SCAM ALERT: Stay Free of ‘Diabetes Free’ Miracle Shake Scam

scamJust the title of this recent Internet offering should be setting off fraud alarms because it contains two words that scamsters over the centuries have loved to use: “miracle” and “cure“.  The other big red flashing light that should be triggered is that nowhere in the promotional materials do they let on to the basis of this “miracle cure”.  Further, they don’t even tell you anything about the alleged Dr. David Pearson. Instead, of information, they offer fear, largely that “Big Pharma” is stonewalling this information, thus playing into consumers’ fear of conspiracies (not that pharmaceutical companies are angels…) Finally, if you try to find any kind of review of this miracle cure you are bludgeoned by fake review sites that are not independent or objective; they are just more marketers trying to take your money.   The new twist in this scam is it claims it is “free”….you are only making a “refundable deposit.”   Don’t believe it.

We see this kind of scam all of the time; it is an almost textbook scheme by which Internet marketers overcharge consumers for dubious information, much of which is readily available on the Net for free.  The typical price charged by these other scammers is $37….identical to what the Diabetes Free marketers want to charge your credit card. And it is an “infoscam” because they are offering scientifically questionable information that supposedly “cures” something.  In fact, it isn’t a cure and it certainly isn’t proven.  It is offered by an unidentified company and a fake “doctor” with no credentials.  The company doesn’t disclose any of its contact information on the official product website. Under the “Contact Us” page, it simply lists the email “” and nothing else.  We dug a bit into this particular Diabetes scheme and here’s what we found out.

The emails send you to an even slicker web siteasking for the “low price” of $37 for an ebook guaranteed to “cure diabetes” as well as some additional related pamphlets. Is it a scam?  Is it a rip-off? Does it work?  You’ll never find out from the websites, largely because of an increasingly pernicious Internet industry that offers fake product review sites; You’ll also never be able to find out about the credentials of Dr. Pearson. We spent quite awhile trying to find a board-certified medical specialist on diabetes who admitted to authoring this book and came up empty; If a website fails to feature the credentials of the author and/or if a Google search turns up nothing about this person, you can bet this is a marketer driven product. So, should you spend the $37?  We recommend not, for the following specific reasons:

1.  There’s a reason this sales pitch is slick — they spend a lot of marketing money to get it to you.  Who is paying for that? You are!   Like so many scams of this ilk,  it offers a long, drawn-out “story” about how it discovered some obscure substance that has been “hidden” by Big Pharma.

2. If you look for a review of the product, you are deluged with lots of fake review or scam sites that simply direct you to the main sales site or offer some pablum talking about how the product is highly rated or recommended.  (such as scamX.comand  The marketers for this service paid to have these fake sites thwart any customer looking for real reviews.

3. The author is an unknown.  Not only does the site fail to offer the credentials of the so-called doctor, but a Google search turned up nothing but a family doctor in Massachusetts with no expertise in diabetes.   It is a common strategy of these scammers to use “doctor” names that are very common.  He claims he’s risking his career to bring this information to you.  Truth is there is no career to risk because he doesn’t exist.  One tip-off:  not many medical researchers have a trained announcer’s voice.

4. Perhaps most importantly, there is an abundance of free or low-cost diabetes prevention information on the Internet.  Amazon offers a number of ebooks that cost nothing and provide well-established, scientifically-supported diabetes treatment plans. The titles include: Diabetes, the Ultimate GuideThe Sugar Solution and Mayo Clinic Essential Diabetes Book — all of this information is free or less than a few bucks; Even easier, you can just click this link and find excellent information about diabetes prevention.

5.  To buy the Diabetes “modules”, you are required to use Clickbank.   This Internet payment gateway has generated a number of complaints about difficulties in securing refunds and getting responses. It is unregulated and known to serve unscrupulous businesses.  It is akin to going into the wrong bar in a bad neighborhood;  they may serve the same booze but you’d not want to hang with the other patrons.

6. This site suggests that a miracle hormone is the key to this cure. In this particular scam, it is “IGF” which is a type of hormone that is only indirectly related to diabetes.  Check out these more reliable sources (both are free):

Joslin Diabetes Center
Men’s Fitness

And please consider the recently reported case of a Type-2 diabetes sufferer.   She was 3 years old and morbidly obese.  After 6 months of lifestyle changes monitored by doctors, she was “cured”.   For many people, lifestyle changes really do make a difference.   The doctors replaced her soda and fast food diet with balanced home cooked meals and water.   And a recent British study suggests that modifying diet is a surefire way of controlling or eliminating Type-2 diabetes.

Based upon our findings, we strongly recommend against anyone forking over their hard-earned money for an overpriced, medically-questionable Internet offer. You can create your own “diabetes miracle treatment” for free through weight loss, aerobic exercise along with some resistance training (weights and bands),eating low glycemic foods (including gluten) reducing stress in your life.This is the prescription outlined by hundreds of books online.

If you choose to hand-over your $37 to this unscrupulous marketing machine, then be prepared for what follows because once they find someone willing to part with their hard-earned money, you can be sure that they’ll be back with more dubious offers.  Diabetes Free isn’t the only offender.   Other alleged cures, like Diabetes Destroyer use the same tactics to reduce your bank account rather than your insulin levels. You’ll now be marked as a “cow” and they’ll try to milk you every way they can with additional offers and costly upgrades. You may want to think twice before you give your money to these and similar Internet infoscammers.  The video says “we aren’t in it for the money” and claims you can return the money.  This isn’t the only thing you shouldn’t believe in the video, but recall our warning above that your money may not be coming back when you ask for it from Clickbank.   Diabetes is a serious illness that shouldn’t be ignored. However, should be ignored.

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  1. WSchlager
    WSchlager says:

    Thank you for an anaaysis that is equally interesting and informative. This is a terrific resource for people looking for answers, not just opinion.

  2. Phyllis Costanti
    Phyllis Costanti says:

    Yes, I bought the book, and one bottle of the pills. Have looked at the book, but have not started the pills. When I checked my bank statement, it showed that I had signed up for automatic refill, every three months, which would have amounted to $88.00. How did this happen? Well, the “automatic refill” was in very dim print, just above the “one bottle” order. I have already received the book and the one month supply bottle, so I quickly cancelled the automatic refill. Then I accidentally found this site. Lesson learned: low carbs and lots of fresh veggies, and exercise works. I learned about a lot of other resources form other posts. Thanks.

  3. George
    George says:

    I guess I’m screwed I paid for this and received the book today. I wish I had researched this first. I wonder if I can return it and get my money back. Has anyone ever bought the book and returned it for a full refund ?

  4. Mohommed Yusuf
    Mohommed Yusuf says:

    Hope this helps.
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    SchizandraeFructus-Wuweizi (chinese)
    Capsella Bursa -Patthar Suva(hindi), Chinese Name, 薺菜.- qi (Pinyin, China)
    Glycyrrhizae Radix-Jothi‐madh(hindi), ‘Gan Cao’ (Licorice Root)
    AstragalusMembranaceus Bunge-Katira(Hindi), extract in Chinese : 膜荚黄耆萃取….
    Lycium Chinese- Goji berry (chinese)
    Dioscorea Japonica Thinberg-Rìběnshǔyù (literally Japanese Yam)

    Dioscorea Japonica Thinberg-Rìběnshǔyù (literally Japanese Yam)

  5. Tomas Chernick
    Tomas Chernick says:

    Its as you though read my thoughts! I agree with your conclusions. Thanks for the great blog. I”ll check out some of your other blogs from now on.

  6. Bill Davis
    Bill Davis says:



    GoDiabetesFree dr. david pearson



  7. SSranger
    SSranger says:

    Well, of course it’s yet another cure-scam, sweet-sounding as ever.

    Every American age has had its generation of sickly folk forever seeking that one “miracle elixir” that will cure them of every ailment afflicting humankind since earliest time. Are we any different?

    Here we are, those of us in this enlightened 21st Century, still suffering from what the ancients called in earthy language, “the Pissing Disease”: Diabetes. There was no cure then; there is no cure now. Perhaps there will be someday . . . in a galaxy far, far away.

    In the meantime, I’ve since learned to dismiss out of hand ANY claim that claims will cure my particular T2 Diabetes, which is a diabetic condition chemically induced.

    If the reader here is a heart, kidney, or liver transplant patient, he or she will know instantly, that the immunosuppressant meds–the anti-rejection meds–we MUST take for the rest of our lives, assault our pancreatic cells and diminish the pancreas’s insulin-producing capability. The principal downside in life-saving organ transplantation. And the principal reason no amount of diabetic quackery will ever cure.

  8. Debra
    Debra says:

    My name is Elizabeth Debra Warren, i am from Florida USA. I never knew cannabis oil was indeed wonderful and very effective in treating canceer diseases.’ To hell with the govbernment and thier insane policy,if not for the government and their so called rules in regulating cannabis my husband would have still been alive. Thanks to the newly policy for legalizing cannabis in my state i would have also lost my son to kidney cancer, i was really touched and surprised when i watched lots of documentary on how cannabis oil had helped lot of people whom their family members never thought they could make it after undergoing several ”Chemo”. From the dept of my heart i must say a word of appreciation to the Rick Simpson Team for the timely intervention in the life of my son suffering from Kidney Cancer. as i am writing this testimony on this Blog my Son is so strong and healthy in spite he hasn’t completed the total Dosage’ for your cannabis and medical consultation and information on how to get the oil try and get in touched with the Rick Simpson Team through email: ( so he can enlightened you more.

    Feeling so Deligthed.
    , Debra Warren

  9. Babs
    Babs says:

    The sad thing is I think people prefer these tacky presentations and spending money rather than just going to YouTube Videoa and getting real shakes with full instructions and ingredients for free! They may not be a cure but it would certainly not hurt to try, in most cases.

    • Babs
      Babs says:

      Sorry for posting again but I cannot edit my first comment. I just want to thank you for such a very, very professional and thorough review. You stand out High and Tall above the others!

  10. Lorraine Holst
    Lorraine Holst says:

    I am a type ll diabetic. Two years ago I fell, broke my back and, for about a year, I was in a nursing home, then a rehab facility. I’m 72, hated the places I was in, couldn’t even stand to smell their food let alone eat it so I started losing weight. I went from 225 pounds (steroids helped the weight gain, eating junk did too) to 164 pounds. I need to lose about 30 more pounds.
    I started feeling better, had physical therapy and, when released, I went to my primary care physician who gave me orders for blood testing including the A1C. When I entered the hospital my A1C was well over a 9. When I left, it was a 5. I was celebrating the weight loss and never bothered to even CARE about the A1C. (dumb, I know)
    However, my point is this; I didn’t buy any books, I didn’t drink any shakes, I didn’t pay $37 or even $47 for this “cure”. It was a total accident but, when the physicians told me they were amazed that I had reversed my diabetes, I realized that all it took was eating right (NOT starving, eating right) and that meant back off the carbs, drink lots of water, move those old bones. Doesn’t have to be weight lifting or yoga. I worked in my garden and took short walks.
    I am sliding back into my old habits and getting lazy. The pounds are creeping up and my A1C is probably doing the same. So, back to the grindstone as I have the skills and all I need do is implement them.
    Now that I have told you the REAL secret please send me not $47, not even $37 but a measly $20.00 so that I may buy “THE LAST CHEESECAKE I WILL EVER EAT IN MY LIFE.” ahem…….

