2013 Kirkland Signature 10-Year Tawny Port

portLike McDonald’s McRib,  Costco trots out its special Kirkland Signature 10 Year Tawny Porto every once in a while.   However, unlike the McRib, this port is both a value and very tasty.   Clear brick color,  smoothly spiced with raisin, light cherry, caramel, some orange and smoke on the palate.   It ends with a wonderfully smooth finish as a refined tawny should……and a McRib never will.

Of course, Costco isn’t making this 10 yr tawny on their own. Reportedly they worked with the folks at Quinta and Vineyard Bottlers Vinhos to bring this port to the market.  These are the same folk who produce Taylor Fladgate  (which is also sold at Costco)  Like many Kirkland Signature products, the Kirkland Signature 10 Year Tawny Porto is not the exact same product as the Taylor Fladgate 10 yr Tawny, but there are definite similarities.

Whoever made it,  this Kirkland Signature 10 Year Tawny Porto knocked our socks off.   For the price,  it offers a great value as an everyday (or other day) port to have after dinner with some fruit, cheese or nuts.   Paired with pecans or cashews, it’d be killer.   Grab a few if you see it displayed at Costco.   This one will result in a guaranteed smile for anyone you serve it to.  And if it’s not available, try the Taylor Fladgate — it is a 10-year old port at the same price point.  You can’t go wrong.

Price at Costco: $16.99

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