SCAM ALERT: ‘Pura Bella’ Anti-Aging Cream is Enraging

antiwrinkleDo you know much money people spend their gold and silver (and paper) on over-the-counter anti-wrinkle cream in an effort to reclaim their youth?  Believe it or not, consumers spend billions of dollars each year on such creams and lotions, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. We tried counting up all of the various anti-wrinkle concoctions being sold and our computer collapsed from exhaustion.  We settled upon the official count of “A LOT”. But creams like ‘Pura Bella’ are among the worst of the LOT because they charge so much for so little.  In short, it is a rip-off of the worst kind.

Most all of these creams successfully moisturize the skin, making it appear more supple and healthy.   However, many of these creams, lotions and vitamin supplements go even one step further and claim to reduce wrinkles or slow down aging.   Yes, they are taking on the laws of nature.  So the question is whether these anti-wrinkle creams really combat aging and whether they are worth the often stratospheric price charged.

There appears to be consensus among experts that most cases skin creams are harmless, although they are not likely better than moisturizers like Vaseline or Cetaphil that sell for less than a 10th or a 100th of the price.   Consumer Reports frequently tests anti-wrinkle skin creams and are consistently “underwhelmed”.   In 2012, the reputable consumer testing group tried out 7 skin creams and recommended none of them.   It found that retinoids, or vitamin A derivatives, (Retin-A) remain the only proven topical prescription remedy for wrinkles. But there’s a big difference between prescription and non-prescription retinol products.   Pura Bella cream is a very weak non-prescription…..but being offered at prescription prices.

Is Pura Bella a Scam?

We say it is for two BIG reasons:  1. The website is reluctant to tell you what they are charging you for this cream and 2. Its advertising claims are highly questionable.

First, go to one of the many websites offering to sell Pura Bella cream.   We chose this one, which seems to be somewhat official.   But you really can’t tell as they don’t have an official “pura bella” URL and there’s no information about the company selling the product on any of the websites.    The closest that we found is this website, which is based in Columbia  (because it has a .co domain).   So already, you need to be careful because even though the websites claim that the product is made in the USA,  it appears the company’s website is based in a South American country, well outside the legal research of U.S. authorities.

As to the accuracy of the advertising claims, its website claims that Pura Bella is a: “sophisticated Anti aging product specially developed to enhance skin hydration and firmness, which greatly diminishes obvious effects of getting older like Wrinkles and Fine Lines.”   Note that it doesn’t list the active ingredients anywhere on its websites and doesn’t indicate how much retinol is included in the cream.   Because it is a non-prescription cream, there is going to be very little “retinol” or, more correctly, Retin A in the cream.

Makers of the over-the-counter creams and gels don’t have to say how much retinol their products contain, and in the short term, the products might not be as effective as tretinoin. According to WebMD,  it takes about 3 to 6 months of daily use to notice a difference. With prescription retinoids, a patient might notice smoother, more even-toned skin in as early as 6 to 8 weeks.   But beware that prescription Retin-A based-creams can be 100 times” potent as the retinol-containing products sold without prescription.  One of the problems is that the retinol found in over-the-counter products changes to retinoic acid when you put it on your skin and is less effective.

Now, about the price.  While some Retin-A prescription creams can be somewhat expensive, the generic trentinoin creams are not expensive at all while others generally run for about $60 for a 20-gram tube or $130 for a 45 gram tube.  Pharmacies located at Costco, Sams Club or other discount pharmacies will charge less.   Compare this “100 times stronger” prescription option to Pura Bella.   We found 1 oz jars sold on Amazon for $67.   There are 28 grams in an ounce……so Pura Bella is being sold at a price that is shockingly close to a prescription version of Retin-A!

What is the price that you pay for Pura Bella through one of their distribution websites?   In order to find out, you need to log in with your name, address, phone and email.   Without that information, they won’t give you pricing information.  That is perhaps the most alarming part of the Pura Bella sales techniques;  if they won’t tell you about the price, the company that offers it or the active ingredients then you should not be buying their product.

Another red flag:  if you look for a review of this product, you are deluged with lots of fake review or “scam” sites that simply direct you to the main sales site or offer some pablum talking about how the product is highly rated or recommended.   (such as, and other affiliate websites posing as reviewers)   The marketers for this service paid to have these fake sites thwart any customer looking for real reviews.   It is also a tactic to obscure any customers who have posted complaints or alerts about fraudulent claims.  Any products that have lots of these affiliate websites should be avoided.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual as to whether to use a skin-care product that contains a known cardiotoxin and has chosen not to publish safety studies. We recommend that if you want to potentially spend/waste your money on high-end skin care products that you consult the Cosmetics Database to look up the ingredients in products to check their toxicity levels.   There, you can find low-toxicity alternatives at a fraction of Pura Bella’s cost.   Ultimately, the best — and lowest cost — strategy to combat wrinkles (and aging, in general) continues to be:

  • Wear sunscreen
  • Don’t smoke
  • Treat your skin well
  • Eat healthy
  • Manage stress.

Try these first time-tested and very low-cost strategies…………and only after that should you consider anti-wrinkle cream. If you go that route, you might as well pay for a prescription-strength retinol cream.  As for Pura Bella, well, we can only say “caveat emptor” and “good luck”.

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  1. Sonja Searle
    Sonja Searle says:

    Add me to the list of unhappy folks who have been scammed by this company. I should know better than to buy a product without researching the company.

  2. April
    April says:

    Do not ever fall for this junk scam!!!!!
    I signed up for a free sample. The next month I received another order. Didn’t say how much it was and no number to call. This carried on for 5 months. Silly me didn’t look at my bank statement Big Big mistake.
    This company had been helping theirselves to my money. I checked into this further with my bank.. turns out they had hotel rentals and car rentals just coming out of my account sometimes twice in one month!!!
    Stay away from these bastards

  3. Tricia Young
    Tricia Young says:

    These scammers got me for over $550but thank God for my CC company who reversed the charges !!! I was scammed into the $1.00 “trial” jar because Joanna from “Fixer Uppers” was starting a new business. TOTAL LIES!
    Why aren’t these people in jail?
    Tricia from California

  4. Dan
    Dan says:

    And they are still at it. My wife ordered a sample that was supposed to cost about $4.00. Yesterday I got an e-mail from the bank warning of a low checking account balance. She had been charged $86.00 and today she got charged another $89.00. They used two different merchant names as well, both claiming to be in St. Petersburg, FL.

