insignia Disconnect: Smart Plug App from Hell

You bought the Insignia WiFi smart plug (Model: NS-SP1X7) at Best Buy and brought it home to install.  Three or four hours later, you are still trying to get it to work.  We urge you to stop, repack the item into its original box and return it to Best Buy.   No need to throw good time into a bad product.

When you searched for the Insignia Connect app on Google Play, you may have overlooked the hundreds of bad reviews about this particular app.   The smart plug itself may actually work, but the app is so bug-ridden than you’ll never get consistent performance.   We were intrigued by the long and frustration-laden list of complaints…..including some from Geek Squad team members who work for Best Buy.   So we bought one of these plugs on sale ($19), downloaded the app onto three different Android mobile devices and tried to get the plug to work.   It took a few hours just to connect the plug to the WiFi network; the app repeatedly froze.

Once the plug was “connected” to the network, we then attempted to pair the plug with our Alexa devices.   That took about an hour to achieve, due to the Alexa devices’ inability to see the Insignia plug.   We were finally able to pair the plug using a Samsung tablet.   However, then the real trouble began.   The smart plug would work once or twice and then Alexa would inform us that the smart plug is disabled and needed re-enabling before the command would work.  (BTW, we got the same intermittent message on all three of our Alexa devices).

Rather than waste more time trying to troubleshoot the problem, we contacted Amazon and went through more troubleshooting with Amazon technical support.  One hour later, the Amazon techs (we used two of them) arrived at the same conclusion that we’d reached a few hours earlier:  the Insignia Connect app was defective.   They promised to escalate the problem but warned us that our best course of action was to return the smart plug.

The moral of this sad smart plug saga is to check out the reviews before downloading an app (or buying a smart plug).  The reviewers were correct;  the Insignia Connect app is riddled with problems and is essentially unworkable.   We’ve used TP-Link and Wemo smart plugs with literally no problems.   However, the Insignia smart plug is unmitigated trouble and we encourage you to avoid buying it until its issues are resolved.  Reviewers gave the same thumbs down on the Insignia Smart Plug with Monitor and we see no reason to doubt those reviews.   Given the fact that the bad reviews were posted through 2017, it appears that Best Buy/Insignia have little interest in fixing this device and its app.

Another note:  when you go on Best Buy’s website and check out the 1270 reviews it has posted about this product, it shows overwhelming approval of this device.  This is in stark contrast to the reviews on the Google Play site where consumers have downloaded the app.   Given our problems with the product, we have serious concerns about the veracity of the Best Buy reviews.


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  1. Andrew Kaylie
    Andrew Kaylie says:

    It’s 2/22 and nothing has improved. I tried both the Apple and Android apps and was unable to connect to my insignia smart switches. Best Buy is literally selling a broken product and has been for months. Unless you see reports of drastic improvement that I sincerely doubt will ever happen? DO NOT BUY A INSIGNIA BRANDED SMART DEVICE THAT USES INSIGNIA CONNECT. It’s that simple.


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