Best Shopping Apps for 2017

Online shopping is getting easier and easier.   We’ve stumbled across about 11 apps that are must-haves for savvy online shoppers.

Of course, Amazon is a must have, although it doesn’t always have the best prices.  But it’s a good place to start.  And once you have Amazon, you should try the Camelizer extension also works only with Amazon. It provides a shortcut to the CamelCamelCamel database of historical prices, presenting charts that show how the price of an item has varied over time. Amazon prices, along with new and used Marketplace sellers’ prices are plotted on a single graph. At a glance, you can see the volatility of an item’s price and which sales channel you should choose. If an item’s price is pretty stable, you may as well buy it now. But if it has fluctuated significantly in the past, you may want to set a future date on which to check the price again. The Camelizer is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

If you are shopping at a brick & mortar store, you may try using ShopSavvy.  This app is especially useful if you’re in a store that offers price matching.  Just use your phone’s camera to scan an item’s barcode, and the app will show you how much other stores charge for it—both locally and online. When you find an item selling for less from another retailer, show the information to the customer service desk and ask for the lower price. If you sign up for ShopSavvy’s free cash-back program, you’ll get money back when you shop at retailers like Macy’s and Walmart, increasing your savings.

Honey automatically finds coupon codes for you while you are shopping. Just register at Honey’s site and install the browser extension. Then, when you add an item to a site’s shopping cart, click the Honey icon to display the coupon code that saves you the most money (or learn that no coupons are available). Honey also gives you cash back on purchases made from its participating sellers, including brand names like Macy’s, Walmart, Sonos, and HP; the only catch is that must wait until the seller’s return period has expired. Honey is available for the Google Chrome browser and as an Android app

WikiBuy is another coupon site that, like Honey, helps you find a seller with the lowest price, factoring in discounts, sales tax (if any), and shipping charges. It even helps you compare shipping dates and estimated delivery times of multiple sellers. You don’t have to click an icon as you do with Honey; WikiBuy runs in background and pops up the information you need while you are looking at a product. WikiBuy works only if you’re shopping at Amazon with the Google Chrome browser.

Google Shopping Search has a built-in shopping app along with all of the other stuff it does. Whenever you make a search for a product, you have the option of tapping the Shopping tab. You’ll be able to see the item you searched for, what it costs, and most of the websites that will sell it. This is a great way to price check against various stores. You can then open that store’s app or just use your browser to finish your purchases. It’s a great way to window shop and find virtually anything.

If you’ve experienced buyer remorse after some of your purchases, check out Paribus.   It tracks the prices of products that you’ve recently purchased online. It does this by monitoring your e-mail for receipts sent to you by certain e-commerce sites…and then tracking the items you’ve bought in the past 90 days to see whether those sites have dropped their prices on those items. When Paribus finds that a merchant you bought from has dropped its price, it will automatically send a request to the retailer to refund you the difference. It works with  major retailers that have money-back policies for price drops, including Amazon, Zappos and Home Depot. But note that Paribus retains 25% of any refund it secures for you, and it requires access to both your email account (to scan for digital receipts) and your credit card information (to process your refund). Paribus also recently added shipment tracking, which follows items you’ve ordered from Amazon and Walmart. If a package doesn’t arrive on time, the app requests compensation for you.

If you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t an Instagram for shopping, the answer to your question is that there is just such an app.  Bestie Shopping  is an app and website that allows you to subscribe to feeds from people who have similar tastes — perhaps a collector of classic watches, a shoe aficionado or gadget guy, You can see photos and descriptions of products that matter to you, and tap to purchase the item online. Along with making comments and sharing the item with your followers, Bestie also offers promo codes for select merchants (website-only for now), as well as daily e-mails with curated items.

Flipp streamlines your grocery shopping while finding you the best deals and is ideal for shoppers who don’t mind going to multiple stores for groceries. Use your phone’s camera to take a photo of your handwritten shopping list, and Flipp turns it into a digitized shopping list within the app and breaks down your list by category (such as Dairy & Eggs, Household, etc.). You can also use the app to add items to your list. If you’re looking for a certain brand, include that on your list. If you’re simply looking for the brand that offers the best price, you can be less specific. From there, the app scans local store flyers to find sales and coupons for the items on your list and lets you know where the best deals are.  Flipp doesn’t just save users money—it also includes a “Store Mode” feature that sorts your grocery list by store aisle so you can easily navigate each store and complete your shopping in less time.

Geek and Wish are some of the better shopping apps for sales. You can find things on sale for steep discounts. Most of it isn’t any good. You can find the occasional gem, though. Geek claims to go directly to manufacturers. That supposedly gets them the best prices on stuff. There are a lot of these steep discount style apps. This one seems to do better than most. Just be sure to very closely read the description and user reviews before actually buying anything.

Finally, there’s CraigsList Mobile (or CL Mobile) which is among the best apps for Craigslist. It harnesses all of the sale data on Craigslist, including surfing the site, searching for things, adding filters, and more. You can even post from the app in case you want to sell something. If you are a Craigslist aficionado, you’ll definitely want to check this app out.

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