  5. Bob R
    Bob R says:

    It seems that there is so much money to be made from all these scam products, that well known names on TV will tout them for the millions of dollars they receive for their endorsements. Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria and Ellen Degeneres plus numerous actresses are just a few names that profit very heavily from these scam products that cost hundreds of times more than their ingredients. The “snake oil salesman” are very very alive and well when as PT Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”. People will always believe the so called “Miracle products” when there are sold by famous names. TV ads are notorious for selling cheap overpriced goods that promise the moon and money back guarantees that are as false as the products. Notice that all these scam items cannot exceed $20 or they can be investigated for fraud. Miracle cosmetics lead the scams for the highest costs, so the prices are withheld till they get your credit card numbers to fleece for things you never ordered and guarantees you can never collect on.

  6. William Ventura
    William Ventura says:


    Got this as a (FREE) promotion, several days later they ATTEMPTED to charge $90.00 on my debit card. THANK GOD MY Bank knew this was a f-king scam and denied the transaction. THANK GOD!

    DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO – DONT BUY IT (even if they say it’s just for shipping). This business is NOT in the U.S. either. So good luck trying to get your money back or trying to return this garbage. THEY WILL CHARGE YOUR CARD A WEEK OR TWO AFTER FOR $90 or MORE. This way they HOPE you will not notice the transaction until its too late. They waited until Memorial day weekend to charge me, AHH but my bank NEVER SLEEPS!!

    SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM —————————————————— STAY AWAY

  7. Andy Z.
    Andy Z. says:

    The best way to describe the marketing of this product is. SCAM, Shame on those celebrities whose endorsements are contributing to the scam surrounding this product.It primarily focuses on Seniors who are emotional buyers when it comes to age rejuvenation. Hopefully State Attorney Generals will investigate and put an end to this scam once and for all.

  8. Dana Laake
    Dana Laake says:

    This company is selling a ridiculously amount of cream and serum for a ridiculously high price. If you do not cancel within 14 days, you have entered a legal contract for them shipping and charging you. The serum is $89.95 and the Cream is $87.35. They do not permit or allow returns. You can cancel your account or cancel the credit card you used so they cannot continue to take your money.

  9. Jeanne Osiecki
    Jeanne Osiecki says:

    I was taken in a similar scam advertised by Dr. Oz, for the antiaging product by the company
    ” nuBeauty” with no clear way how to stop them from sending their product (I got billed 3 times even after changing my credit card number. No idea how they managed their crooked business with no clear indication how to stop their automatic shipments.
    This is the biggest scam. I wonder about Dr. Oz knowing what is going on.

  10. Priscilla
    Priscilla says:

    Well i was roped & hogtied by the promise of looking younger!! I have tried numerous times to cancel and have had the same results as all of the above!!! I have since contacted my credit card company and we are in the prorcess of hunting down the trail leading to the slippery devils!! They have asked me for my extensive history of attempts to reach them to cancel! they have canceeled further orders from pura Bella and the Leading health another name they ship under!! We are just starting!! I will keep you posted after the final results are here.

    • Jan
      Jan says:

      Oh no! Priscilla, I just today tried to order the $4.95 trial offer of this product and ended up getting charged for 3 products without my permission. I’m going to call my credit card company right now and ask them to not honor the charges! I suppose I’ll have to cancel my card and get a new one. I’m so glad that I happened to find your Post, and all the others!
      By the way, I sent them an email immediately and asked that they take the charges off my card for the 3 products, that I only wanted the one promotional offer for $4.95. I got a reply saying it would take them 48 hours to do anything. Right!

  11. janice
    janice says:

    Wish I would have seen these reviews sooner. They hit me for $190. Had to get a new card, learned my lesson HOPE I can get my money back. I thought I was getting Trial size for $4.95 shipping.When I got my bill what a shock, they hit me for 2 types of cream 89.95 for one 87.35 for another one plus 2 Shipping charges, called to cancel and return what they sent. Will not take them back or return my money. so changed my card and sent in a complant,to them and to my card. I agree these people are rip offs!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ahmed
    Ahmed says:

    I saw Dr OZ on the ad, and I kind of trusted the product and I did not research. Especially when it is only for $4.95
    But when I entered all my info and agreed to go for a trial for $4.95, I expected a “submit” button or “go”, Nope, I was presented by another offer that I could not escape, then a 3rd (different creams), I said what a stupid page was it, but I told myself, maybe at the end I will be presented to remove/add items – Nope that did not happen, a big THANK YOU for your order showed up — That’s bad the government should step up and stop this, this is a crime.

    Luckily I called the CSR number on the order email, and I asked to cancel my whole order, the lady happily said she will. Few days later I checked my credit card and I noticed only two parts of the order got reimbursed one order of $5.96 was missing, I called again and now the CSR said she will refund it.
    these guys are thieves – be careful guys, not sure how many thousands of people got tricked not verifying their credit card, go and check if this happened to you.

  13. Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith says:

    I also was charged 200,00 on my card without my consent or knowledge from these people after i ordered a trial product,,They are running a scam on people and i pray SOMEONE,out there can put a stop to this company,,

  14. Marianne P
    Marianne P says:

    Please BEWARE of this company and possibly all other mail-order skin care companies, because this scam that uses many names. I ordered a “trial” size of Bella products for $4.95, and wound up with $213 in charges on my credit card. The charges are listed under various names, including Rejuvful, and Junisse Skin. I am currently working with my credit card company to get reimbursed. Imagine, paying $213 for one delivery of three small samples! Where are the consumer protection agencies??

  15. semicrazy
    semicrazy says:

    oh wow…..I am soooooooo glad I read every comment . I entered a MC, it had $10.00 on it. It was enough to clear the S/H fee. Went to the next step , said it was declined because it didnt take prepaid cards. But it wasnt a prepaid card, I had enough for the S/H, still wouldnt let me process the payment. I wasnt about to use my other cards that had more money .. So I started to search for the website and check out the reg prices. I came across this website. WOW………Im so freaking glad I got the bad feeling, and did my research. Thanks for this website…its awesome…Ill spend my $10.00 toward a special iron for wrinkles lol….my sarcasm about that daily, when people tell me im such a young grandma! Thanks again for this website…

  16. France
    France says:

    I too ordered the 4.95 sample and after giving my credit card information two other offers came up that
    I did not choose that said others have tried. This was added to my order plus 10.95 for shipping. I called
    the number on their page, of course, there was no answer. I e-mailed twice no answer and then got
    an e-mail saying my products had shipped. I finally got a phone number when I was billed and called
    them. Conversation went on and on but I kept my cool. Finally I got 3 numbers to cancel upcoming
    orders. The website says it gives 17 days but its actually 14 days. I called my credit card company to
    explain. I was told they have gotten other calls about this product. Their remedy, they cancelled my
    card and gave me a new credit card so Bella gold and what other names they might use could not
    charge my account any further. Also they put in a fraud complaint for me and guess what I was reimbursed
    for all charges. Only had to pay for the shipping and that’s fine for me. I learned a lesson. I did receive the
    product during this and I will only return it if they send me the money to return it plus my 10.95. Want a
    scam. Beware. Contact your credit card company for help.

