SCAM ALERT: ‘Kids Live Safe” is Unsafe For You and Your Children

scamA new scourge has struck the Internet making both you and your kids unsafe. Emails with the subject line “Alert:There is a Sex Offender Living Near You!”, “Sex Offender Alert” or “Sex Offender Locator” is making the rounds. The email claims to be a notification that “a registered-child-offender has just moved into your area,” and this information is based on your “local area zipcode.”  There are two problems with this email.  Most of them direct you to a creepy website called “Kids Live Safe“.  It is a rip-off site that sells localized reports on sex offenders.   But worse,  if you click on the email links, you may possibly be infecting your machine with malware, even if you ultimately end up at a legitimate site.  According to the BBB, once it’s on your machine, the malware will attempt to search for stored information such as usernames, passwords and credit card numbers. What’s worse, the “sex offender” information being hawked for almost $30 per month is available for free at the FBI’s directory of state databases.

At Kids Live Safe’s slick website,you are treated to a videomercial that touts the “keep your family safe”. Is it a scam? Is it a rip-off? Does it work? You’ll never find out, largely because of an increasingly pernicious Internet industry that offers fake product review sites. You’ll also never be able to find out about the credentials of the the company behind it.  Don’t be fooled by the $1 trial offer;  once they have your credit card information, you will be subject to further charges.   The Santa Barbara BBB reports that signing up for the $1 trial membership this includes access to all member benefits for a 7 day period.  After that period expires, unless you cancel your membership before, the company will continue to protect your designated addresses and offer all of their tools and benefits at the rate of $29.97/mo or $59.98/year.

Should you spend any money for this service? We recommend not, for the following reasons:

1. There’s a reason this sales pitch is slick — they spend a lot of marketing money to get it to you. Who is paying for that? You are. And, like many scammers, they are using Clickbank to sell their ebook so don’t assume you’ll get a refund.

2. If you look for a review of the product, you are deluged with lots of fake review or “scam” sites that simply direct you to the main sales site or offer some pablum talking about how the product is highly rated or recommended. (such as, and  These are “affiliate” websites that make money for referrals to the scam site. It is also a tactic to obscure any customers who have posted complaints or alerts about fraudulent claims.

3. There is no background information on company that has conceived this “service” selling information that is freely available. If the website fails to feature the credentials and principals of the company behind the offering, you can bet this is a marketer driven product that is selling you free or low-cost information already available to you.

4. Perhaps most importantly, there is an abundance of free or low-cost information about sex offender locations on the Internet. As noted above, the FBI and almost every state maintains an up-dated database of information about registered sex offenders. The National Sex Offender Public Website is a good place to start such a search…..and it is free.

5. This website and others like it are predators preying upon the fears of families with children.  You can read about how they rip-off unsuspecting consumers at some blogs.  But for every person that complains on the Net, you can bet there are dozens of others who do not complain.

We recommend that you check out these free services before ever forking over money to these kinds of predator websites. Save your hard-earned money and the inevitable headaches if you are ensnared by this infoscam trap.

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  1. Go granny
    Go granny says:

    This site really is a scam. Look for the FREE (really) sites put out by government agencies. After 1/2 hour of signing up with this company and walking through the pages that said “FREE” search on this site (4 times) with Josh the rep on the phone, I logged onto our free site that not only showed pictures, but addresses , details, and much more!!! It is a scam when they don’t advertise up front that there are options in which to choose for prices. 1.00 can often turn into hundreds if you can’t reach them to cancel within their listed time. They have my email which is my SCAM email that I don’t have to check if I don’t want to! I asked Josh to forward the information that they will get more users if they are HONEST up front!! Don’t waste precious time!!

  2. Sue Lang
    Sue Lang says:

    It appears they’re affiliated with a marketer who sends spam by way of half(vertically) cut emails. They now have my zip code but not my email. I run a Mac so hopefully I won’t get infected. They’re still out there though!

  3. Hobie
    Hobie says:

    The Kids Live Safe site is not only a scam, it is reprehensible in that it further exploits children who have already been exploited and makes money doing so. Any claims that they are being altruistic by publishing the names of those on the sex offender registry is nothing more than a modern day vigilante lynch mob that cares nothing about the children it claims to want to protect, but is only seeking to enrich themselves. These people are worse than those from whom they claim they are trying to protect us.

    • Kandace
      Kandace says:

      I came across this site by chance and was soon directed to a page where I entered my zipcode where it then asked for my email. I usually don’t give my email address but I wanted to know more about who lived near me since recently moving to the area. I come from a small rural community where everyone knows basically everything about each other. Moving to a metropolitan area where everyone is a stranger can be quite daunting, so it made sense to check out this site. After giving basic information I was waiting for the list of offenders to be uploaded, all the while thinking this would be free, when the page asked for my CC#. Needless to say I was not going to pay for information that I thought should be free. I exited the site and immediately searched the internet and came upon this site and I was glad I did. I am worried though that I have really screwed up by giving them my email address. I should have used common sense and checked the website out before giving them my email address. Hindsight is 20/20 and I will be more vigil in the future. It is sad that loving parents, grandparents, etc. will be bullied by scammer’s such as this to protect their children from predators only to be prey themselves. I thank you for investigating sites like this and exposing those who take advantage of people’s fears to turn a profit.

