Casarena Reserva 2011 Cabernet

DSCN6066Wait, wait, wait.  Pretty great!   That pretty much summarizes the Casarena Reserva 2011 Cabernet.   It is made from 82-year-old vines and the mature vines show:  this is a rich, plush Cabernet with a nose of prune,  blackberry, coffee and toast.  But, like a bad first date, this wine doesn’t show-off much on the first day.   When it finally emerged from a self-imposed exile on the 2nd and 3rd days, some really lovely characteristics began to show.

The palate was very soft, ripe, and supple. This does not drink like a typical Cabernet Sauvignon, typical of the South American Cabs.    Instead of complexity, it is plush and lush:  Medium-dark ruby; sleek, glossy, good legs. Nice aroma of vanilla bean and white pepper, with some nice lingering fruit in the finish.  By the 4th day (yes, I waited that long to finish the bottle) it continued to drink very nicely – long legs and long life!   I found that I had to wait, but this wine came through.   Decanting is a must and a second date is highly recommended.   For the price, this wine offers a lot, but not early.

Price at Costco: $14.89

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