Cellphones-300x105You’ve got your new brand-spanking new smartphone and no longer have a need for your previously spanked (?) phone.    So what do you do with it?    We suggest that you’ve got two options:  recycle it or sell it.     We are going to talk about both of those options.


No surprise that this is the more lucrative option.    There are a number of online companies that will buy your used phone….and one recent national company that takes your phones near where you live.   The latter is EcoATM.   This CoinStar-affiliated service specializes in taking older phones and other small electronics.

A number of other websites exist that will either buy your phone directly or serve as intermediaries to match you with a third-party buyer.   They include:

Prices vary so you have to shop around.   Cnet reports that it found a number of different prices for the same phone, so it may take some shopping to get the whopping price:

Phones EcoATM Best Buy Amazon BuyMyTronics Gazelle
iPhone 4S (16GB) $160 $300 $132 $226 $205
iPhone 4S (16GB), Broken $65 $0 $0 $91 $80
Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB) $130 $250 $195 N/A $274
Motorola Razr, 3rd ed. $55 $0 $0.5 $0 N/A



OK, so you don’t want to bother to sell your phone.    That’s understandable, especially if you have an older phone with little, if any resell value.   But you can’t dump it in the garbage:  these mobile devices are toxic!   Too many of them in a landfill will do a lot of damage in future decades.    So we don’t want to go there, especially given the following convenient options:

Physical sales or recycling outlets : Best Buy RadioShack Costco EcoATM

National charities:  Cell Phones for Soldiers Hope Phones Hope Line Phones (Verizon)

Local charities:  Use Cellphonebank.org Second Wave or Goodwill, for starters, to find a local phone disposal service.


So here’s one glitch.   Before you give your phone to someone else you need to make sure that all of your personal data has been wiped off the device.   For Blackberry phones, that’s fairly straightforward.   iPhones present a bit more of a challenge but can be done in four steps..   Unfortunately, Android devices don’t clean up so well.   It’ll take a bit of elbow-grease to prepare your device for selling.