  17. Carol Desjardins
    Carol Desjardins says:

    Yes – it is a scam. The “trial” starts at the date of order and yes, you have to cancel within 14 days of that same date or they charge you the full amount. At that time, you will only have had it a day or two before the 14 days is past after allowing time for “processing” and “shipping.”

    Then – to make matters worse – they ship the second batch withing a few days of the trail ending – and their website “terms” which I never saw indicates the sale is final once shipped – again, unless you cancel within the initial 14 day “trial.”

    Because of the “legal” agreement on their website, that you “agreed to” upon ordering the first free trial, you are pretty much guaranteed to be charged at least twice before you even catch on that this is a monthly program – though you thought you signed up for a free trial, with plenty of time to judge the product.

    To confirm cancellation – email them – they don’t have to email you – and provide your credit card company with the email – my credit card company told me that is sufficient proof of cancellation.

    Stay far, far away from them – and yes, the name changes constantly – it’s quite a shell game. It may be technically “legal” but it is completely unethical.

    • DeeDee Keel
      DeeDee Keel says:

      One of the reasons this Bella Gold free sample scam gets away with their unethical business practices is by placing the notice of further charges in very small white letters on a white background making it extremely hard to see. I copied it from the website here and if you notice the word “consent” is even misspelled! Here it is: “By submitting, you concent to having read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions and after your 17 day trial period has expired, being enrolled in our membership program for $89.95 plus shipping per month. You can cancel anytime by calling 1-925-235-2107.” These people are relentless in charging and using your e-mail address as well as phone number if you provided one. I heard about and used the only way to get them to stop and I even got them to quickly return all of my money! DO NOT CALL THEM…it only confirms your acceptance of the order. Send them numerous emails threatening them with the Better Business Bureau and turning them into your State’s Attorney General. It works!

  18. Elaine Windram
    Elaine Windram says:

    Do not sign up for this! Do not give your credit card number and especially the security code in the back of it. It gives them the right to keep charging your credit card. I called the credit card company (MC) and they said that even if I cancel the card, they can still charge and send me things . What?? I needed written proof that I had cancelled. I called the company for written proof. She said I would have the email in 15 minutes. That was yesterday,l still no email. I will call the credit card company and report this, but,,,,, who protects us??? If I am calling the credit card company and telling them that I have not ordered this, then how can they not put a stop to it, even if I cancel the card. Just exactly who is on the consumer’s side here?

  19. NoScams
    NoScams says:

    this site luckily doesn’t want prepaid cards… lucky me, as I would have fallen for the scam. The terms and conditions page wouldn’t load until after I tried to make the payment. But since the card they denied, thankfully, the page of the terms finally opened. In very confusing wording they basically say you will be charged the shipping for the free smple. Then two senteces later it says at time order is made a charge of $89 for the membership fee will be billed as well. The time of the order of course is the time of the order for the sample. It almost reads as if they mean when you make an order after the free sample.

    The other flag that should be noted… a FREE SAMPLE is a free sample. It is given to you for no charge if shipping is paid. However the rules state they want the unused trial bottle returned to get a refund withing 14 days. TRIAL and FREE SAMPLE are two different things. I think there are laws on false advertising. They cannot ask for a free sample back. I think they have to disclose the ingredients by law too. They also have to disclose the cost of the membership and what the product costs before trying to bill. Anyone whos credit card company denied their claim, check to see if you were calling your bank or the actual Visa or MC Fraud center. Its postal fraud to mail someone anything they did not order and try to charge them for it, the company has to eat it on the loss. This is a long standing law. So unauthorized charges and immediately reported to card company, makes any product they send a gift. As long as you are immediate with your reporting.

  20. N.B.
    N.B. says:

    After completing a survey from my service provider on Saturday 18, June, 2016 I had a pop-up screen that offered a trial product . It stated that all I had to do was to send $3.95 for shipping and handling. Shortly after completing the transaction I received a phone call from a rep trying to up-sell me another product and requesting another $4.95. I declined the second offer. For the rest of the evening the rep kept calling me back repeating the second offer. Again I declined and she finally hung up but after reading all these reviews I am scared that I also may be charged more than the amount I bargained for. It’s now 24 hours later and I am desparately trying to contact my c/c company. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

  21. Yvonne Hillis
    Yvonne Hillis says:

    I just got ripped off too……………..first time I have ever bought into something like this. It seemed like it was supported by “Dr. Oz”, so I thought it would be okay to try. Can’t believe, I missed the small print! I even got a call a few days after I ordered trying to get me to get their cream too! I said I only wanted to try the trial one. long story short, I have had to cancel my credit card because I am afraid of these unethical people! It has been a $250 CDN lesson to me and a whole lot of time on the phone! DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT OR DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!

  22. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Just had to chime in on this scam company. My wife ordered this “free sample” off her cellphone, this “company” is the definition of deceptive. After threatening them for 45 minutes I received the assurance (and a few RMA’s for my CC company) that I would be refunded. The way they conducted themselves as I went through the chain of command was almost comical. They were actually negotiating a settlement with me!!! It’s clear to me the product this company deals in isn’t skin cream at all. Their “business” is tying up a couple hundred dollars from a few thousand people at a time, and making money on THAT. They’re in the banking/investment business. The longer they keep your money, the more they make. Not being the type to scrutinize my cc statement every month, they’ve got me for 2 shipments at about $190.00 each (they offered a sample a skin cream, but somehow I’m being billed for 2 different products,,, I digress). Multiply that by say, I don’t know, 10,000 suckers like myself…. they’ve got something like 3.8 million dollars sitting in their account cranking out interest. That’s the real business, and crime.Shouldn’t the FTC and the Postal Inspectors be looking into businesses like this??? JAIL TIME!

  23. Jeanette Jahula
    Jeanette Jahula says:

    I’m throwing this away…Can’t believe I fell for it…All I had to pay was the postage
    and a free trial…Now I don’t want to try it after reading all of the other blogs.
    Thanks friends…It’s outta here…

  24. Susan m
    Susan m says:

    I had a similar experience was charged over and over for nothing sent emails talked to multiple agents. They all are robots saying same thing. Finally got 50.00 out of 400 back for one .5 oz tube. I will never order anything Free again. Total scam taking $ from hard working people.

  25. brandy
    brandy says:

    Do not get suckered in like I did. I was billed multiple times and have never received product. I had to cancel my credit card to get the charges to stop. When I phoned my bank they knew instantly which charges I was calling about. The agent at my bank told me he takes on average 4 phone calls a day from companies set up in this similar fashion! Please take this warning seriously – we all work hard for our money. I believe in karma…..those scam artists should be ashamed!

