Turn Off TV News Until November 9th

TVTV news is not safe until November 9th, when you can watch election results free of vitriol and recriminations.  But until the day after election day, TV news will be suitable only for people below the age of 18 months, the recently deceased and folks that don’t have time or money to run to their nearest cinema to catch a horror film.  Some wrestling or MMA fans might have the stomach for TV news as well.  But any viewer who falls into the ranks of well-adjusted, reasonably happy, intellectually curious, civic minded, patriotic, well-meaning or ‘have a life’ needs to turn off the TV now and resume watching after the elections.   That’s because the election end-game is now apparent and it is not going to be pretty.

Lest you believe this to be an opinion piece in which we are espousing that people vote one way or another, you’ll be disappointed.  We have no favorite in any election and, generally, avoid electorial politics.  Our interest is in protecting consumers and even though much TV news is free, you still won’t be getting your money’s worth.   That’s because time is also money and your time spent watching TV news will be distasteful, at best.

Here’s the endgame in a nutshell:  Hillary Clinton has won.  Donald Trump has lost.  The Senate will likely become controlled by Democrats.  The House is up for grabs.

This isn’t our opinion — it’s pretty much consensus.  We can offer you all of the usual sources to validate this prediction (538 is probably the best no-cost site for thoughtful electoral analysis, but there are many others that we will list at bottom of this article).   Trump may have his flaws and foibles, but he is not a stupid man.   He is an “agent of change” and apparently believes that in order to forward that agenda in the next 30 days, he needs to “expose” the current political paradigm in the most sensational, emotional and gut-wrenching manner possible.

In the coming days he’ll be targeting Hillary Clinton but he is likely to engage in friendly fire with the Republican Party.  Like a lone shooter holed up in the lofty Trump Tower, he’ll be aiming at any moving target that, he believes, requires some degree of change.   As we’ve witnessed so far, Trump will not be constrained by decorum or any sensibility.   Nor will truth or verification factor at all into any of his allegations; worse yet, he’ll be relying upon a Russian disinformation campaign to create maximum political fallout.   If you watch TV news you will see a litany of loony-tunes Donald Detractions that will include:

Frighteningly, we sort of made up the last two bullets, but they’ll likely be repeated by Trump in the next 30 days. However, the other allegations are things Trump has not only thinking in his mind but has said out loud.   These and other “take no prisoner” smears will be strafing from Trump Tower in a stream of tweets and advertisements.

Do not misconstrue these outrageous claims as the rants of a madman, because Trump is not mad in the way you might think.  He’s determined to leave his mark and shake things up — primarily shaking the confidence of the American voter.   He’s also positioning himself to be the voice of the disenfranchised in the U.S.

Rumors that Trump will seek to establish a new right-of-Fox-news media company have been rampant for months and are likely true.  Trump views these coming days as an opportunity to have others (campaign contributors) foot the bill for his unprecedented marketing campaign for this soon-to-be-announced media outlet run by his son Eric.   Knowledgeable and non-partisan insiders have been speculating about Trump’s media ventures for well over a year:  Fortune,  Alternet, Bloomberg, Vanity Fair, Wired, Media Matters.  Think about it:  Trump is putting in very little of his own money in this election.   And it is all being spent to create a “brand” dedicated to tapping into the fears and concerns almost 40% of the American voter demographic  (although, in the end, Trump will likely reap less than 40% of the vote).    He’s got 30 days to grab those viewers’s attention. Every TV news station will feel compelled to report details of Trump’s seeming insane and inane bombast.   Given this vicious, stormy broadcast forecast, we strongly urge you turn off your TVs and pick up a good book.  Or spend more time with your friends and family.  Because until November 9th,  there will be millions of dollars spent to inject fear, hatred, anger and distrust into the deepest recesses of your mind and it’ll be delivered by those friendly folk from the TV news.

In no way do we suggest that you not vote, as there are numerous other elections that warrant your attention and input.  However, the presidential race is pretty much over and the Republican party will be struggling to maintain any Congressional power.   Your vote counts!   However, you don’t need to watch TV news in order to make informed choices about the ‘down-ballot’ races.  There’s a plethora of excellent, low-cost resources about your voting options that include:

The League of Women Voters

Project Vote Smart

Voter’s Edge  (For California, Illinois & New York voters)

Fact Check (This highly credible project of the Annenberg Policy Center and a number of other such sites provide accurate, verified information)

Your state’s Registrar of Voter or Secretary of State website   (In California, try this link)

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