  11. Marvin
    Marvin says:

    I have read this entire string of comments and yet I have learned almost nothing about the product, not really. But looking at the comments I thought I would weight in on what I do know about diabetes.

    1) From the very beginning of my diagnostics of diabetes, I was told that it could only be managed, there is no cure, only treatments
    2) You have to change your lifestyle, most importantly your diet, and you need to include some exercise
    3) How you have been living is over or you are going to suffer and then die

    Will that is harsh reality…or is it?

    For 6 years I suffered under that reality and did what the doctor and medical professionals told me to do. My blood sugar would go down and then back up, and there was no rhyme or reason that I could find from my studious notes and charts, of what I eat, when I eat it, my actives, my sleep habits, and my exercise. Then about two years ago I had a very bad day, 500+ blood sugar, there is a very long and life changing story that I will not cover here, but the next day, I called BS to this hold idea that there is not a way to at least fix this, I wasn’t going to keep being a victim of this thing.

    It wasn’t long before I found something, and it too was looked and felt like a scam, but a very good friend recommended it, 3 times, and needing something I started.
    (To let you know I am not going to tell you anything about the product, Period!!! This is not the point I am trying to make.)

    And I changed my lifestyle, based on the product and a secret I was told, which is not a secret really, only something not given the full weight that it deserves. At first changing my lifestyle was a little hard, but it quickly got easier; watching the amount of food, types of food, and making enough time for sleep, plus the secret of exercise. Yep, that’s right good old exercise…that is the secret ingredient. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE, NO LAW, FOR DIABETICS IS THAT EXERCISE IS NOT AN OPTION; IT IS A MUST EVERYDAY, it is due to the delivery system of insulin within your body. But the good thing is that you only need about twenty minutes every day.

    The changes I made reduced my blood sugar from the 200’s to below 100 at rest, and my A1c from 10 to 4.7 within a few months, Also, I did lose some weight during the endeavor but most importantly, my doctor took me off all of my medication; Blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Which I have now been off of for almost two years.

    What I have learned in those years is that we have the power to make the changes in ourselves to overcome this burden on not only our lives but that of our family and friends. All we need to do is find what works for us; a lifestyle and exercise plan that we can live with (long term). I don’t know if diabetes can be cured, with the amount of damaged it does it is hard to imagine that going away, but I done believe that most diabetics can live a life free of high blood sugar and the day to day worry of its damaging side effects. So, that long winded statement, leads to this:
    Don’t give up on looking for something that works for you. I tried dozens upon dozens of products/systems before I found mine. Maybe the aforementioned product is not for you but there are many good ones out there, find yours, and don’t give up, you can do better than managing diabetes.

    • jason
      jason says:

      maybe you can share a little more information about the product you are using successfully? perhaps not the name, but maybe some of the ingredients. many of us would like to know a product that works, rather than a scam being talked about here.

  12. Tony Jenkins
    Tony Jenkins says:

    I tried the Diabetes Program for 8 weeks and I had to stop taking 2 shots and 6 pill a day after 9n days. My blood sugar was normal. 80- 100. Normal range is between 80- 117. This program worked for me. The diet brought my weight from 242 pound to 212 pound. I was taking one other weight loss medicine but the program worked for me. IT WAS NOT A SCAM AND I AM NOT PAID FROM ANYONE. I strictly followed the program of 900 calories a day, no soda, 3 meals and no carbs. I did not starve nor was I hungry. My friends are shocked at my weight loss and my doctor seemed puzzled but said that I don’t need the diabetes medicine any more.

  13. john rowe
    john rowe says:

    So many disheartened Diabetics it seems.
    Quite wrong to build their expectations but only diminishes their confidence.
    Its about time people made a ” Class Action” lawsuit against these carpet baggers.
    Anyone interested?

  14. Charles Rice
    Charles Rice says:

    You don’t have to convince me that there are a lot of scams on the internet. Don’t ask me how I know. But you would have to be naive to believe that everything on the internet is a scam. The problem is determining which category a particular program falls within.

    Here is a little background for me. I am 75 years old. My height is about 5′-6″ and my weight is about 148 lb. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000 and I have high blood pressure. About 3 1/2 years ago I had a double bypass operation. I take a 500 mg Metformin pill morning and and evening as well as a ridiculous amount of other medications. I do a lot of reading on health related information.

    I came upon the Diabetes Free program and like some of you, I was annoyed by the long sales pitch. But it made sense to me. The “Miracle Formula” is given in the book. It contains 16 ingredients and would require a lot of trouble and expense to assemble all of them. The book admits this and they have another solution and that is a capsule they have available. That makes sense to me because most of us are not compounding chemists. Anyway, I decided to purchase the program. I haven’t taken my blood sugar readings every day for a long time, because my doctor didn’t seem too concerned about my Ha1c readings. My readings were usually in the 120 – 155 range and I had NEVER, EVER had a reading in the normal range. (80 – 100) Any way, I started the program yesterday and I was shocked to have a reading of 91 before dinner last night. I don’t know what the final outcome will be, but I believe that it is worth a try if you have diabetes like me and would like to get some type of relief.

    Just to let you know, I’m not a doctor and I don’t have any connection with Diabetes Free. I was a Mechanical Engineer before I retired. I wish the best of luck to you in your quest for a better life.

  15. Elizabeth Benjamin
    Elizabeth Benjamin says:

    I ordered the program and also the shake and pills . never recieved the shakes and also got extra pills sent instead and ask for refund and never got it back. They scamed me

  16. Jeff Keene Sr
    Jeff Keene Sr says:

    Unfortunately, diabetes will remain an epidemic in this country for as long as food manufactures here are allowed to add High Fructose Corn Syrup to almost every processed food they produce!! I have even gone so far as to think that there is a conspiracy afoot between the ADA and food makers to keep this disease afloat and to keep raking in the money!!!

      DEBORAH HAYES says:

      I watched this video and decided to google Diabetic Free and saw this scam page. We should all pay attention and conduct due diligence regarding everything. For many years now, I research so much especially in the field of natural health and wellness. In Oct. 2010, I was diagnosed with diabetes and had soaring blood pressure. This caught me off-guard and knocked the wind out of my sails for a bit. I was in a precarious place at that time and went to the doctor because of my symptoms, which I was not expecting Diabetes. But as it was at the time, I was given prescriptions for medication and did not have anything to check blood gluclose or blood pressure at the time. The first pill I took was Metformin which almost took me out and I ended up in the ER. I took the meds for a few months and could hardly function. While asleep my blood sugar would drop down to around 36-38. Upon discovering the diabetic situation, I began honing in on my nutrition and making drastic changes which were good and working for me. Being that I could hardly function, I stopped taking the meds and went on a completely raw foods & nuts, seeds, nothing cooked, no fruit. As a result, diabetic condition was reversed in about 90 days or less. Since that time, I have passed through a whirlwind of family issues, death of a sister in 2012 (much younger than myself), my mom with advanced Parkinson’s and her death last year, another sister have a complete meltdown mentally & physically, contracted Pneumonia in 2015 along with other stress. And stress is a major deficit with diabetes which contributes to increased blood gluclose levels which I experienced. I write this not to complain, but to let other people who face diabetes know the truth and the good news about what can really work for them. Firstly, there are many contributing factors that impact our health to bring on diabetes from our nutritional choices to environmental factors for which we do not have the control and from our food sources beyond our control unless we grow our own food. Secondly, each person must face the truth about this condition of diabetes and understand the dire consequences of the disease and the effects on the body. It is very serious!
      So, therefore, immediate and permanent action of lifestyle choices must be made, there is no getting around it. It is best for me to keep this very simple. It is so worth making a change because the results are so worth feeling good and having the energy needed to enjoy life to the fullest. This is my personal decision, each person will need to evaluate what is most important to them, I now eat ONLY Plant-based food and fresh juiced produce, NO Animal Products including No Dairy, NO Wheat or Sugar Products, No processed or prepared food, NO GMO Foods. These are the culprits to our diseases, the body cannot handle synthetics, it is NOT natural. It is easy quit straddling the fence when you are faced with the ultimatum of the consequences of losing limbs, blindness, kidney damage and failure among other ugly things one can suffer as a result. Being mindful regarding lifestyle choices as a personal responsibility to oneself is a serious matter and so worth making the right choices. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it can also be the catalyst for positive outcome.
      The most encouraging thing I can say is that it works and the body is created so amazing to restore itself and to heal. It just needs the opportunity and our cooperation to do so. The industries that provide animal products are BIG BUSINESS and are not our friends, believe me. Pain and discomfort in the body IS our best friend if we will listen to our body crying out to do something different and to actually do it. When I came upon the truth about the meat and dairy industry and how much food is grown to just to support the animals which far exceeds the food needs of human consumption, along with the Bovine viruses and Leukemia, etc. it was not difficult for me to make the switch. And, I would be remiss to keep this knowledge to myself and not share it with other people.
      We have been so deceived and enslaved to a very wicked system in many ways in this country and have believed the lies that we have been told throughout our lives. We have just gone along with all the garbage we have been taught, never questioning, just not even thinking about it, just like lost sheep. Who in their right minds think that taking all the drugs and meds will cure anything. It has not and will not cure what ailes us. It doesn’t even make rational sense. Well, it is time we Americans WAKE UP from our coma states and take the appropriate action. Stop falling for all the ridiculous lies put forth by our leaders in government, Big Pharma, Big Medical, Big Business, GMO foods, Big Insurance, Big Financial Corruption, Media and Entertainment and realize that it is ALL About the money, tax payers money, our enslavement money at that throughout our nation. We must be proactive and Take our nation back, Return to our creator and Repent, Change our Ways and we will be Forgiven and be Healed. If we do not take proactive measures to turn this nation around individually, we are all doomed. It begins with me and each individual in this country to do what is right and good.
      I would greatly appreciate feedback. It is my passion to help other people to regain their health the natural way. Just realize what I am trying to get people to understand. I did not know I would be on this site and I had no idea that I would respond in this way. But I have laid out the truth, what you do with it is up to you individually. I am convinced that all DIS-EASE can be reversed naturally with appropriate action taken if not taken too late in the game. I am also convinced that we Americans can also take our country back from its corruptors.

  17. jo
    jo says:

    I’m sorry, but did anyone else read in Tom Martins May 30th”s response that he doesn’t have the patience to list all of the herbs being that there are 14 of them???? But yet types a book”s length on every other subject, diet, medical, riding his bike etc etc! Please, of course he either works for them or is somehow involved, don’t fall for his crap, it’s extremely obvious! Like another poster said, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s a duck!! Save your money.

