SCAM ALERT: Can’t Blame AT&T for the AT&T U-verse Survey Scam

This scam has been around for at least a year, or more.   It shows up on your screen as an AT&T U-verse survey.   But it’s a fraudulent scam.  This nasty scheme pops up on your screen (BTW, the IP address isn’t even correct) :

AT&TscamA survey from AT&T U-verse?  Not exactly.  It’s a scam perpetrated by Internet marketers who are aiming to get your credit card number so that they can “legally” charge you top-dollar for questionable products.    AT&T probably doesn’t know anything about this……..although it should.    What comes next is a set of meaningless “survey” questions followed by this:

AT&Tscam3However, AT&T U-verse will never get the responses… doesn’t even matter how you answered.   They’ve hooked you.   Now they go for the sale of six overpriced items……but it gets even nastier:

AT&Tscam2Ready to pay $98 for largely ineffective skin-care cream?  $94 for whitening liquid that you can buy in the stores for 1/3 the price?  $99 for a $29 vape kit?  The products have great names like:  Blizzard White, Bella Fleur, Derma Essence.  But they are overpriced junk.  Here’s the really nasty part:  you’ll order at the heavily “discounted” price and if you fail to cancel within 15 days, you’ll be sent another item for the full inflated price.  Moreover, even if you do cancel (as we did), they still tried charging for an additional item.   And they’ll keep the rip-off going until you cry “uncle”.   The only way to fight it is to document your cancellation call and then immediately contact your credit card issuer.

To add insult to injury, the scammers claim this is a time-limited offer (one hour) and offer comments from happy consumers….who aren’t consumers and probably don’t even exist.  If you bother to comment, don’t bother.  It won’t show up on the screen:



















But now you’ve been warned.  Stay away from this AT&T U-verse survey!

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