  26. Eleanor
    Eleanor says:

    you are right tru belliza will not help your wrinkles.
    it will however hurt your credit card!!
    read there terms and condition carefully.
    they charge $ 5 for your trial then charge your credit card $120 for the 15 ml product they send you!!
    they claim this is a trial not a sample size.
    they will keep charging your credit card until you cancel your “contract”
    all in all a TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!!

  27. Sandra J
    Sandra J says:

    I too was scamed…going for the free trial, was charged $4.95, then $5.95, then $24.95. I did not authorize the last 2. I call, they said I would get a refund in a few days, it never came, they kept giving me the run arounds, told me I had to wait until before the end of trial period to cancel. I received the product then called to cancel, they’re not letting me cancel…..I just want out of this nightmare…

    • admin
      admin says:

      It’s been pretty clear that based upon our own research as well as the anecdotes shared by others in this blog that you can’t work with Pura Bella. You have to go directly to your credit card issuer and contest the charges on the basis that they are unauthorized.

  28. HB
    HB says:

    Yep, I just looked at my account and have been billed for both eye serum and facial creme. I think it took me about 3-4 days to see that my own facial regime was better than these products and stopped using it. I am going to my bank tomorrow and report unauthorized charges and cancel my credit card. Sorry I didn’t see these posting before

  29. MM
    MM says:

    I ordered trial thinking, I’ll try a $5.00 cream – no harm in that! – Then I researched it and found this site – I canceled order but it was automated – the voice over said to click press #1 to cancel order so I did and then after, the automated voiced assured me I would receive sample but no more orders BUT that I will be billed $38.00! I called them to leave a message and alerted my bank. I noticed on my banking, they billed me $56.00, not the $5.00 they said they would bill me so yes, it is a scam – Most people know better and know it is probably not a great company, these adverts, but order anyway thinking $5.00 is a fair price but it is not worth it – don’t order “trials” These are the names they go under and no doubt , MORE: Skin Health,Tru Belleza,New Beauty,DIGITAL ACADE, SKIN BEAUTY

  30. Laureen
    Laureen says:

    I have been billed three times and received nothing for my money.

    I have arranged to cancel further transactions as the products have never reached me.

    I will be certain to warn others not to fall for this total ripoff scam.

  31. Diane
    Diane says:

    I just received an e-mail from them. Read it as follows so that nobody else falls into this trap. Even after a week of using this product it made my face break out. Nevertheless read and head before you order anything cosmetic wise from any site online. I’ve learned my lesson:

    Thank you for your email. Your subscription was cancelled as of today as per requested. Here is your cancellation number 258710 Tru Belleza Advanced Eye Serum and 253516 Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Please be reminded that what we are cancelling is for future orders and not the one that already been charged on your account. For clarification that the first set of bottles that you received that is the actual product that we sell on our valued customer.
    Rest assured that no more future charges will be taken out & no more products will be sent out.
    As part of ordering a trial, you agree to join a recurring membership plan. We only sell Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Tru Belleza Eye Serum as a trial turns into a subscription or individual bottles. Our products are not free samples, our products are trials. The trial period begins on day of order. To clarify, it does not begin when you receive the product. You are ordering a 30-Days supply for Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream under the 14 day trial offer for $4.95 and The Tru Belleza Eye Serum under the 16 day trial offer for $4.95 for shipping and handling. Orders are shipped via the (US postal service). If you choose to keep the product beyond the trial period, you then will be charged the full amount of $99.95 for Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream and $89.95 for Tru Belleza Eye Serum. If you are not satisfied with your Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Tru Belleza Eye Serum trial offer, cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. If you are satisfied with your Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Tru Belleza Eye Serum trial offer, do nothing and your credit card will be charged an additional $89.95 USD. The credit card you provide will be billed $99.95 (14 days) and $89.95 for Tru Belleza Eye Serum trial (16 days) after your trial order is shipped to you. The terms and agreement on the website was already provided when you placed the order as it is served for a legal binding document. There will be a $1.63 fulfillment packing fee per trial order. Regarding your request of refund, we can no longer provide the full amount because you notified us to cancel after the trial period. You will still be responsible for the payment for all the bottles that already been shipped to you at the time of your cancellation request. Since cancellation applies only to future orders that have not yet shipped or delivered, there’s no need to return anything. Upon placing your order you agreed with our terms and it says “We will not provide any refunds or any returns for any cancellation of trial orders made more than 14 days after placing your trial order”.

  32. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I have never in my over 30 years been duped, but I was duped by this so called Miracle Botox Cream. They charged me for the sample sizes, fine. Then I ordered a 3 month supply, fine…One week later, I get the full sized products but no samples in sight yet. Then they charged me a 2nd time for the full sized products only 2 weeks after the first order!! NONE of the phone numbers on any affiliated site work, some emails are not working and the one email that worked, I don’t even know if anyone will check it. I will be calling my credit card company to cancel my card…How do these people sleep at night? I will NEVER buy anything like this again. I have been fine using stuff off on Amazon and I should’ve gone with my gut instinct. LESSON LEARNED, people save your hard earned money. LOOKING YOUNGER IS A SCAM IN ITSELF. I fell for it.

  33. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Yes! I ordered the product and paid a small shipping fee and they offer you an upsell which you decline. A few days later there was a pre-authorization on my account for $135. When I investigate further..I notice the T&C states you get a 14 day free trial and it starts from the day you sign up! So it doesn’t arrive until your 14 days are almost up.

    Total crap don’t buy it doesn’t do anything either.


  34. N. King
    N. King says:

    As a follow up to my post … I believe that persistence has paid off. Repeated calls yesterday to the several (many) numbers this company has has resulted in a written (email) confirmation of refunds. However, while I find this site very useful, I would suggest that those with issues file complaints with the Better Business Bureau @ 408 N. Church St.,Suite CGreenville, SC 29601 Tel:864-242-5052 Dispute Resolution:,
    Website for filing complaints: I contacted them this morning & was told that Tru Belle had an F rating (very poor) & that the company didn’t respond to contacts with the BBB. They also suggested that I, & people such as myself, contact the South Carolina Consumer Affairs. I have. I used their website to file a complaint: In my complaint I did mention the many false claims: Dr. Oz does NOT endorse the product. Meryl Streep is NOT a spokeswoman for them, etc., etc.
    Perhaps if more of “us” complain through legal channels it will help in putting a stop to such companies.