  18. John Curry
    John Curry says:

    I’m not diabetic. I actually watched this sales video because I was bored. Let me ask one question that people are missing the point on… the video says after the 11 days or so your diabetes is cured… you can live whatever lifestyle you want and eat what you want with no lifestyle changes (including exercise).
    Now “Tom” and others are saying this ebook and shakes and herbs are stating that this program has to be followed for good… the rest of your life “eating delicious food, not rabbit rood”.
    If this doctor’s claim that his method reverses and cures diabetes without pills, injections and exercise – and you become just like someone without diabetes – why are people saying his formula has to be constantly maintained? His claim: “Cured from diabetes”… but a cure means it’s gone and won’t come back when the method of the cure is stopped.
    What I’ve been reading in these comments is nothing but switching from medications and injections to hard-to-find and costly Chinese herbs. What’s the difference between the pharma method or the herbal method when one must continuously take either? That’s not a cure… that’s just changing the “medications”.
    Recall in the video he says “this program will cure your diabetes and you can live a normal life.” It didn’t say, “Use this program and buy expensive herbs that are hard to find, make special meals, then eat these for the rest of your life in order to keep your diabetes away.”
    It doesn’t make any sense to this non-diabetic… actually DO have a spinal cord disease that has no cure. If I did some program that said it cures adhesive arachnoiditis, and it cured it. Why would I have to continue the program? Cured means cured. Not “put aside until you go off the program.
    Have I made my point yet?
    The video promises a complete cure. The video says you are cured and can live like a normal person… but all these comments here keep talking about diet and exercise to prevent diabetes from returning – that’s not “a normal life”!
    I cannot exercise at all (not even a little) due to my spinal cord disease. I don’t watch what I eat, although I don’t eat crappy foods, the medications I have to take for my adhesive arachnoiditis causes weight gain, so I steer away from carbs when I can. The thing is: a normal life includes eating what you want – including McDonalds every now and then. If this program cures diabetes, why are so many people saying “exercise, eat right and have your doctor check out your sugar levels” or whatever… if you’re cured, you are cured.
    From watching the video and reading the comments here… this program is a scam because nobody here has said anything close to “being cured”. Cured means permanently gone, not just set aside until the program is stopped.
    If this were legit – someone would list the herbs regardless of some user agreement.
    Sorry Charlie… this is a marketing scam preying on desperate people who don’t know any better – his program is only swapping pharma for herbs, not an actual cure.

  19. judith a mellott
    judith a mellott says:

    i am 72 this month and have been diagnosed with type two diabetes for at least 9 years now. It was reaching the point where my Doctor wanted to put me on stronger meds along with the one I was already taking. I was beginning to have higher kidney and liver readings on blood tests. I followed David Pearson,s Go Diabetes Free without the shakes and lowered my daily blood sugar readings in half or less. The side effect was I lost weight 8 pounds pounds but my daily sugar readings have gone from the 300’s down to 122. without medicine now. The pain I experienced for 50 years in my abdominal area (3 colonoscopies found nothing) has disappeared. So his plan will always be a good plan for me. I say try it without the shakes and see what you think.

  20. Hector
    Hector says:

    So much is written since 2015 to now: What is the secrete? Do my own research is what I’m reading? But if someone has done it, why not share it? If I had it, I would share it and not for a price – I would post away for FREE. Tired of taking drugs for Diabetes as a lot of people… HELP!

  21. Judy Stark
    Judy Stark says:

    Science is awesome and so are the products now being formulated frim all natural ingredients. I’ve been type 2 for almost 5 yrs. I was easily 75 lbs over a healthy weight. When I lost the weight my A1C went from 14. to 5.6. But, was on Metformin which had me chained to a restroom. I gained back 35 lbs and A1C went to 6.7. I saw the writing on the wall. Then in November I started drinking a functional drink that blocked sugar and carbs cravings. It contains ingredients that metabolizes the blood. I’ve been off metformin with approval if my endo doc and have lost 26 lbs since late November. I don’t diet, exercise, or forcibly restrict any foods. Sounds crazy, but since I have no emotional ties to food, I’m able to make better food choices. I don’t ever feel deprived or depressed.

  22. H
    H says:

    Hi, I didn’t buy this yet, as I am not diabetic. However, I have bought quite a few different health related programs through Clickbank. And I have gotten refunds on several of them, too. I have never had a problem getting a refund . Just sayin’

  23. Baine
    Baine says:

    Diabetes is caused by too much fat in the liver and pancreas. Loose enough fat and if your pancreas is still producing insulin, your diabetes will reverse.

    It is true that about 80% of diabetic gastric bypass patients see blood sugars quickly return to normal long before they have lost their excess weight.

    This is because with a very low calorie diet, the fact in your liver and pancreas is lost first.

    No need to buy any program. Go on an 800 calorie a day diet. Whey protein shake morning and evening. Salad for lunch and you will reverse your diabetes in about 8 weeks.

    However, if you don’t loose all the excess weight and return to previous eating habits, diabetes will return.

    There are Zero people with diabetes type 2 who have 10% body fat because it’s impossible to have too much fat in your liver and pancreas at 10% body fat for a man, 15% for a woman.

  24. P.J. Robberts
    P.J. Robberts says:

    Hi.I live in South Africa. I ordered this diabetes free stuff on 25 th February and paid the R965.00 . Up to now I still haven’t received anything. I today asked Software Projects to please refund my money as I am not prepared to wait any longer and I am starting to suspect a scam.Regards.P.J.Robberts.

  25. Terrence Applegate
    Terrence Applegate says:

    I was on oral diabetes medication for about ten years after being diagnosed following colon cancer surgery in 1994. In 2004 I read Dr. Atkins book and went on a low carb diet. Within a short time I was able to quit my oral medication and was able to keep my A1c within the pre-diabetes range for more than ten years by staying on a diet that severely limited carbs. However, about three years ago I ended up in the hospital with what the doctors termed “septic shock.” I don’t think it was related to my low-carb diet, but after my hospital visit I went back to a so-called “normal” diet and I was forced to start oral medication again. My digestive system will not abide Metformin, so I’m back to taking Glipizide. My doctor suggested that I try to go off my medication to see if I could duplicate my previous results by diet and exercise alone. However, I could not keep my glycemic readings average below 152 which would equate to an A1c of 7 which is defined as diabetes.
    I know that many people believe that the medical establishment is hiding the truth about a cure for diabetes. I don’t personally think so, but that is only my opinion after much research (reading of medical journals and other publications) and trying numerous miracle cures for over 20 years. But other opinions posted here are just as valid as mine. In my experience diet and exercise can help in treating diabetes, but not cure it in most people. I too wish there was a magic elixir that would cure this terrible disease, but I’m afraid for most of us, it just doesn’t exist yet. Someday, I predict that a prevention or cure will be found but probably not in my lifetime as I’m nearing 80. My best advice is to stay as active as your health allows, eat a sensible diet and try to remain positive. Good luck to all of you striving to combat diabetes and still lead a happy and productive life.

  26. Bruce Standfest
    Bruce Standfest says:

    I listened to the presentation of diabetic free and this so called “Dr”. He spends a lot of time saying exactly nothing. My blood sugar was very high-my A1C was 10.5 and in three months time I lowered it to 6.7 by simply cutting out carbs, sugars and snacking after 6 PM. I ate a lot of carrots, nuts and veggies and drank Atkins protein drinks that are low sugar & high protein.

  27. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    Bummer! I suspected a scam but i so wanted to believe. i abhor needles and it is very difficult for me to exercise so an easy cure was very appealing. Cutting out my favorite food group, carbs, takes my comfort foods away. But you all have convinced me to ‘get real.’ Thank you.

  28. Sherry Linn
    Sherry Linn says:

    I am Type 2 , and IF you believe your able to 100% reverse your diagnosis just ASK your life insurance company. Can you control this and eliminate the need for medication? Absolutely as I have done just this! You will change your diagnosis to Type 2 and now become Pre-Diabetic. I personally do not care what label is given to me, but I DO CARE how my health and longevity will be affected. If you want some honest help with cutting through all the confusion please message me at I have made this my life’s passion and host online support groups that are 100% free. Anyone can be given the right supplements to take, but it involves so much more. What works for one person will not work for another. Stress, sleep patterns, hormonal changes and simple everyday activities DO affect our insulin. Would love to have you join us…no, I am not a scam, but agree with many of you and it is sad that marketers prey on the hope of others.

  29. Robert William
    Robert William says:

    It’s not hard to see what’s happening here for me! I might not be the brightest bulb, but after reviewing posts on the Eastwood Biotech fan page and also the Eleotin Fan Pages around the world, it would seem there is a correlation to certain herbs and proper diets to minimize or eliminate the symptoms of diabetes. There is no law, against packaging the product, publishing books and using internet technology to procure sales of the information and herbal products regardless of however tacky and strategic they may seem. The fake doctor is absolutely participating to make a profit.. and the old saying applies… “production minus sales equals scrap.” As a reality, this hustle is what it is… namely, a promotion to sell the program which may “in fact” contain an ounce of truth well worth looking around or investigating… It takes all kinds sometimes.. LOL! You should see what goes on with invention companies… but even there, someone eventually has a good idea that makes a profit… rare as it might be. Welcome to the technology we use to make a buck… just read between the lines and think positive.

  30. Jon
    Jon says:

    1. Notice how all the people who are encouraging the purchase of this product have these very similar posts with lots of personal, medical facts. It is very formulaic which suggests that it is being posted by a focus group, maybe even one individual. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

    2. IGF is connected to diabetes and I am sure you could find several articles that encourage research into its applications for diabetes. But synthetic IGF (recombinantly produced) has been around for a while as mecasermin. Mecasermin is used to treat growth failure in those with IGF-1 deficiency. If it had applications into diabetes, I’m sure it would already have been studied.

    3. One more thing I’d like to point out is that “Tom” could easily let us know what herbs he is purchasing in his “Chinatown” but he has not yet reported. If these herbs is the key, then why not share the info? I assume it’s because he wants us to spend our money to buy the ebook to find the info ourselves (at the price of $37). It seems that Tom is invested in helping this company get their share of the pie.

    CONCLUSION: This whole thing stinks. DON’T BUY! Go talk to a real doctor who will tell you what everyone else agrees with: diabetes is a disease of the modern man who sits around all day at home and work and eats poorly. Exercise and diet can naturally reverse diabetes. Unfortunately the modern man rarely has the discipline to accomplish this feat. Also unfortunately doctors don’t have the time to get into a 45 minute counseling session to explore this lifestyle change (they have 15 other patients to cram into their morning or afternoon clinic). So do yourself and your doctor a favor and asked to speak to their diabetes counselsor (most clinics have this) or ask for a referral to a clinic/endocrinologist that does.

  31. Scam Buster
    Scam Buster says:

    I’m surprised by all these comments. Look, the “scam” part of this “cure diabetes” is in the advertising and also in the fact that he charges money for his alleged “cure”. I suspect, as with most online marketing, that he has both upsells and downsells in order to get the would-be victim to purchase his product. Look, If SOMEONE has the ebook and it has truly helped you, why not SHARE the ebook with EVERYONE? WHY must this so-called “Dr.” make money off of the misery of others? Just go to a filesharing site like Filefactory dot com or RapidGator dot net and upload the ebook or instructional videos and then share the link here so EVERYONE can benefit from it?

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      As we advise in our other blogs, we will not accept an upload of an advertised “scam” product because it exposes our website to copyright infringement claims. Regrettably, we are limited to others sharing their experiences or our own independent analysis to share with savvy consumers.

