weightlossThere is a LOT of information on the Internet — yes, perhaps far too much.   However, a large majority of the information is suspect.  We’ve spent the past three years digging about for the more credible and reliable sources of useful health/medical/fitness information for consumers and have come up with this list.   We share it with you in the hopes that it saves you some time and headaches when searching for health-related information…..including headache relief.

We’ve also found two sources of health/fitness/medical information that are not useful. We strongly urge you to disregard almost all emails containing health information — the majority of them are poorly researched or outright spam.   We also have found that most news organization resources are deficient.   They tend to publish “stories” that provide little in the way of context.   So with the exception of Huffington Post and the New York Times, we’ve not found traditional news sites to provide credible health information.

National Institutes of Health (NIH.gov) – highly credible web resource
Mayo Clinic – one of the better self-diagnostic/medical web resources
WebMD  – one of the better self-diagnostic/medical web resources
Livestrong.com     – an excellent compendium of health and fitness info
Nutrition Action – one of the more credible comparative information sources on food and health
Consumer Reports  – one of the more credible comparative information sources
Wikipedia.org    – excellent general information database
Health.com – – general health information
SheKnows.com Health & Wellness – general health information
Prevention  – general health information
About.com Health – general health information
HuffingtonPost.com Healthy Living – general health information
SparkPeople.com – general health information
Answers.com Health – general health information
EverydayHealth.com – general health information
Women’s Health – general health information
Dr. Oz    – general health information
Bottom Line Health  – general health information
Yahoo.com Health – general health information
Men’s Health – general health information
Lifescript.com    – diet and fitness general information
Sharecare.com    – diet and fitness general information
Weight Watchers  – diet and fitness general information
Healthgrades.com – finding a doctor
Vitals.com – – finding a doctor
Healthline.com     – medical-related information
IFLScience.com/Health & Medicine – general health information
PopSugar.com/fitness      – general health information
Drugs.com – drug information
Epocrates.com    – drug interaction database