  35. N. King
    N. King says:

    Yes, people. Beware, beware, beware of these TOTAL b-s scam artists. When I found it was going to be USD, I asked that they change from my Cdn. card to my USD card. They charged me on both. Tried cancelling with them within the prescribed # of days so that I would not be automatically “enrolled” in anything & charged additionally – only to discover that they had put through a charge immediately on my Cdn. card (so bank was trying to charge me conversion rate to boot). So, much miserable dealings with the bank (and cancellation of both cards to ensure no further charges were put through later) later, I wish I’d seen this site first! All this aggravation for what should have been a $4.95 charge.

  36. linda johnson
    linda johnson says:

    forgot to say in my last post, that tru belleza tried to take out 170.00 from my credit card last week , but wasn’t enough in there. so they got 136.00 from me lastnight.

  37. Dan C
    Dan C says:

    My wife did the same ordering as noted in the other responses above & got ripped off for $98.00!!! We have denied paying it through our credit card but without much success as “the fine print” portion does not allow you to cancel any portion of the $$$$ you spent so you are stuck! & lose out whether you keep the product or return it. ESPECIALLY if you do not do anything before the 14 days are up despite the advertisement says “90 days.”
    So BEWARE!!!, it is a TOTAL RIPOFF & SCAM to make money.
    Stay away from the fake & phony company as well as their falsely advertised Products!.

  38. Francine
    Francine says:

    My husband purchased the “trial” for $4.95. We had a bad surprise when we received our credit card, seeing this charge plus another one for $89.95 14 days later. We had barely received the product! Unfortunately, if you read the “terms and conditions” it is clearly indicated your credit card will be charged, whether or not you received the product! Furthermore, you are enrolled in a monthly charge of $89.95. I sent them a e-mail telling them I want to stop receiving anything from them and I cancelled my credit card. Be very careful and read well the “terms and conditions”; if you still purchase this product, you will at least know in what you put your credit card in. PS: sorry for my English

  39. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    What a rip off!! DO NOT order this product. You will be billed a large amount to your credit card. Like $300 large amount! I phoned customer service to return i,…DENIED! You can NOT return the product. And your S.O.L. Thanks for two FREE small bottles of product for $300.

  40. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    I ordered two free samples of Pura Bella face cream and eye cream and the ad said only pay shipping and handling. I received the product and saw the shipping charges on my credit card. A couple weeks later I saw pending charges of almost $200! I called my bank and they reversed the charge and blocked them from charging to my card. I called customer service the next day and told them I did not know I was being billed $200. they said unfortunately I had clicked “I agree with their terms” and I missed the cut off for cancelling. They did not have the price of the product anywhere on the website. This ad caught my eye because Dr. Oz endorsed it! Now I’ve been reading that they bill under different names so I cancelled my card. I expect them to harrass me for the money since they have my email address. I have excellent credit and now I’m concerned this will effect my credit. My bank said they were going to send them a letter stating these were unauthorized charges. I will have to wait and see what they are going to do about it. I can not believe these companies get away with this! I am very careful to check things out because there are so many scams! I’m really mad that I missed this one – they were very sneaky. Wish I had checked this website before I ordered. NEVER AGAIN will I order anything from an ad on the internet.

  41. Diane
    Diane says:

    I have been seriously considering Pura Bella. I am so glad that I found this site, thank you so much, I will be spending my money on the prescription cream! Thanks again ?

  42. gigi
    gigi says:

    I purc hased 1 jar of Bella Pura. About 2 weeks after I received my jar, I rec”d another jar by mail. I returned the Jar , package unopened. I later rec’d a notice the 30 day trial date was passed, no refund. I now have paid for 2 jars of Bella Pura and have only one. I never ordered the second jar, returned whole package unopened and they refuse to credit me for the second unordered package. I have sent them several emails and never have re’c a response. A scam, I intend to notify Dr. Oz also.

  43. Judith Williams
    Judith Williams says:

    OMG! I was planning to purchase a container of this. I was a bit alarmed when the only time I was told the price was after giving my personal info. I refused to give my credit card info when I saw $67 a jar. They have been sending emails everyday since. Today they offered me 50% off if I purchase through Amazon and this made me more suspicious. I googled for reviews on this product and found your blog. I love you for it because it stopped me in my tracks. I would not spend a dime on this product. Thank you and please KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  44. Barbi Zurini
    Barbi Zurini says:

    I am looking for the address so i can send this stuff back. I don’t want a product like that around if that is the way this company does business. They are refusing to refund my money unless I agree to not file a dispute with my bank. I refused to agree to that and was hung up on. I need to show proof that this product was returned before my bank with start a dispute. Can anyone help me out with this. I can’t believe how many people have been hit by this company. I was given “a free” gift for filling out a brief survey and decided to pick the anti-aging cream as my freebe with just the low price of $4.95 shipping and handling. What a joke. Now I am getting charged for stuff I didn’t agree to.

    If anyone has an address for them please let me know.

    thanks Barbi

    • Cho
      Cho says:

      Canadian who bought into this scam last fall. Product received bore a different name tho I just checked online and Tru Belleza is the product which is being flogged in Canada, my residency. When I complained about the extra charges the following month, they claimed that I had not cancelled before the 14 day trial but I had not even received the product until 3 weeks later. If my memory serves me correctly, my order was a 30-day trial.. Received another couple of bottles beyond my order and their response was this was free as certain customers receive such promotions. When I complained about the extra charge, they quoted their policy that the product had to be cancelled and returned within the trial period. Just launched an investigation thru my credit card today as I feel it’s unreasonable that I should be charged when I hadn’t received the product within the trial period. Besides, their product claims are fraudulent. All products, new and used, are being returned to this address this week: Direct Outbound – Priority Tracked, 122 Smith Hines Road, Attention: Customer Service, Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Hope this helps others … what a scam!

      • maria sanchez
        maria sanchez says:

        Cho thank you for sharing your information, did you ever get your money refunded, I too called and was told the same thing about the 14 day trial they did refund me $19.29 us money

    • Cho
      Cho says:

      See the address in my January 31 comment … good luck but we have all learnt a valuable lesson! from vanity’s viewpoint !!!

  45. Julie Deese
    Julie Deese says:

    I never confirmed my order, however they placed it anyway.
    Now getting calls in the evening trying to sell more stuff.

    Bad business.

  46. Mario -
    Mario - says:

    Yeah. I believe there are still similar anti-agingproducts out there in the market like Pura Bella. What I notice is they seems spend and focus so much on the marketing aspects of the product. This is dangerous for people who doesn’t check the product carefully.