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      They generally only work through Clickbank. We are not aware of phone access for this….or most other scams that we disclose.

  32. Gail Carr
    Gail Carr says:

    Just ordered from DiabetesFree and found was charged $51.99 instead of the $39 even though I was careful to opt out of any ‘extra’ things. Thanks to the person above that msg’d who to call to cancel. Software Project quickly called and canceled the order since it was just purchased yesterday.

    As far as a cure for diabetes… I know an airline pilot that cured his by getting on a completely raw diet for 30 days.
    He lost a lot of weight an went back to his doctor after the 30 days and was told he no longer needed insulin nor other pills he’d been on for years. His sugar suddenly spiked so badly he was going to lose his job if he didn’t do something. He cured himself in 30 days by doing this… only after another guy told him how he cured his. I ask Pete, was he going back to the way he was eating and he said ‘no’ … cause he liked what he was eating. He couldn’t have eggs/milk/cheese or anything cooked. Snacked on nuts etc. Here is what he did..

    When I got on it for just 2 weeks… lost 10 pounds around the waist mostly and felt like a new person… other pants I couldn’t zip was easy to get on. Knees felt like I was walking on clouds.

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      We do not recommend the Miracle Shake. We encourage you to try the other resources that we’ve posted in this blog.

  33. RN
    RN says:

    If you guys would just listen to your doctors in the first place about diet advice, you would get all the same information in the book. The reason most diabetics never do well with diabetes is because once they are diagnosed they don’t make any diet changes. You already pay to see your doctor, so you might as well use the advice they should already be giving you rather than paying for information that to this point should nearly be common knowledge anyway. There is no secret herb, and it is 100% diet driven. Its amazing how people refuse to listen to their actual doctor, but then they see something typed online and assume that it’s 100% truth. I’m not denying some people may have success with this, but its not a secret herb, it is 100% due to diet changes, changes that their current doctor or diabetes specialist have probably already suggested.

  34. John
    John says:

    The biggest giveaway to me that it was a scam is that you had to pay for the information. The video gives you a lot of teasers, but actually tells you nothing helpful.
    Just send money and you, too, can have the answers.

  35. Jivan
    Jivan says:

    Dear Friends,

    It is a real shame that the people from ‘Diabetes Free-company’ are trying to make a lot of money from people with a disease (= dis-ease). I am from the Netherlands. In our country it is forbidden to mislead peolpe like this example. How is it in America ?
    A honest and reliable program on diabetes is from the doctor ‘Gabriel Coussens’ The title of his book is: ‘There is Cure for Diabetes’. This book is a eye-opener.

    Keep smiling and a lot of healing energy for all of you

  36. Avril sime
    Avril sime says:

    Thanks had a good laugh at some of the comments Sorry for all those who were conned. Been involved with this kind of thing and it can be very stressful trying to get your money back and losing some….eye and face creams etc. Are big money spinners and SCAMS some of the stuff would strip your skin off your face Beware all miracle cures….

  37. Julian
    Julian says:

    I’ve read most of the comments here now… I am a Type 1 diabetic for 14 years now (aged 26 as I am typing this)… how on earth is it even possible to have a HbA1C of OVER 10 ?! My last result was a solid 5,7 and that differs from 5,7 to 6,1… and yes, I am eating a lot of bad stuff, not being on a diet at all (okay, had to lose some weight from the last winter which were about 10kg but I weighed 80kg before with 1,81m)… No wonder why so many diabetics have bad thoughts about amputations and so on with a HbA1C of over 10

  38. Robin
    Robin says:

    Well, I hope we all did not just fall off of the turnip truck. Of course this is a scam.

    It also appears that there are “plants” of comments by people with contrived names without real identification or credentials as well…placed conveniently. Some responses almost sound reasonable…in fact there is some truth about diet, exercise, healthy living, and there is some “plain old” common sense…Sure, people are looking for a miracle cure. Not here…

    So, keep your credit card in your wallet or purse. Don’t let yourself be exploited. Don’t be another victim.

    The sooner this scam is exposed and eliminated and the people behind it detained and/or arrested, the better. Fraud, plain and simple.

  39. André
    André says:

    Nice Blog,

    I just received an e-mail this morning about doctor Pearson Method.
    Just curious, i looked the video, and obviously this was “marketing” to get money.
    IF really Dr. Pearson ‘s father was Dead from Diabetes, I think that the video will be quite
    different, even so he had to travel a lot around the world to find that miraculous regime.
    In memory of his father he would had released it for free.

  40. No More Opiate Withdrawal
    No More Opiate Withdrawal says:

    I have to disagree about all of these comments that states because a site seems spammy or salesy in nature that the info it contains must be fake. I see many infomercials including but not limited to the commercials that used to come on tv for oxy clean or any of the as seen on tv products which used to be poorly executed fake seeming ads that have now become products at every Walmart and CVS or Wallgreens around the country. Even the Nuwave cooker and things like Ninja blenders use fake families gathered around fake salesman doing fake prewritten verbage and jokes in order to relate to its audience. So just because one disagrees with the execution of the message being delivered. It is the content of that message or the information which that message brings you to which is what is most important.

    I know this because I to market informational products and digital media. One or more commentors above demonized those selling information obtainable from elsewhere on the net as if they were doing something illegal or immoral. Just because something is found online doesn’t make it easily findable and just like why grocers items are more at seven elevens is because you are paying for convenience. The convenience of not having to spend valuable time one may not have any of to spare. So to get valuable info all in ones place that can change your life or health is justifiable for a low fee. Just because we’ve found valuable info others want dont make us a1l marketers or sales people so we use others to market our info sometimes at the expense of a fake looking site. God bless.

  41. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    I read through ebook. Recommends drinking 2 glasses daily of: Pure Filtere4d Water with baking soda and lemon. However it did not give the amounts!! how much baking soda? Lemon?
    Can someone tell me.

    Thank you,

  42. Rob
    Rob says:

    It’s a blatant and obvious scam, which is aimed at people with a low educational level who are incapable of seeing through the endless and age-old snake-oil marketing tricks.
    The NHS in the UK spends a huge amount on Diabetes treatment and research, and charities like Diabetes UK are also spending a lot of money trying to find a cure/better treatments, with some promising results that may well help in future.
    Being a public and free service, the NHS has no interest at all in maintaining the profits of Big Pharma, quite the contrary, it is desperate to cut costs. So if there were any credibility in this, be sure it will have been thoroughly examined.
    The system used to approve new medicines is carried out in the UK by an agency called NICE with very high standards of proof required, and is based on an examination of peer-reviewed research and publication in reputable professional journals like the Lancet.
    This website does not cite a single peer-reviewed article to support it. The only conspiracy is ‘Dr Pearson’ himself, who is almost certainly a fictional person.

  43. Pennelope
    Pennelope says:

    I searched this “miracle cure” out of pure curiosity because I already have the cure for diabetes. Dr John McDougall has cured type 2 diabetes in ALL of his patients using sugar (unrefined), rice, and potatoes. The cure is a high carb, low fat, whole foods, organic, vegan diet. Humans are not omnivores but frugavores, so that’s why so many of us develop diseases from these carcinogenic foods. The fat (saturated fat and oil) is blocking your cells like gum so the sugar can’t be absorbed for energy, so it just overflows into your blood. If you stuffed a bunch of butter into a drain and turned on the faucet, then watched the water overflow, you wouldn’t say that the water is the problem. You would say the fat is the cause. SUGAR IS NOT THE PROBLEM FOR DIABETICS, as long as its not refined and paired with fat.

    There are more than enough plant-based fats like omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s, DHA, etc, but it’s really not hard to get your fill and be completely satisfied (no more than 10% is needed). Your body is craving energy and needs the carbs from grains, pseudograins, fruit, root vegetables, etc. When you don’t get enough, your cravings go into overdrive and get out of control. Your body is starving on a microscopic level. Once you switch to a more efficient diet, adjust and detox, you don’t crave the animal fats anymore or the junk food. At all.

    And if you want those old food occasionally once your body is healed? Vegan companies are creating more and more delicious vegan alternatives you wouldn’t believe aren’t animal derived! If you don’t like it, give your tastebuds the chance to adapt, because there’s no doubt in my mind you’ve done it before. Maybe it was mushrooms, maybe it was alcohol. They also go the other direction and you lose the taste for things. I used to consume high fructose corn syrup regularly, and now I can’t stand it. Same goes for animal products.

    So all in all, I do agree that big pharma is hiding the cure (because the sick is where the money is), and that the cure is natural and free (cheaper actually), and that you can eat whatever you want (because after adjusting all you crave is healthy plant foods!) – but it is definitely a scam. I couldn’t even finish the video because it was so annoying; maybe 10 minutes? He just wouldn’t get to the point! Lol anyway check out the book “Reverse Diabetes Now” by Dr Neal Barnard; he explains the science and the protocol behind curing diabetes with a plant-based diet. Watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix, the video mentioned above by Dr McDougall:, and this video by Dr Michael Greger: Also read 80/10/10, The Starch Solution by Dr McDougall, and Eat To Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman.

  44. Henry
    Henry says:

    “People want a miracle cure shake. And of course it doesn’t exist.”

    Now there is an erectile dysfunction miracle shake cure being hawked on an e-book using the same payment service as this cure for diabetes.

    These snake oil dealers always keep trying to reinvent themselves. They keep hoping that the internet audience keeps expanding so that the numbers of patsies that they can catch will continue on and on. Just like going fishing.

  45. peter lemer
    peter lemer says:

    in the presentation he mentioned, at least twice ” medically proven”. He also says that the medical profession have ignored the results or worse, want to suppress them This is a contradiction. Has anyone seen references to successful trials of whatever it is he is promoting? If it’s been ‘proven’ then let’s see the results, say I 🙂


  46. Atlas
    Atlas says:

    @Annie: The one you refer to was developed at the University of Calgary, Alberta and is currently sold by Eastwood Bio-Medical Research, a company in British Columbia, Canada. Eleotin does not contain fenugreek seeds. Instead of goji berries, it lists the berries of a closely related species known as Lycium chinense, which they misspelled “Lycium Chinese”.

    With 35 years of experience researching medicinal plants, I can tell you that some of the plants in the formula do lower blood glucose. The main ingredient is fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seeds. Others were conducted in India many years ago. The results were positive, but the studies were dubious because they were poorly controlled.

  47. Annie
    Annie says:

    The so-called secret herbs are the exact same formula as a tea called Eleotin that hails out of British Columbia.
    The tea has existed for some years now and I used it for about 3 years. I reversed my diabetes on it and have never taken drugs and still maintain normal glucose levels since 2006 when I first started it. I recently purchased the tea again but only use it as a preventive. Of course, I also follow an organic plant based diet and I exercise every day. Compare the ingredients in Eleotin to the herbs he lists for his shakes and you will see that he duplicated their formula. If you can get the herbs and create the shakes yourself, i think that might be more cost effective. I believe the herbs do work.

  48. Sumaiyah
    Sumaiyah says:

    The diabetes free has gone to another method of stealing from us. They took my money immediately out of my account before asking for my address. They don’t have an address to even send the product to. I entered my credit card number first, before i realized that it. The page for any other information never opened. I got some kind of security message saying secure site not found. I immediately called my bank and they had taken 37 dollars from my account. Please don’t waste your time with this internet scam.

