scamLast year, a new online content-provider gateway opened for business.   They call themselves Software Projects. (SPI)   Beware:  this gateway is the online hive for many of the scam artists that we’ve busted in this blog.    If you go to the SPI webpage, you’ll see a smattering of legitimate software products like Microsoft Office and Quickbooks, sold at highly inflated prices.  (2016 Quickbooks Pro for $499?  Come on, really?   The same software can be downloaded for $199 from Office Depot and a host of other mainstream retailers).     It’s pretty obvious that they aren’t competitive in their sale of established software.   But then, if you look at their other offerings, the truth reveals itself: their “products” are infoscams.  Some of their products currently include a number of discredited “systems” that used to be sold at Clickbank but got booted off:

These are all Internet infoscams that we’ve exposed in other blogs.   Software Projects is actually an offshore haven for these info scammers who are selling misleading or false information to consumers at inflated prices using fraudulent tactics.   If you find any “product” for sale at SPI, we strongly encourage you to seriously research that product.  In all likelihood it is either an info scam or overpriced software that can be purchased elsewhere at significantly lower prices.   We can’t recommend that you buy anything from this payment gateway for scam artists.   Buyer Beware!