  47. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    I was suckered into the Tru Belleza sample offer. No where does it say you have to call within 14 days and cancel the membership or you get not only a bill for the shipping and handling ($10 CDN) but also full price of the products $265 CDN!!! When I called my credit card company saying I had not ordered the product they prompted me with questions as if it was common for people to get scammed by ordering cosmetic samples on line. They told me to call the 888 number by the charge and cancel right away. I called the company and same as some of the others experienced, a barely English speaking person answered and was “SHOCKED” I wanted to cancel my membership even though I did not order the products. Really buyer beware as the products are not much better than $5 cold cream! The lesson I learned was do not trust any product that has no negative comments as they are all bought by the company. If you look closely there are several names for this product scam!

    • Simone Tousignant
      Simone Tousignant says:

      WOW! That is exactly the same thing that has just happened to me Gloria. I thought I was paying only S&H but the next month I am charged $269 for 2 small samples apparently. There was nothing to say I would have to pay more. My bank says it is legal bu there was definitely no notice on the page when I ordered it, and they can charge whatever they want. They should at least have given the buyer the price of the products, or at least an invoice in the box They are CROOKS and there should be a way to stop them. I am out $269 plus $14 S&H……..SICKENING

  48. Gayle George
    Gayle George says:

    I sure wish I had had the presence of mind to check the web before ordering this “sample” of Face cream and HOKU eye serum. It was to be a sample, free except for shipping and now I have 4 large charges on my credit card. I am hoping that VISA can get the charges reversed. I have not noticed that the product has made a bit of difference, especially the eye serum and after looking at all the negativity about this product, am so annoyed with myself for getting hooked in. Never again! I did e-mail the company at and got a response and a promise to cancel all future shipments. The phone number on that message was 877-834-7170. I have not yet called them to see if I can get anyplace with them to return at least the last shipment.

  49. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I tried this cream through Amazon, and just love it!!! I only pay $24.99 per jar, and order it a few days in advance.
    They offer Prime shipping, so it only takes 2 days to arrive. I’m 61 years old, and I’m liking what I’m seeing in the mirror since using this product. I feel sorry for the people that got ripped off, but I will continue to use this cream.

  50. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I was taken by this company too. I thought I was just paying for the S & H for a sample of the cream.
    Then after I get this small jar of cream, about 3 weeks later I find 4 large charges taken out on my checking acct like a debit. They did not tell me that there would be more charges. Now, I am trying to stop any other charges from going through, but I’m having a hard time finding the phone number to the company. If you could email itt to me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Simone Tousignant
      Simone Tousignant says:

      Rebecca that is exactly what happened to me. I paid S&H and there was absolutely no mention of any further charge, or that I had to get monthly shipments. I read the whole page but the next month I was charged $269 from 2 DIFFERENT companies that did not even say they were TRU BELLEZA where I had ordered the 2 small samples. I cancelled my Visa but the bank said companies like these CROOKS can charge whatever they want. I had do idea of the price of my FREE samples and stupidly assumed it was just a charge for S&H. Phoning them seemed futile. I AM SO ANGRY but have to let it go. I will phone the company and try again though.

  51. Mary
    Mary says:

    I have learned over the years to check these kinds of claims out before I even think about ordering. That’s what brought me here. Dr Oz should take legal action if his name is affiliated in an illegal manner. Thank you for this blog. It confirmed what my instinct was telling me. If they make you give your information before stating a price it’s a big red flag!
    Has anyone ever tried Rodan and Fields? I have a feeling that this product also be not as effective as it claims. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you!

  52. sandra barlow
    sandra barlow says:


    I ordered this product in July, which they billed me for. Included in my July order I also opted for a free trial of “Hydra Eyes”. Since then, I have called on two separate occasions asking them to stop sending them as I do not want them.

    When I called today, they asked for the last 4 of my CC to pull up my account and when I would not give them that they said they could not locate me in the system. After continuing to argue with the man about not understanding how he could not locate without my last 4 of my CC he finally located me. He indicated that he would AGAIN need my cc number to confirm shipping, which he did NOT get.

    After 10 minutes on the phone arguing with some asshole overseas who obviously wanted to SCAM more money from me, he said I would be eligible for the refund on a package that I received in Aug. When I explained that I should be eligible for 2 as another shipment was received again today he said he could not refund both and only one. When I asked him to confirm what CC he was billing (I already knew which one I used) he said I need to look at my bank statement to confirm. After telling the ignorant asshole that they are sending and NOT billing me he said to look at my bank statement AGAIN, so I asked him what is the last 4 of the CC he is billing and his response was he did not have access to that information. I immediately became irate and said you cant tell me what card you are billing because you dont have access to it but you wanted it to confirm who I was… RED ALART.. I am far from stupid and knew this was a scam to get my card number so I cussed his ass out… In return he gave me a 4 digit number that is not even mine. When I called his ass out and said I knew it was a SCAM he hung up on me….. PLEASE BEWARE as the product does NOT work and it is their way to get your CC information…

  53. James Weston
    James Weston says:

    I too got sucked into pura Bella scam. Thought I would buy this cream for my wife and sister in laws are gift.
    After reading the site I tried to order four jars,but could not get out of their white w/out going through three other pages of orders. I ended up with 11jars and a credit card bill of over $360. I tried to candle but could not,so I clicked off site ,getting a box that said my “order” may be lost by doing so,it was not! I received the 11jars and shortly after the phone call about $100 free gas and shopping discounts. I called the number on the jar and got a person who could barely speak English who said I had passed my 30 return policy. I e mailed and got nowhere.
    I am afraid to give this stuff to my wife and family for fear it will harm them more than help.

  54. Morgana Young
    Morgana Young says:

    Do you know of any way I can get hold of the Pura bella website? I ordered (foolishly) and now can not get hold of them to stop sending me more of this junk. Please help me if you can.

    • JElayne
      JElayne says:

      You can call them at Leading Health @ 866-379-0232 and get a real person. This stuff does NOT work–WARNING— DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

    • Elizabeth Jackson
      Elizabeth Jackson says:

      I spoke to Customer Service for my Scotiabank Visa card….. They told me that these companies post ads for products, scam a lot of people, then change their name and pop up again promoting the same product. Pura Bella is probably one and the same as Tru Belleza.
      Like you, I responded to a PAY ONLY SHIPPING AND HANDLING for a FREE sample, then was charged full price for the product. That’s fraud. I don’t know why our governments aren’t communicating these scams and advising people not to bite the bait. I am disgusted.
      Also, when I phoned Tru Belleza to complain (702 852 1824 / 1825) I was given the run-around. e.g. “You should have returned it within 14 days if you didn’t want it”. Errrrr……this was supposed to be FREE! First question the agent asked was “What did you think of the product?” I told him it is crap. I’ve bought off the shelf products at the drugstore that have showed an improvement in my skin after only 3-4 days of use. With Tru Belleza you are told that you can’t expect any improvement for at least 90 days.

  55. Narbir Loksom
    Narbir Loksom says:

    thank you all friends for you valuable info to this matter. I nearly ordered this product, but now that I’ve read your comments and advice, I avoided ordering this product. thank you.