  49. Tuppy
    Tuppy says:

    I was dumb enough to buy the eBooks, and felt my money was wasted because the material was so full of typos. If a doctor, who obviously is intelligent, can’t write well, that tells me a lot. Especially when he is selling this material for a profit, you’d think that at least he’d use spellcheck. I just don’t trust it. Plain and simple.

  50. T Free
    T Free says:

    I watched the sales pitch on diabetes free dot org and came here on a Google search to see how bad of a scam it is. I’m glad I didn’t fall for it.

    I do want to share that I have made a remarkable drop in my own blood sugar without having to pay anyone for any “secrets” or give my personal contact information to an internet hoax/scam. I have achieved my results by following a modified, low-carb Paleo diet (since February) and my blood glucose readings are greatly improved. I was eating very poorly last year and using twice as much insulin (Lantus and Novolog) but my average blood glucose in January was 450. I know. Yikes.

    Now my average blood glucose is 164 and I’m injecting half as much insulin as I was in January.

    I’m continuing to improve and I know I can do even better. I cut out all grains (no pasta, bread, pastries, cereal or anything made from grains or flour or sugar.) I cut out all fruit except citrus fruit – to ensure I get enough vitamin C, I eat two servings per day (two oranges or two cups of strawberries or a couple of good-sized tangerines or some kiwi fruit – something with a good supply of vitamin C.) I can’t live without my decaf (yet) so the only milk I drink is a little half-and-half in my decaf. I only eat low-carb cheese (e.g. sharp cheddar or brie, never soft cheeses like ricotta or cream cheese) and no other dairy (no yogurt, no milk, of course no ice cream or pudding or anything like that.) I also cut out legumes (beans and peas) and all starchy veggies (no more potatoes or sweet potatoes or yams.)

    So what do I eat? Beef and poultry, eggs, nuts and seeds, a small quantity of olive oil or toasted sesame oil and lots of low-carb vegetables: tomatoes, celery, lettuce, greens like kale or collards, green beans, summer squash, green onions (the green part), olives, cucumber, carrots, lemon or lime, plain marinara sauce (no added sugars of any kind), bok choy, radishes, zucchini, snow peas, spaghetti squash, turnips, rutabagas, mushrooms.

    Of course there are lots of other low-carb foods I don’t eat due to food sensitivities that you might love: spinach, eggplant, Swiss chard, fish, avocados, butter, most aged cheeses, peppers…

    Breakfast might be decaf with half and half, some pecans and a tangerine (two if they’re tiny.) Lunch might be chicken and multi-vegetable soup (no rice, pasta or potatoes in the soup) topped with an ounce of grated sharp cheddar. Some walnuts and an orange for a snack. Dinner might be half of a rib eye steak or some baked chicken, grilled vegetables and a tomato, green onion and cucumber salad dressed with toasted sesame oil and balsamic vinegar (no sugar added) followed later by some olives and an ounce of cheese if I’m up late and hungry before bed. My food cravings are gone. The roller-coaster blood sugars are gone. The terrible thirst is gone. No more peeing every thirty minutes. I’m sleeping MUCH better (still take melatonin, but I am resting better.) My night vision is much improved. After an initial grumpy period during “withdrawal” from the high sugars, my mood is much better. I’m starting to feel more like exercising and doing things that involve standing and walking. I’m saving TONS of money by cooking at home and packing my lunch.

    I’ve lost 40-lbs. and I’m spending half of what I used to on insulin. I’m down to just the Lantus and I don’t even need the Novolog any more most of the time. We don’t need scammers and marketers taking our money for “secrets”. We just need to be honest, share information about what works and help each other get as well as possible.

  51. Felix Loera
    Felix Loera says:

    Tom Martin, I second you, definitely not an scam it really works, have one month without any medication other than the shake and keep tie to the program, I strongly recommend to any diabetics to start with this program, as they mention first results are visible in two weeks is not miraculous you have to put a lot of personal effort on this, I´m in mexico so probably not going to be able to explain my medication but was two doses of 1000mg Metformin a day that after 15 day reduce to half 500 mg twice a day, 2 weeks later I eliminated my sugar levels are between 88 to 110 each morning, best

  52. Andy Josh
    Andy Josh says:

    Special thanks to God almighty for using Dr, Oyekpen in curing my Diabetes
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    for me. He told me that he is going to send the cure through courier
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    cure, he instructed me on how I will take the cure. I took the cure and I
    was freed from the Diabetes disease, I went for scanning, the Diabetes
    was no longer there. I am very grateful for what he did for me. If you have
    any disease you can contact him via email: or call him +2348102386568,
    you will also get healed with your illness,

    Good Luck.

  53. Liza
    Liza says:

    For those of you who haven’t read Medscape article(see Claudia’s comment above) T”he Chinese medicine comprises several herbs that have been shown to lower blood glucose levels after meals. The Tianqi capsule is manufactured by Heilongjiang Baoquan Pharmaceutical and consists of 10 Chinese herbal medicines: Astragali Radix, Coptidis Rhizoma, Trichosanthis Radix, Ligustri Lucidi Fructus, Dendrobii Caulis, Ginseng Radix, Lycii Cortex, Ecliptae Herba, Galla Chinensis, and Corni Fructus. The quality of these herbs and decoction preparation was in accordance with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the researchers note.

    Dr. Yuan said the key herb in the combination was Huanglian (Coptidis Rhizoma). “The critical component of this herb is berberine, which has been reported to have good antidiabetic effects,” he told Medscape Medical News in an interview. “Huanglian has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine in treating diabetic symptoms.”

    Article suggests chinese herbs reduce chance of developing diabetes by 30% and look promising for managing diabetes and impaired IGF.

  54. Kristene Lietz
    Kristene Lietz says:

    I’d be helpful if Tom Martin could show that he’s not the “Copy Writer” for this entire program or a con man ! ! ! Tom please post your contact information. Address and phone # there are not that many of us on this thread. I got a bit suspicious with your statement: “Had my appointment today with the nurse practitioner in the endocrinology department and all she could say was keep up what you are doing”. I’d certainly be interested in the Nurse Practitioner’s name and contact information or license #.


  55. Tom Martin
    Tom Martin says:

    Have been on diabetes free for about 2 months now. Lost about 18 pounds. Got my a1c from 8.5 down to 7.6. Had my appointment today with the nurse practicioner in the endocrinology department and all she could say was keep up what you are doing and take a small amount of lantus every day rather than skipping it entirely. I had hoped my a1c would be closer to 7 but still a .9 decrease in less than 3 months is something to be happy about. I will stay on this plan!

  56. Solange
    Solange says:

    My type 2 diabetes was cured with cannabis oil. Here’s a quick summary.

    I am was a type 2 diabetic and I was not diagnosed until last year at the age of 48 when I was admitted into the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis. I knew something was wrong because my parents are type 2 as well as my grandmother before she died of diabetes. so I am familiar with the disease. I understand how you feel Its like your body is betraying you and there is nothing you can do about it. But believe me they feel the exact same way. Not everyone who is type 2 asked for it by choosing a bad life style some got it during pregnancy and it didn’t leave like my mother and some inherit it from their father. At the end of the day, no one asks for this disease. For some, it is preventable. For others, like me, it’s not as easy. I heard about the cannabis oil for cure and i purchase the cannabis oil national cancer institute after contacting the institute via email and I was given the instructions on how to use it and after using using the cannabis oil for the stipulated time as instructed by the institute, I was really cured and am now free from diabetes. May be worth some of you to check out.

  57. Tom Martin
    Tom Martin says:

    Just stared my second liver cleanse on the plan. Passed a lot of gall stones at the end of the first one so doing it again 6 weeks later. Book says every 30 days until no more gall stones are passed. Still hardly taking any insulin at all (occasionally half my previous dose) with mostly normal sugar readings 3-5 times per day.

    Tryin to do all the bike riding I can cause I think it may also help to increase my testosterone level which is low and common in older diabetic men.

    Wondering if anybody besides me think that David Pearson could be a salaried doctor employed by a pharmaceutical company that doesn’t want his employer to know he is making his findings known to the public. And what a great way for a salaried employee to make extra money. Just a thought.

    I know the suggestions in the book will keep my diabetes in total control if not cured soon.

    • Janet
      Janet says:

      The presentation says you can eat cakes and cookies again and junk again pretty much. Why do all the liver and gallbladder cleansing just to happily eat crap again? It’s clearly a scam.

    • Art
      Art says:

      Yeah, I can see where he might want to hide his true identity as well, but not for the reasons you assume.

      I brought my diabetes under control for free, using information I gleaned from the internet. One of the first things I learned is to ignore any purported ‘cure’ or treatment that claims (A: ‘Big Pharma’ is hiding the cure from you because it is in their financial interest to keep people dying from this disease, (B: Only WE have this proprietary formula, and (C: the price ought to be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, but because we care so much, we’re selling it for only $47, $37, or $27 dollars – I think the number 7 is a magic number for these charlatans – and also when you try to click off the page, the price suddenly drops 10 bucks.

      I lost 75 pounds, and my fasting blood sugar went from sometimes over 200, down to between 95 and 105 consistently, every morning when I check it. My A1C has been between 5.8 and 6.0 for over 3 years. I did that all with diet only, and a few supplements that I found, by trial and error, to work for me. I still take metformin, but I no longer have to take glipizide. In fact I had to stop that one because once I made the decision to take my diabetes seriously and make these dietary changes, even 5mg of glipizide caused my blood sugar to tank to dangerously low levels, and my doctor took me off it.

      I’m still a relatively sedentary person, yet I have acheived all this with information freely available on the internet – if only you know how to avoid obvious scams, and also involve your doctor in your efforts. I had blood labs drawn every 3 or 4 months, now only twice a year since my numbers have stabilized so well. If I started getting the exercise my doctor has been recommending for years, I could probably get off the metformin, too. Health quackery is all too prevalent on the internet, and I’m not saying I can spot every one, but there are some obvious signs when what you’re looking at is nothing but a marketing campaign designed solely to separate you from your money.

      I’m not a doctor, and can’t offer medical advice, but I can put you on to the track of what worked for me. I started with the anti-inflamatory diet (google it). That was my starting point. I adhered to it religiously, and lost 15 pounds the first three months without even trying, and my A1C dropped dramatically. Over the years since then I have used the trial and error method as regards supplementation that works for me. I think supplementation will be individual for every person. Above all, keep your doctor involved. If you’re diabetic, you should be getting regular blood labs, anyway. I’m on medicaid, and regular blood labs are required and paid for if you’re diabetic.

      Guys like this who prey on sick people for a buck are the worst of the worst. I’d hide my true identity too, but not because BIG PHARMA’S hit squad was out to get me. I’d be more worried about the Federal Trade Commision.

