You check your email and find one from “State Court” or “Urgent Court Notice”   It reads something like this:






It’s a scam!   It’s been around for a few years and that attachment to which it refers is a nasty piece of malware that is guaranteed to make your life miserable.   Those running the fraud are using a template to generate fake notices about court hearings, eviction notices, and warrants to appear, merely slotting in different cities, dates, times, and fake names of the purported signatory.    Courts do not typically summon people via email, text message or phone. Unless you are involved in a case and have opted into receiving email communications, courts normally communicate through mail.

The big giveaway is the senders address.   If it doesn’t end with a .gov, it can’t be from a court or government agency.    And even if it did have a .gov domain, these agencies don’t send attachments in .zip files.   This scam is targeted for only one thing: getting you to click on the attachment.   The fact that you are reading this blog means you won’t fall for it.   Good work!