    • Nora
      Nora says:

      Wish I had read these comments before. I was ordering one jar and it ended up with a bill of 210.00. No way to cancel. Did get someone on phone told them didn’t want it and it was a scram and they said they would cancel my order but so far it is on my card. Then got another call ok my order for a card for discounts at stores and a gas card for 100.00 and would charge my card each month for 29.95. Told them I didnt want anything. They got my information from the face cream people. Probably going to cancel my credit card because this is one big scam. So beware all they do is try to rip you off. BEWARE!

  56. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    Thank you for being available to help people with these scam artists. They hit people in their soft spots, vanity. Who doesn’t want to stay (look) young. So glad I checked you first. Yes, they make it almost impossible to get out of the loop once they get your credit info. You have to cancel cards and almost change your name to get out from under. Hurray for your site.

    • Simone Tousignant
      Simone Tousignant says:

      Good for you Sandi for checking it out. I paid only S&H for 2 trial creams but then a month later I have an outrageous charge of $269. I phoned Tru Belleza which goes under different names on my charges. DIGITAL ACADE and SKIN BEAUTY. They will not credit my Visa. My only hope is the bank will realize it is a scam and help me get rid of the charges.

  57. Allie
    Allie says:

    Hi, I just receved a letter from GGN?? On behalf of Natueal Health NetworkLtd, situated in Wakefield, Great Britain, for €130,26.! I signed up for Bella Pure’s free trail in January 2014, I received the product, which is still unopened.When I checked my bank statement it showed €49 had been taken from my account? I thought it was a free trail? When I tried to call I spoke to a man in Denmark with an Indian accent. He told me that in order to not be billed I had to cancel before the trail period was over. I told him that I wanted to cancel my subscription..The following month I checked my bank statement again and to my disgust they had taken another €49. I decided to cancel my credit card.. I have received 3 Bella Pure products thus far (still unopened) and I apperently still owe them €75 for the product, intetest of €6,91 and €48,40 for collection costs which brings the total to €130,26…If I don’t pay they will hand my file to a ‘huisier de justice’ and appear in court. I will als have to pay for all legal expenses made by the above-mentioned company.i Need some advice..Should I pay?

    • admin
      admin says:

      Allie – you should first know that you are not alone; these internet marketers use this strategy of sending unwanted product and charging credit cards. In the U.S., you have legal recourse to contest a credit card charge that is not authorized and, once you called and canceled, all future charges were unauthorized. We don’t know enough about Euro rules relating to credit cards to advise you specifically. However, Euro consumer rules generally embrace the proposition that consumer transactions should be authorized. If you have documented your efforts to cancel the subscription, you should be able to get recourse through your credit card issuer. And if you still have the unopened products, you should be able to return them in exchange for the charges being reversed. Good luck and thanks for sharing your situation with others.

      • maria sanchez
        maria sanchez says:

        Admin, thank you for your help in this horrible Scam purella face cream I myself reportedt o the federal trade commission and to the better business bureau

    • Simone Tousignant
      Simone Tousignant says:

      Tru Bella is a SCAM. After I paid S&H I discover credit card charges of $269 for WHAT!!!!
      They said I have to pay. When I ordered the small samples I made sure there were no hidden charges to keep getting the product. They will not stop making me pay. And there should have at least been some idea of what product costs. I am fighting with Tru Belleza which, by the way, goes under different names on my credit charges. BUSINESS ARCADE and BEAUTY something or other. This is literally making me sick, I hope the bank can help me get rid of the charges. I have cancelled my Visa!

  58. Ruth S
    Ruth S says:

    I too, was duped by Dr. Oz’s supposedly advertisement. I bought 7 jars at ‘discounted’ rate in enticement. I have already used two jars, and each day I look to see if there is any improvement. I can honestly say No… wrinkles have not been lifted, plumped, or disappeared. I was not aware of this website. I much appreciate the research and the Enlightenment. Thank you.

  59. Mike
    Mike says:

    what a scam. I received 3 jars and I did not order them. I argued with them and even said I couldn’t return it for a refund.
    I don’t know how I was charged, prob from when I bought something thru Amazon. pura Bella must have had one of the small checked box that you have to uncheck. Why would I buy this crap when ordering a golf video? This should be against the law!!!!

  60. Michelle Perrin
    Michelle Perrin says:

    BUYER BEWARE !!! NOT REALLY A 30 DAY RETURN POLICY. I too ordered Pura Bella mainly because it stated that Dr. Oz endorsed it. I also was talked into ordering much more than I intended because the price was greatly reduced per jar. That is really hard to swallow now. We were going on vacation I used it for a week at home and took it with me knowing we would be back before the 30 days to return had run out. Not only did it not work, my face became especially dry. No moisturizer helped. When I called to send it back I was told the 30 day return policy is from the day you order it (not received it) and that it has to be returned (and received) before the 30 days. I was within 25 days but from the day I received it. They know this is a SCAM the man I spoke with almost laughed when I told him I was within the 30 day return time frame. Thank You SDCAN for this info. I usually read all reviews I am so sorry I didn’t search this before hand.

  61. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    WARNING: These people are desperate for sales and have no ethics in how they target individuals. I checked out a “free trial” ad from a random website and after entering my name and address, they then asked for my credit card info. I closed the window as a free trial should not require a credit card. Three days later, I received a phone call from PuraBella saying my order was shipped and my credit card ending in (and they provided the last four digits of my visa which I had never provided) would be billed. I spoke to four individuals, all four spelled the company with a different spelling and the last individual when asked how he had my credit card info hung up on me. I called Visa and they have put an alert on my visa for any charges from a Purabella or any close spelling. Hope this saves someone else 45 minutes of frustration! Purabella also does not have a phone number for contacting them. Another sign that they are not interested in resolving customer disputes.

    • Simone Tousignant
      Simone Tousignant says:

      OMG I paid for S&H for 2 small samples of Tru Belleza creams and then about a month later I got charged a total of $269!!!!! for nothing more. I carefully read anything on the website page for ordering and, even when the creams arrived, there was no mention of the price for the creams or that I would be charged more than S&H. As someone said, they just want your credit card # and so I had to get a new card. I am still fighting about it and hope my bank can help. I got nothing for the $269 I am charged. It is not as if there is somse delivery on the way. PURE ROBBERY. I have felt sick about it and am still shaky since seeing on my credit card charges just last night. BEWARE!!! I am never ordering anything online again. Any advice from anyone about what to do. I am hoping the bank sees this scam and somehow helps me 🙁

      • linda johnson
        linda johnson says:

        i was scammed from Tru Belleza as well. I was only to pay 5.55 for the trial size. I received my shit cream last week. I checked my credit card statement today and see that a company calling themselves ‘new beauty’ has taken 136.00 out of my Mastercard. I called my credit card company and reported it. thank god that I pay protection insurance on it monthly. I get reimbursed. I called the number on the bottle. All day. hahahaha. They say that they are handling other customers. what a scam.. my card is cancelled. Thanks for letting me rant.