  58. Tom Martin
    Tom Martin says:

    I do believe that successfully “curing” or controlling type 2 diabetes Is a combination of low carb diet, food paring, exercise, and the shakes with the herbs. The diabetes free powder (herb formula) that goes in the shakes contains about 14 different Chinese herbs which are commonly prescribed for diabetes in the orient. I do not have the patience to type the list in here. The quantities you would have to buy through would make enough for more than a year. If you knew someone to split it with it would be worth it. The formula is in grams and one ounce equals 28 grams. I months supply is 115 grams with most of the herbs in quantities of 5 or 6 grams. I f you have to buy 4 ounces through amazon, you can easily see that you could make many batches of 115 grams. Eliminate gluten, eat low carb and exercise getting down to your perfect weight and you will see a big improvement one way or the other, personally I think the herb shakes also help.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Thanks Tom. We appreciate your providing the details of your own experience. Generally, we agree with your conclusion that eliminating gluten and reducing carbs, along with exercise, will make a big difference in your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar.

  59. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Its not the shake, any low carb shake works for snacks—–People what there telling you is eat Dr. Atkins way and your sugar will go down. Its the low carb diet that’s working not some miracle herbs and shakes.

  60. Gordy McCune
    Gordy McCune says:

    The reason he didn’t give up the ingredients is probably because when you purchase the ebook, under agreement you cannot share the book with others. Its under copyright law. Havent tried to get the ingredients yet to see if it works. I already paid the money so i will find out. If it doesnt work I will find out if they will refund that also.

  61. Tom Martin
    Tom Martin says:

    Still doing fine on the plan. Hardly ever taking any Lantus. Trying to get a daily bike ride in but not always successful. Morning sugar today 127.
    Found most of the herbs are available on usually in fairly large quantities (8-16 ounces). My sister in law is starting the plan so 8 ounces of each herb will probably make enough for both of us until no longer needed.
    Plan on making the powder myself when the supply I have from Dr. Huang in Winnepeg runs out.

  62. madlyn
    madlyn says:

    PATTI — What is the supplement that gave you improvement — very curious to know. Would greatly appreciate your posting that – Thanks!

  63. Jonathan Christie
    Jonathan Christie says:

    I’m a 30-year insulin-dependent diabetic. My last HbA1c was 5.3% There’s no mystery here – avoid carbs, replace the calories with fat and bg will become normal – Allick et al 2004 found low-carb depletes glycogen in the liver which cuts the liver’s glucose output and prevents the high fasting blood sugars characteristic of diabetes. That I eat about 75% calories from fat frightened my doc but a heart scan found a coronary artery calcium score of zero, so 17 years of high fat has not led to heart disease. My diet is gluten free of course, but I don’t need a raft of Chinese herbs to normalize my blood sugar, just The Diabetes Diet, Dr Richard K. Bernstein

  64. Siggi
    Siggi says:

    I have very good news for us all. last year a researchers team noticed something while testing mice for diabetes.

    They actually stumbled on a cure.

    Now i am waiting to see this starting, but some of you may have a sympathetic doctor that might prescribe Verapamil for you , but really read the instructions and tell your doctor about all your conditions and medicine.

    Here is also another breakthrough with research on diabetes. If these guys can connect the dots with why and how the FGF1 protein interacts with both insulin levels and glucose levels. The future is bright folks 🙂

    MARIKA LOVE says:

    So far, I’ve downloaded the ebook, and it has a whole new perspective that it is the LIVER, not the pancreas, we need to heal to correct diabetes. I’ve found all the the herbs on in the correct amounts, but they added up to over $200.00, so I’m glad to learn about Dr. Huang.

    I don’t blame Dr. Pearson, if he does indeed exist, for hiding his identity because the AMA could easily erase him and his solution to diabetes forever.

    Their support team has not responded timely to several emails.

    There are so many typos in the ebook it seriously compromises the credibility. However, because of the new approach, and the promises made, I’m going to try it. I will let you know how it works for me – a long term Type 2 diabetic with a leg that is subject to infection, related to the disease, that I REALLY WANT TO CURE PERMANENTLY. I do believe it’s possible. Louise Hay says of “incurable”, we need to go within to dissolve the pattern that caused this problem. I say, we need to go within AND work with nutrition and exercise too.

    Marika Love, Director

  66. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Guys, just need to clear this up.

    Yes this is a smart group of marketers making as much money as they can from a simple ebook containing normal advice to help reduce diabetes.

    No it’s not a doctor.

    The reason it sells so much is because SOME people don’t want to take other advice that you kindly share in your article.They don’t want to exercise and eat better. They want to eat buns and cakes and not exercise at all, and somehow get rid of their diabetes.

    People want a miracle cure shake. And of course it doesn’t exist. So the people buying these kind of solutions have only got themselves to blame. Yes it’s unscrupulous and completely dishonest to claim you’re a doctor and you’ve found a miracle cure. That’s actually wrong to do that and should be addressed by the FTC.

    But frankly, if you are dumb and lazy enough you’ll buy this ridiculous fake miracle cure and it’s your own fault.

    As for Clickbank. Personally I don’t think they should allow this kind of fakery on their platform. They have a lot of good, real offers on there too. And they do iissue ssuing refunds. People who didn’t get refunded obviously asked the vendor who ignored them.

    However, if you find your receipt sent directly by Clickbank you can just refund yourself through a link on your receipt. It’s automatic and bypasses the vendor directly. Hopefully some readers will understand that.

  67. Patrick Holmes
    Patrick Holmes says:

    Tom Martin will not tell you what herbs he takes because he obviously works for this company. Did you notice how long he takes to write about the “effects” of the method without detailing anything about the method ?

  68. Jack Berry
    Jack Berry says:

    There is obviously a person here working for this company and impersonating several profiles obviously. Notice how long he takes to claim he got “cured” from diabetes without writing ONCE about these “herbs” or “cocktails” this scam book want to sell you. The site claimed the original price of the book was $370, now $20-something. If that doesn’t ring the scam alarm to you I don’t know what will.

  69. Karick
    Karick says:

    So I too came across the website an was very eager to rid my life of the hell and bondage of being a diabetic, so I bought into the system for $37. But ONLY because of there 100% FULL REFUND!!!! So after purchasing the ebook for $37, I found a lot of interesting items that I felt I’d like to test out and see if it works for me. But as an English major, I was horrified to find that someone, anyone, a Dr., would publish a book, even an ebook, for thousands to read with out having it first proof read before publishing!!!! There were dozens of spelling errors, typos, as well as the lack of proper punctuation’s. I just couldn’t take reading this book anymore, because of ALL OF THE POOR ENGLISH, POOR GRAMMAR, AND POOR PUNCTUATION!!! So I clicked on the link for Click Bank, the e bank that debits your credit card, processed a refund, and within 24 hrs. had my full refund. Oddly enough, Click Bank even has a phone number to speak with a live ENGLISH SPEAKING person, FROM AMERICA!! But after speaking with Click Bank, I asked what to do with the downloaded e book, they said to do with it what you will; keep it, use, delete it, your decision.

  70. Patti
    Patti says:

    I am a type 1 diabetic (for over 20 years). I have, in the last 2 years, greatly improved my diabetes using a natural supplement, but as everyone knows, Type 1 can not be cured. I am going to try this concoction, mainly because I have bought through Clickbank before and if you buy through them, they will honor the refund guarantee. (You have to go back through them, not the book website, to get your refund.
    I am on 3 shots of Humalog and 1 shot of Lantus per day. I will definitely let y’all know if I have any success with this~

    • Kate
      Kate says:

      Patty, they are no longer being sold by Clickbank. They were getting so many complaints. They switched to software projects but after i talked to them today i’m sure they will have a new seller soon! Tom’s comments are the only good ones i’ve seen so i’m betting he’s a plant! If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, guess what!

  71. Bel
    Bel says:

    My question to Tom Martin, what are the names of the herbs that you are using?
    The chinese name of the herbs would be fine.
    I think this is the key that most of the people posting are missing.

  72. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I warded off diabetes with protein shakes for years-quit using-bad again. Have started using protein shakes again, down again. Just drink the shakes and exercise!

    • Elaine Schuster
      Elaine Schuster says:

      Protein shakes seemed to help me as well.

      The formula was protein shakes made with almond or other milk.
      one protein shake to start the day with extra ingredients like extra fruit, flaxseed, or other grain to increase carb count.
      Two other shakes with less fruit and no carbs, at midday and midafternoon.
      Evening meal, One third to half servings of pretty much anything you want.
      Bedtime, only if needed and I never seemed to need it, protein shake with only protein powder and water.

      I measure my BG before meals and at bedtime, and I was able to cut my fast acting insulin drastically on this regimen. I need to get back there. I have never returned to my pre-program levels of fast acting insulin. but it is creeping up and i have gained weight. Recent A1C was 8.5.

  73. Kenny Crawford
    Kenny Crawford says:

    I tried this but found great difficulty getting the ingredients in Scotland. I asked questions of diabetes free and got them. But they were rather vague in nature. Disappointed I asked for a refund and to my great surprise I got it within a couple of days and NO Hassle. In my experience try it your money is safe.
    It works or not, I do not know, But, guarantee is genuine, at least in my case it was. If I could have got the ingredients in Scotland where I live, I would have given it a good go. Please remember in Scotland prescription drugs are already FREE. But, a little effort is worth it to be free of diabetes. Hope this helps anyone considering it.

  74. Barry
    Barry says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone could believe this scam. Come on folks, you can’t find the doctor anywhere and this ghost professional is so passionate about curing diabetes due to his father’s untimely death that he has to charge $37 before he can help others. Does that make any sense at all??

  75. Interalia
    Interalia says:

    Best thing to do is click on their adverts whenever you can to ramp up their advertising costs but never buy from them.

  76. David
    David says:

    Why isn’t the BBB doing there job of eliminating these “rip-off” scammers from wasting people’s time. Common sense tells you this product is a scam.

  77. Harry
    Harry says:

    Hi Martin,
    Seeing that this “Dr” is like Batman…no office or contact details or credentials disclosed, no T&C’s provided, a huge philanthropist, not doing it for the money…etc. .. Can u send me a copy of your book and we’ll split the cost. I’m sure Dr Batman wouldn’t mind. Thanks

  78. ronnie cain
    ronnie cain says:

    congrats to tom. i know from personal experience , TYPE2 diab can be controlled( possibly cured) with weight control and exercise. recquires lifestyle change to be permanent. of course there are variables. i really think this plan could work, but worries me it has earmarks of scam, some of which are:very long presentation by gifted speaker- won’t let you close site- reduction in price at end-cannot contact priniciples-click bank-must be done NOW- and others.GOD BLESS

    • Tom Martin
      Tom Martin says:

      Any diabetes doc, nurse practitioner, diabetes educator, and primary care will tell diabetics to loose weight and exercise. I was sent to a dietician who wanted me to cut calories by keeping track of the nutritional values of all the foods I ate daily. This I did and lost a few pounds but did not see much change in my daily sugar tests or medication requirements.

      This ebook just clicked for me I saw promising results fast. Then through experimentation convinced myself that exercise daily really increased the results. I am now completely off Lantus (from 41u per night) and the only diabetes pharmaceutical that I am now taking is one glipizide pill each morning (down from 2) with very close to non diabetic sugar tests 3-6 times daily. I think my upcoming aic (June 15) could be below7. Last was 8.5.