  4. Shonuffxenobia
    Shonuffxenobia says:

    I’m hoping I didn’t accidentally sign up for this ignorance by clicking the part of the screen that said unsubscribe then adding my email address. I knew it was a scam mainly because I don’t have kids and no website concerning kids would actually market to me. I haven’t ever taken a vested interest in identifying sex offenders because, again I don’t have kids but I do have an alarm system, an IUD, a can of mace, a police station down the street, an overprotective father and a protective boyfriend. I’ll soon be taking a conceal and carry course. Above all, I have wifi so I’m good.

  5. Nick
    Nick says:

    My buddy is a sex offender and has explained about the whole thing and did you know the person next door to you could be a level 1 sex offender and you would never know 2 more then likely not only there’s get public notice. So this service won’t help you at all.

  6. Kris
    Kris says:

    WOW!!!! This is a SCAM big time! Don’t know how Kids Live Safe got all of my credit card info, my address, my email address! They’ve been charging me $30.00/month for months now and I just discovered it while doing my taxes. My daughter works for Child Protective Services in my county and I can get info re predators in my neighborhood for FREE!!! How disgusting that this organization is lining their pockets with money for giving people info about sexual predators in the area when they are not even doing that. $30.00/month for NOTHING!!!!! I feel dirty from just being on the phone with someone from the organization for a long time trying to straighten this out. Learned a lesson….do not answer any emails that promise this kind of nonsense!

  7. Sara
    Sara says:

    I’ve never even heard of kids live safe until I was calling my credit card to find out where the heck 30 dollars went and my credit card company told me it was something called kids live safe. I had to Google it to find out what it was. And then i seen this site telling me it’s a scam!! Thanks for letting me know. I hope i get my money back.

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The Kids Live Safe website sickens me. BBB or not, if you truly cared about kids you could post the info free like other sites do. How can you have the nerve to charge that kind of money to line your pockets with at the expense of our children? It’s sick and sad. To run a site like this costs you nothing, and I know this for a fact. My son has his own computer business and has assured me for a group to run this should cost next to nothing for the information you promise.

  9. Mary Lou Haight
    Mary Lou Haight says:

    I would like to cancel my subscription for this app account, but unable to find the way to do it. Please help me to cancel my subscription for kids safe appt. Thank you Mary Lou Haight

    • mshames
      mshames says:

      Perhaps the easiest route would be to contact your credit card company and ask for a refund on the basis that you didn’t authorize a continued subscription or, in the alternative, ask the company to stop all future charges. This works well in circumstances where on-line scammers make it difficult to cancel.

  10. 1ltlos
    1ltlos says:

    Everybody, Wake up!! Read history and speak out against not only scams like this but current expanding government and the for-profit law enforcement/ justice/ lawyer/ prison Corporation. It began with prohibition and law enforcement failed so miserably that prohibition was repealed! Next came the war on prositution but with the 1960s sex drug rock n roll that too failed! Follow this up with the war on drugs, well the cartels became larger, police went on the take and drugs flow so freely that like prohibition, now pot is legal. So the new bogus war is on the phoney sex offender! Million of good law abiding people are being slammed with this fraudulent charge, painfully harsh sentences and their lives ruined in the name of public safety. But few people whose lives have been ruined, have even been near a child! Its a complete fraud and trials are set up, phoney and the law always wins even when strong evidence points towards a defenants innocence. Stop buying into this horrific miscarriage of justice by angry malicious former cops turned judges and District attorneys so young and inexperienced they couldnt win a case unless things are set up that way. DAs are winning 95% of their cases but they are far less experienced than the by far more experienced criminal lawyers. Stop falling for this garbage and let people luve their lives. Of course in the case of and only in the case of true molestation should one be treated in this way. I wont give up in America but we all have to stop believing the fraud concerning this “new drug” sex offenders! its more than a scam its a travesty and unAmerican!

  11. Don Moore
    Don Moore says:

    Today while browsing (and nodding off), I woke up and discovered somehow I landed on the KidsLiveSafe web page. It looked like a scam from the start, because there were grammar errors (in addition to the bizarre graphics designed to get the attention of someone with ADHD). That web page locked up Chrome so I could not leave the page – a designed in “feature” which is the sign this is a site to avoid! Now I’m going to download and run Malwarebytes because I feel dirty just having been on that webpage, and I don’t know how that happened.