      • July
        July says:

        I was also scammed by this company. They didn’t send me any free trial sample after I paid the shipping of $4.95. All of the sudden, I was also charged $137.00 US on my credit card for nothing as I didn’t receive any products nor my free sample. I threatened them that I would get a lawyer after them so they reimbursed me only 50 percent but not my shipping charges. I still lost 50 percent of what they got from my credit card.
        This is a bad experience for me to order something online.

      • Lynda Weinrib
        Lynda Weinrib says:

        Interesting – I was also charged MUCH more than I expected. I tried to speak with C/S but was advised to call again as all lines were busy (by a “robot”, of course).

        I emailed my concerns to the company – no reply.

        My credit card supplier were aware of this scan and simply cancelled my card and are providing a new one. They didn’t even suggest completing the document that allows them to go after this company.

        Bottom line is that no one seems to be ear marking this company as fraudulent, and will charge your credit card with whatever they ask. So, my suggestion is to RUN, not walk, from their advertisements!

        • admin
          admin says:

          Thanks for sharing your experience, Lynda. It is consistent with what we’ve heard from others. But we’re surprised that your credit card issuer canceled the card. You should have been able to simply contest the charge on the basis that the transaction was not authorized. Others have been able to do this without requiring a card cancellation. FYI.

      • Elizabeth Jackson
        Elizabeth Jackson says:

        I’ve had a similar experience…..I live in Ottawa, Canada. Having been ‘burned’ by ordering a ‘sample’ product a few years ago, and paying “only shipping and handling!” only to be charged about $300 Cdn a few weeks later, I searched the pop-up promotion for Tru Belleza very carefully for Terms and Conditions, the actual full price should I like the product and want to buy more, a contact number or address, and most importantly, was this a trial for which I would incur recurring charges to my credit card until I cancelled my order…NOTHING! Relieved, I decided to order the sample – since it was endorsed by Dr. Oz and Christy Brinkley. I checked my Visa statement today; yes, I’ve been charged US$100+ twice…..totalling almost $250 Canadian. I had to phone long-distance (S.Carolina) was given the run-around by the agent: “You should have checked the Terms and Conditions”, yes, I would have done so were any displayed. This is fraud! To offer a FREE sample, pay ONLY shipping and handling, not disclose the price then charge the customer for the full price of the product a few weeks later is downright unethical. What can be done to stop these scam sellers?!

        • Eleanor
          Eleanor says:

          I Am Also From Canada .My Free cream cost me 28900 for a free sample ,How. can this company do that to seniors.Oh yes you can not get them on the phone to complain lesson well learned ,I will not order on line again

      • Sarah Byrne
        Sarah Byrne says:

        I ordered the free trial size of Belleza insta lift creme for $3.95. Suddenly a month later I am billed $150.00 on my credit card. I phoned my bank and they said there is nothing can be done to retrieve the money. Belleza automatically subscribes you to a monthly program and you have 14 days to cancel. The problem I have is that it did not say anywhere that I was signed up for a monthly subscription and I had no knowledge of this. I did not find out until I was actually billed the $150.00
        Don’t purchase from this company!! They are scam artists.

      • Jane
        Jane says:

        Did You tell them to cancel each order going forward? You have to cancel for each item! When I called a woman answered and told me I was a day late and that I would have to pay 89.00. Then I asked for a confirmation for each item and she got real quiet. Apparently one was a 14 day and the other was a 15 day trial. So I got out of the 15 day bill. She kept saying over and over you could have called before you ordered. She also said you could have clicked on the terms link. Who would ever think it would be such a pain in the ass to order “free samples” I was only 1 day late I told her I didn’t think they would be open during the weekend she said YES ITS IN THE TERMS WE ARE OPEN DURING THE WEEKENDS! I also ordered the 2 samples one was 5 and the other was 4 something. If you used your Visa card contact them too. By the way it even says “sample” not full size! So how can they charge that much for a sample size bottle? Good luck. And keep us posted.

  62. Mary Perreira
    Mary Perreira says:

    Nerium, is one of the worst products I have ever tried. About 2 years ago I was given a bottle and said here try this for 2 weeks on me. I used it for about 6 days and stopped because my face was drying up like a prune, I couldn’t put on enough moisturizer to moisten or make my face feel like it did before this horrible cream. Then I researched it and found out not only did it have alcohol in it but it also had toxins in it. The problem with most of us women is we don’t research these crazy scam creams, and you cannot take these people at their word, they just want to cheat you out of your money….

  63. Negar A
    Negar A says:

    First when I saw the ad on one the internet sights, I tried to order one to see how it works. So I went directly on their Web and I started to find out about the pricing. Before I knew it they charged me $335.00 which I really didn’t want to have that many jars of the cream as I didn’t yet know the effect of it on my skin. I tried to cancel it online of course. I couldn’t, so I called. Much to my surprise after couple of hours they told me it’s already shipped !!! Of course I can return it and get my money back !! You know how that works; probably takes month or more. I wish I had known this before I explored further. But their actions pretty much proved that it’s all scam!!!!!

      BARBARA says:

      I also got this cream, but I didn,t realize it came from the state,s and the man on the phone said it was only cost me 86.00 but when I look I was taken for 117.00 and change, I sent the parcal back, now I am having a lot of trouble to get my money refuned. need help

  64. dave
    dave says:

    I made the mistake of buying this product.Believe me,it does not work.Don,t waste your money.I,m sure that when I ask for a refund,they will find some excuse to refuse to give your money back.

  65. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Buyer Beware!!! I have tried SO many products online, and they are Right.  All these creams do it soften your skin.  Of all the creams I've tried, none of them really worked.  I was actually thinking of trying this one, but I read your report.  Thank you.  

  66. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    Thank you, SDCAN.

    I was almost going to buy this product, thank you for your site. Very helpfull, for us consumers.

    • Theresa digioacchino
      Theresa digioacchino says:

      I was scammed .I tried to return their cream as they deducted three hundred dollars from my account without my aknowledgement.I returned the cream but did not receive a full refund as promised .My advice is STAY AWAY and save your money.

    • Sharon G
      Sharon G says:

      Worst product ever! They get you with a free sample just shipping then your card is charged monthly a $97.99 charge no shppping I had to cancel my credit card to shop the charges.. no one speaks English at customer service CC is trying to help me with recovering $400.00


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