      I needed these recipes and eating plan in this ebook and the early results provided great motivation to stick to it (canceled last apt with the dietician because of failure to stick to her recomendations). I am not saying everyone will have the success that I have had but it was right for me at the time. I now feel that some of the lifestyle changes I am currently making can continue for the rest of my life and at some point my doc and nurse practitioner may tell me I am no longer diabetic. It might be possible! At least I can keep my diabetes in total control.
      Over the years with diabetes (about 20) I have purchased many printed books and tried many supplements with little or no results from any of them. Had a friend with severe diabetes who had amputations, heart surgery and was on dialysis he passed at age 58 after being in the same hospital room for 2 years. I did not want to be like him. You do have to take control of your medical destiny and cannot rely on pharmaceuticals and traditional doctors to solve your medical problems. You can work with the docs but take control of your health they will not.

      Can’t say this plan will work for everyone as well as it is working for me but believe it was well worth the bucks I spent on it. Would love to meet other people who are on it. The presentation claims over 24000 people have had success with it and it might be true. I know from my research on various health concerns in the past (once thought I might have heart disease, and Dad had AML) that the FDA is in cohoots with big pharma and has harassed alternative practicianers who were looked apon as a threat to traditional medicines status quo. I don’t trust the FDA or big pharma to promote any drug or treatment that doesn’t result in big profits for medical institutions, drug companies and doctors! People with life threatening medical concerns need to be aware of this.

      • V Singer
        V Singer says:

        Hmmmmm. Fact is, most of your results can be realized without any of “Dr. Pearson’s miracle cures” – Exercise alone will increase the effectiveness of Insulin (natural or injected) without any increase in dosage. Cutting your carb intake to near zero will also slash your A1C. But take care – sounds like you went on the Atkins diet with some expensive herbal “shakes” and exercise thrown in. Too long without those carbs and your body will start looking for them elsewhere, like your tissues (notice I didn’t say “fats”). Too long, and you may find yourself blowing out your kidneys…


    Please do a search: OZONE THERAPY CURES DIABETES or use your own search criteria verbage. Then after researching and realizing that OZONE THERAPY can cure or at the least improve all your symptoms significantly, search: OZONE THERAPY CLINICS WORLD DIRECTORY to find a clinic near you. Search the name of your clinic before making an appointment: XYZ CLINIC COMPLAINTS. Then go for a consultation.

    Try searching OZONE THERAPY BENEFITS AND HISTORY to discover what else this therapy can do for your overall health as well as treating virtually every disease known to medical science.

    Hopefully this information will help someone? Personally speaking I am having PROLOZONE INJECTION THERAPY for my hip and knee, bone on bone from OSTEO ARTHRITIS. No pain, no stiffness in each joint after only a few sessions which means that the cartilage is regenerating. Search: PROLOZONE THERAPY REGENERATES CARTILAGE.

    What disease or condition do you suffer? Do a search: [fill in your disease] TREATED WITH OZONE THERAPY.

    NEVER, EVER believe anything anyone says or writes at face value. As you can see here it is easy to do your own due diligence to save you time, money and stress.



  80. Linda Nicholas
    Linda Nicholas says:

    Good on you Tom Martin for taking the enormous step into being pro-active about your health. who wouldn’t want to try something natural compared to pharmaceutical drugs in an ever increasing (and expensive) cycle? I noted that Dr Pearson (or whoever he is) strongly recommended that people should continue on with their medication and Dr monitoring, until the medication may not be necessary.

    I absolutely believe that natural health treatment works – it has for me, both with homeopathic treatment curing candida (and having this subsequently proven in blood test through my DR) and more recently with digestive and soft-tissue, inflammation, anxiety and energy problems being resolved through naturopathic treatment, instead of the usual bandaids offered by the contemporary medical system which DID NOT help me much or resolve my problems. Now I can flex my knees and walk more normally, sleep better at night and have more energy and clarity. Drug free. I can’t tell you how liberating that feels.

    I am not diabetic but have a friend who is going to test out Diabetes Free – she figures what has she got to lose, $37 at worst! What has she got to gain? A life not restricted by all the negative aspects of diabetes and related health issues. I have downloaded the ebook for her, printed it out and have had no attempts at upselling nor have I had any unsolicited contact from Diabetes Free since. If my friend does take action on the course, under her Doctor’s supervision, I will post her results for you.

    So, be mindful of scams, there are plenty of them out there, but in this case I would be inclined to keep an open mind. You never know how you might benefit from this particular treatment if you apply it. Remember that the big drug companies have been proven many times over, to suppress treatments that DO work or promote treatments which they know the side-effects can be seriously detrimental to overall health, because it affects their profits.

    May I suggest to the lady who couldn’t locate her download to Click the ‘world’ icon located at the bottom left of screen, select Documents from the menu which comes up – it’s on the righthand side and on my laptop has a blue background, then click on Documents, locate Downloads and click on Downloads, then scroll down the list which will come up, to find the Diabetes Free ebook (or you could enter Diabetes Free in the search box which comes up at top right corner). Click on diabetes Free and then open or just double click to open it…Good luck. I hope this will help you solve your problem.
    And Tom, I look forward to reading more about your progress. I admire your courageous action.
    Sincerely, Linda

    • admin
      admin says:

      We very much appreciate your contribution to the discussion. However, we don’t subscribe to the notion that you test some of these dubious schemes for $37 because “what have you got to lose.” That is exactly the mindset that many of these Internet scammers rely upon. In our evaluation, we offer a number of free information sources that consumers can use that preach a similar theme of “natural” healthy living and eating without the dubious science and $37 charge. As with Mr. Martin, we welcome any information you can add to the discussion about diabetes treatments that appear to work that don’t require pharmaceutical drugs.

  81. Annette Ramiro
    Annette Ramiro says:

    I think this is a scam because I send an email to to refund my $37 because I cannot find the herbs that is indicated in the Ebook and besides I cannot afford to buy the recipes indicated. Up to this time it was not refunded to me. Where’s the promise that it’s money back guarantee. This is fake,fake fake.. It’s a scam. I hope my comment is published so that there will be no victims anymore. It’s a hard earned money, I should have spent the $37 for my medication.

    • Tom Martin
      Tom Martin says:

      The best bet for the herbs is to go to Chinatown and find a store to buy the ingredients and mix yourself.
      I have had great success with the plan n only 2 weeks cutting my meds and getting great sugar readings. I also started bike riding 15 to 30 minutes per day.


      • Kate
        Kate says:

        For refunds on orders in last 2wks call Software Projects, 1-800-2181525. They are handling sales for Diabetesfree now.
        I ordered yesterday and got my refund today. If you ordered more than 2 weeks ago you need to call clickbank at 1-800-390-6035. Clickbank said they didn’t care for the way they were “promoting their product” so let them go. LOL.
        In other words, even Clickbank thought that this is a SCAM. Hope this helps everyone.

      • Carolyn E Reeves
        Carolyn E Reeves says:

        I googled Dr Huang and could not find a herb remedy specifically for diabetes. I found just about everything else though. Could you please tell me what you bought? Name of product specifically or a link to the product.

        Thanks kindly,

        • mshames
          mshames says:

          We don’t recommend the services of Dr. Huang or any of the alleged MDs who tout diabetes “cures” via email. We get about two of these comments a day and generally screen them out.

    • Warmil
      Warmil says:

      Like all Clickbank products, Diabetes Free comes with a 60-day refund policy. In order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 800-390-6035.

  82. Tom Martin
    Tom Martin says:

    Sierra, I DO NOT work for the company. I googled Dr. David Pearson and could not find an endo or any other doc who is a diabetes specialist. I have no idea where he is located and cannot verify any of the statements made on his websites or in his presentations.

    I have been a diabetic type 2 for about 20 years and have looked for a natural system to control my blood sugars for years. I have purchased many books, bought many supplements, and talked to endos, diabetic educators, and others but was unable to find a plan to keep me from an ever increasing bunch of medications and insulin. Started insulin a few years ago with a small amount that gradually increased to 41u per night (lantus slow acting insulin) before I started diabetesfree 2 weeks ago. I took my last insulin Friday night and have cut my morning glipizide from 2 to 1 these are presently my only two diabetes meds although the endos mentioned that I might have to add Humalog fast acting daytime insulin soon.

    I am so excited about reducing my meds since beening on Diabetes free for 2 weeks that I feel compelled to post my successes on some of these so called scam alert pages. Granted they are well intentioned and probably do help protect diabetics from some useless money making supplements and programs but diabetes free is the only thing I have ever found that improved my diabetes. Don’t know if I’l ever be cured (maybe when I get to a reasonable weight) but I can keep my blood sugars at non diabetic levels and loose weight without meds on this system.

    I feel some of the negative statements posted on many of these sights to be posted by people who have no experience with diabetes, no computer skills, are close minded and illogical. Sorry

  83. Sierra Fox
    Sierra Fox says:

    It seems obvious that some of the comments come from a person who is just working for the company that sells this book. I told a friend of mine to eat what I eat. He was a penpal (half way around the globe from where I live) with diabetes. I have never had diabetes. I was eating lots of green veggies with every meal with a protein like egg for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner chicken, fish or rarely beef. No fruit except half an apple a day. No artificial or regular sweetners, no flour, no soft drinks. I drink water. He started mirroring me yet kept on his meds and didn’t check with his doctor and ended up with the meds being too much and had to eat sugar to counterbalance the meds. (He was serious because he had already lost part of his leg.) He was very irritated with his doctor for not stressing the importance of diet. And how to eat correctly.

  84. Ed C.
    Ed C. says:

    I have suffered with type 1 diabetes for 35 years but as a Brit it costs me nothing because of the good old NHS excemption benefit. Are there any other people in Great Britain with any experience of this product? The promotional video says diabetics eat “rabbit food” but your correspondant Tom Martin certainly seems to be on “rabbit food” as part of the course? Mmmm!? I thought that the idea of reversing Diabetes was to resume a ‘normal’ diet which I have certainly missed for the past three and a half decades now.

    • Tom Martin
      Tom Martin says:

      Don’t know wether to attribute my success to the diet or the shakes with the herbs. I am in the US (Massachusetts). Although the eating plan requires some adjustments I am satisfied. The plan states that a moderate diabetic can stop the herbs and be more flexible with foods after 3-6 months. Not sure what that means exactly but I know I cannot go back to the diet and inactivity that probably caused diabetes in the first place. I haven’t ate deserts for years but there are some nice recipes in one of there ebooks

      Probably the biggest factor in my diabetes is weight and I am down from 274 to 266 after only 2 weeks. I plan on continueing this till my weight it close to 210 or less. Doubt if I can dine at MacDonalds or have subs for lunch again but will watch myself to stay diabetes free. I have no interest in deserts, donuts, or fast food.

      Scheduled for another a1c the end of June and expect the NP in the endocrinology department to tell me no one has ever decresed it so much in 3 months. Maybe even want it repeated as she may think it was a mistake. I fully believe it with be in the low sevens or less.

      I believe that giving insulin to a diabetic is like telling an alcholoic with the shakes to have another drink as my insulin requirements have steadily increased since I was put on it a few years ago. I am needing less and less lantus (nightly insulin) and now will never need fast acting daytime insulin which was a possibility a few months ago.

    • Tom Martin
      Tom Martin says:

      This morning for breakfast I had the diabetes free protein shake after waking. One half hour later had 3 eggs with 3 strips of turkey bacon.