  12. Glo
    Glo says:

    I donated $5 at a request in my local grocery store to Kids Live Safe.. I recently discovered on my bank statement that they have been withdrawing $29.97 for the last 5 months using my credit card.My bank said that they can only go back to them for the last two months and that I should call them and see what they offer. If nothing they can authorize an investigation. When i called and told this to a gentleman at Kids Live Safe they quickly,that day, deposited the payments back to my account with the comment that they did not want an investigation. What does this tell you. So, do what I did and call Kids Live Safe at 1-800-935-8753 (a California number) and request your money back. However call your bank first to get the proper information on investigations..Kids Live Safe representative did remind me that the bank could only get the last two months refunded if they investigated and would refund me because they did not want an investigation. Good Luck!!!

  13. Mark
    Mark says:

    How disgusting to organize a “for-profit” business around freely available information over which most people hold such high concern. Then to pepper my email multiple times every blessed day of the week, after two months of trying to get rid of this scum. I have unsubscribed at least sixty times, and some of those times the frequency of spam increased daily. How dare anybody claim legitimacy with such intrusive practices. Shame on any legitimate agency that endorses them. DO NOT ever encourage these predators by subscribing to them. I just want them OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!! OUT OF MY LIFE!!!

  14. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    Kids Live Safe is a rip-off!!!! It’s nothing but a scam! They claim they they do this & that for your family but they do nothing but keep swiping your credit card & stealing your money! Beware!

  15. Laura Kesler
    Laura Kesler says:

    I tried this service out (at a charge $30.00 a month for a service that does very little in informing about sex offenders). They don’t give me much more information than I can get through my local police without being charged $30.00. So I decided to cancel the service, only to find that they require that I call and wait for someone to help me. A total ripoff!

  16. diane simmons
    diane simmons says:

    PLEASE!! DO NOT try this site! I thought I was donating $1.00 to the site, they took my card info and have been charging me $32.67 for 5 months! Just got it corrected my card company and have a new card. These scammers will not get another cent from me!

    • Stacey
      Stacey says:

      Don’t fall for this scam like i did! I signed up for the 1.00-7 day trial but could not seem to unsubscribe before the 7 day period was over so I was charged 29.97! I didn’t find any info i was looking for about sex offenders in my area! What a rip off!!!!

  17. Scamwatch
    Scamwatch says:

    Received this scam email shortly after signing up with several unrelated scam charity sites while investigating similar illegal operations. I’d be amazed if these people weren’t a sister company to a much larger scam ring.

  18. Kids Live Safe Support
    Kids Live Safe Support says:

    To all readers of and all concerned,

    We appreciate this article and are sorry to see you feel our website is anything but genuine. In regards to any sort of malware scam, we wanted to provide information from the BBB directly. Please be aware we have an A rating with this organization:

    “In January of 2015 Kids Live Safe was victimized by an email scam. Mass numbers of emails were sent out claiming to be from Kids Live Safe. These emails contain several clickable links. Some links direct the user to the Kids Live Safe website (to legitimize the email) while other links (the scam links) infect the user’s computer with malware (even if the user ultimately ends up on a legitimate website). Once the malware has been installed on the user’s computer it will attempt to search for stored information such as user names, passwords and credit card numbers. Please note, this phishing scam is in no way associated with Kids Live Safe. Kids Live Safe is deeply sorry for any issues this may have caused the public. You can go to for the official Kids Live Safe website.”


    We hope that our response has cleared up any confusions about our company.

    • admin
      admin says:

      We appreciate that clarification, but our concern about your service goes beyond the malware issue. The trial membership arrangement is problematic and price of your service ($29.97/mo or $59.98/year) is excessive given the amount of free information currently available on the web. As we stated: “Perhaps most importantly, there is an abundance of free or low-cost information about sex offender locations on the Internet. As noted above, the FBI and almost every state maintains an up-dated database of information about registered sex offenders. The National Sex Offender Public Website is a good place to start such a search…..and it is free.” We encourage consumers to check out those resources before signing up for any service that charges upwards of $300 a year for information.

      • Kids Live Safe Support
        Kids Live Safe Support says:

        Hi, admin! Thank you for your response.

        There are some government sites and other sites (for example that offer sex offender data for free. Kids Live Safe often directs people who cannot afford or decide not to pay for our services to those sites. Kids Live Safe offers many different tools and benefits with its membership, more than just sex offender data. Below is a list of some of those benefits:

        One of the key features of our membership is the ability to create a 5 mile protection zone around your home address. This allows us to monitor new sex offender activity and send immediate email alerts when a new sex offender registers within this monitoring area. Not only are our members able to monitor their own home, but can set up 3 additional monitoring areas.

        Our members are also able to set up Emergency Response Profiles for each one of their children. These digital profiles contain a child’s picture, personal information, physical description, medical information as well as guardian contact information. These profiles can instantly be emailed to friends, family or the police in case a child goes missing or is abducted; this assists parents and law enforcement in the recovery of the missing child. Since sexual predators are gaining access to our children via the internet our members are able to utilize our award winning internet filter. This internet filter allows parents to monitor their child’s online activities to ensure they stay safe while surfing the web or chatting with friends.


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