      Had a diabetes free shake for a snack mid day.

      At supper time I had another diabetes free protein shake 1/2 hour before an meal consisting of a large piece of sockeye salmon with 1/2 # of scalopes and some mushrooms along with a large salad with tomatoe basil dressing from the book. Getting ready to retire now and my sugar was 91, too low to take any Lantus (insulin).

      I was not hungry at any time and felt satisfied all day. What a great way to get non diabetic sugar readings and loose weight.

    • Kathy
      Kathy says:

      There are products/supplements on the market today that help with the diabetes diet… these products actually change your tastebuds to where the ‘bad’ foods do not look nor taste good to you anymore… it stops the cravings and therefore your ‘rabbit food’ diet is more appealing… not that rabbit food is the only foods you can eat… its just that you develop a sense of not wanting the sugars, sweets, carbs, etc that are so prevalent in everything around us. I know this to be true… it’s happened to me and I’ve lost weight and kept it off and the numbers don’t lie. I don’t mind receiving an email from anyone trying to resolve health issues the natural way… it’s out there and anyone can do it… you just have to know who to trust and what to use. my email is

  85. Hector P.
    Hector P. says:

    Excellent article. I suffered the whole video presentation. It has all the tricks used by scammers, mainly Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. I would also add “Hope”. Anyway, when I tried to close the browser window, the page offered a “stay on this page special offer”, reducing the price from $37 to ONLY $27. Then a new window pops up, where you can buy the miracle cure, for the best price ever. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Lots of people have to endure it, and suffer every day. They could do without this miracle cures.

    • Ruth
      Ruth says:

      I watched it on Facebook. Tried closing video. Even continued talking after I closed Facebook. I had to close phone to stop it. Gotta be a scam.

  86. Cathey DeVries
    Cathey DeVries says:

    Well…hmmm, I guess I am one of those “cows” they referred to. Not only did I buy (literally) into their product, I can’t even find it after I downloaded it. Not too savvy on the computer either, I’m afraid! I appreciate the Scam Alert tho…I will pass that onto my diabetic friends. I knew I should of checked them out first.Lesson learned.

    • Tom Martin
      Tom Martin says:

      Cathey, Now that you spent the money as I did, why ot find someone who can help you find the file on your computer and print out the book. I think it would be worth your while to try it or at least read the book.

    • Ronni Sparks
      Ronni Sparks says:

      This is going to sound harsh but some complaints and comments warrant a blunt response. If you can’t find the ebook after you downloaded it you are obviously in sore need of some guidance of how to use a computer in the first place. Its not a magic box that does the thinking for you. Using your ignorance of how to use a computer as reason to label a product as a scam and then go on to tell your friends that it’s questionable is seriously backwards thinking. Its like saying because you don’t know how to pump gas into your car that a gas pump is a scam, seriously…think!!!

      • admin
        admin says:

        There are some Net users who are not accustomed to downloading ebooks and a small cross-section of commenters have struggled through this process (although, based upon our experience with these sites, it is understandable as they combine “upsell” offers with the ebook download, so it would appear as though you are just bypassing ads, when in fact, you’ve missed the download). Moreover, we’ve documented a noticeable uptick in the aggressive upselling of additional offers, so the problem will become more commonplace.

      • Siggi
        Siggi says:

        Relax Ronni. 🙂 being a computer expert , systems engineer and having most Microsoft degrees and years of end user assisting, i can tell you that 30% at least are no better in understanding how the filesystem works on theyr computer 😉

    • Jeff Vance
      Jeff Vance says:

      If you can’t find the files that you downloaded they are in your Download folder. All computers (Mac and PC) default to this folder for downloads. If you didn’t specifically select a folder to put them in they are there. Depending on what you purchased there could be 5 or more of these PDFs.

      EVERYONE ELSE…Like Tom Martin I am benefiting from the advice in this program. I didn’t find it to be a scam at all but a profound set of instructions that turned my life around and the lives of my younger brother who is a type 1 and another local friend of mine in San Diego who is a type 2 like me. We have both seen changes in our blood sugar as a result and my friend has seen a drop in his last A1C test that also encouraged his doctors to tell him to keep it up. My younger brother is a type 1 diabetic since the 4th grade and he turns 59 this year. He has struggled with maintaining his blood sugar levels and was constantly teetering between too high (over 180) and too low (35). He could never quite figure out what to do and even his endocrinologist who is a supposed expert couldn’t help him. He now has been able to balance his sugar levels for the first time in his life. As for me, I was able to get off all my insulin and go back to metformin only. I am working to eventually get off of metformin too. I will tell you that I have NOT drank the shakes recommended yet nor have I done the liver cleanse because I’ve been under too much stress as a result of a recent divorce. But I intend to do both soon. At this point I am sticking to the recommended diet only and this has made a huge difference for me. So, I disagree with this being a SCAM and I have at least 3 people around me who are benefiting from this program. So, don’t believe all the scam noise that you see here. it does work, but it may not be for everybody. However, the recommended food changes alone are well worth the $27 price which is not that much more than any book you would have to buy. Plus the reports include recipes that are practical and delicious which go along with the support of the diets and how you can change your eating to get well. I wish all diabetics could have this type of knowledge instead of turning only to doctors and big pharma for answers that only get more and more expensive over time. This is about eating right and not complicating how you eat…no doctors will give you this kind of eating advice except maybe a naturpath (and most doctors won’t agree with them). Trust your instincts and look at your food…that’s where all the problems lie. Good luck on your journeys.

  87. Tom Martin
    Tom Martin says:

    Nearing the end of my second week on “Diabetesfree”. Have been cutting my Lantus insulin down gradually (41u to 25u) with great sugar readings fasting and 4 hours after meals (70 to 110). Last night I fell asleep in front of the TV and forgot Lantus completely in the morning my sugar was 102! Love the shakes and the recipes. Just looking for a more economical way of obtaining the herbs. Dr. Huang in Winnepeg charges $50 for a one month supply (powdered and mixed). This is not a scam. Probably nothing works for everyone but this works for me and lots of other diabetics. Talked to my endocrinologist on the phone and he said “Keep it up, see you in 6 months).

    • admin
      admin says:

      Tom, we appreciate hearing about your experience with the “miracle shake”. Glad to hear it is working for you, although we’d love to know the basis for your statement that it works for “lots of other diabetics”. Do you know lots of other people who have been signed up for this program?

      • Tom Martin
        Tom Martin says:

        Guess I am easy or gullible whatever you want to call it but after my success which is ongoing and a work in progress, I believe the statement on the diabetesfree website that over 24000 people have had success with this plan. I hope to meet some in the future but I have only been excited about it for the last two weeks.

        The plan is more than just a miracle shake. Starts with a liver cleanse and is a low carb no gluten diet, probably old school. I find the recipes for meals and salad dressings delicious and the only thing I miss is my breakfast 2 pieces of Ezekiel 4:9 ciinamon raisin toast.

        My last a1c was 8.5 and I am do for another test on June15. I fully expect my June a1c to be in the sevens if not lower. Last night I took half of the Lantus that I used to and this morning my sugar was 97.

        I have a relative who has type 2 but a much more severe case than mine. She was considering gastric bypass but went on a dangerous new drug instead. Now she wants to stop bydureon and try this. Will let you now how she makes out.

        • John Vercelletto
          John Vercelletto says:

          I purchased the book. It works. I was determined to get off my medications because of various reasons. I thought it was a scam, it’s marketed as a scam. I didn’t mind spending the money to try to find some small natural method to help, not cure really (though would be great) but get me off my meds.

          My A1C at it’s highest was 11.4. When I started this program it was 10.7. after 3 months (granted, 1 on medication, then 2 months totally off my meds (I was taking 3 different meds)) my A1c was 6.4. I didn’t take the shake, but did eventually buy a supplement with many of the same ingredients. I have since stopped the supplement to see if the numbers change, looks good so far.

          The main thing is NOT the chinese herbs in my opinion, it is the fact that the Liver plays an important role (IGF is part of it and I found numerous real studies on pubmed that agree). The “diet” isn’t much different than doctors suggestions with a few more restrictions but how you eat is important.

          Anyway, worked for me. I am psyched I am off my meds. So I agree, it is marketed as a scam would be and maybe the doctor isn’t real. I was willing to take the chance. I combined this with other research I did and you can’t argue with the results. I now have friends trying it to be sure it wasn’t a fluke.

        DONALD L HOGAN says:


    • ronnie cain
      ronnie cain says:

      tom martin:
      tom, please tell us the ” secret herbs” and we will all happily pay! if it works it is very small price. i have been stung many times. at times it is really problematic to get refund. if not scam they have no worry!! please help!!

    • Eli
      Eli says:

      Tom would appreciate More info on Dr. Huang’s powder. address phone number email some way to check it out. I have tried to get the powder here but the price is beyond belief. Have tried to find a site on line but no luck. would appreciate any help you can give. thank you

  88. John
    John says:

    Roy, it’s obviously a scam. If you want real results you just need to ignore shitty foods containaing gluten, yeast, sugar (and reduce the consumption of dairy products). My mother had to inject herself but then she started to watch her diet and now she’s only need to take pills. (If she could keep her diet a 100%, I’m pretty sure she could leave the pills in a matter of time)

  89. Roy
    Roy says:

    I’ve seen such good arguments (for and against) for many similar offers and their reviews. Yes, both sides make strong sense. I have read them as a desperate diabetic looking for permanent cure. However, if you read that “independent” review carefully, you wont’ feel strongly about its credibility! Two observations: why are they promoting the offer so desperately (by providing the link again and again)? And also no critical assessment of the shake is given from a “professional” point of view.
    Hence, I’m still confused. But alike millions of other diabetics, I wish there was an honest and clear review to help us decide whether to take it or leave it!!!

    • Terry J
      Terry J says:

      I’m so glad I stumbled onto this site. Now all the warning signs I can watch out for with other products promoted anywhere is awesome. I have gained lots of valuable info. Also, during the video the “doctor” said, while speaking of the bonus dessert book, that you could stuff yourself with sweets; something like it was about time we’d be able to eat like that again. What real doctor would say that it’s okay to stuff yourself at all much less desserts. Being overweight is one of the things that set you up to get diabetes. Thank you so much for SCAM ALERTS!
      AS A FOOTNOTE: They are now asking $47.00 for this crap.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      I haven’t tried this myself, but just saw a Representative (Dale) from a Vendor who was Diabetic and at least 80 lbs overweight until now. I made the comment to Dale about the weight he has lost. That’s when he told me he has lost around 70 lbs in the last 7 months. I asked him “how”? That’s when Dale told me he was diabetic and was told his treatment would force him to quit his job. He wasn’t ready to give his career up. He prayed about it and the next day he pulled up “ Dale’s doctor has taken him off 80% of medications and at the next visit if the tests come out good, he will be totally off his diabetic medications!!! like i said, i’m sceptical about products/programs myself. But when I just personally saw a person I’ve seen for years and now notice the awesome difference in his appearance and attitude, then I have to say this program WORKED FOR HIM!!! Dale is planning on sharing his experience in near future. I’m going to at least listen to the video and check the program out.


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