ALERT: Quantum Vision System Scam: Save Your Money

quantumThe “truth” about “Quantum Vision System” is not pretty.  It’s the name of given to a slick e-mail based advertisement floating around the Net supposedly authored by a Dr. Kemp. The emails send you to an even slicker web site asking for the “low price” of $37 (or $27 if you reject the first offer)  for what appears to be three booklets about eye exercises “guaranteed” to improve your eyesight.  If it looks familiar, it probably is — it is almost identical to the questionable Restore My Vision Today offering also hawked on the Internet — and it was probably conjured up by the same marketers that have created “Quantum”.   There, you are treated to a videomercial that touts the “proven way to perfect your vision”.   Is it a scam?   Is it a rip-off?  Does it work?    You’ll never find out, largely because of an increasingly pernicious Internet industry that offers fake product review sites.    You’ll also never be able to find out about the credentials of the Dr. Kemp — none apparently exist on the Internet, nor are they provided at his own alleged web site.    So, should you spend the $37?   We recommend not, for the following reasons:

1.  There’s a reason this sales pitch is slick — they spend a lot of marketing money to get it to you.   Who is paying for that?  You are.   And, like many scammers, they are using Clickbank to sell their ebook so don’t assume you’ll get a refund.

2.  If you look for a review of the product, you are deluged with lots of fake review or “scam” sites that simply direct you to the main sales site or offer some officious pablum talking about how the product is highly rated or recommended.   (such as and   The marketers for this service paid to have these fake sites thwart any customer looking for real reviews.   It is also a tactic to obscure any customers who have posted complaints or alerts about fraudulent claims.

3.  The author is an unknown.  If the website fails to feature the credentials of the author and/or if a Google search turns up nothing about this person, you can bet this is a marketer driven product.   The fact that the alleged Dr. William Kemp, an articulate and video-trained older-looking gentleman with an announcers voice with almost perfect diction suggests that the so-called Dr. is not what it seems.    It turns out “Dr. Kemp” is actually a Portland-based actor named Gary Powell.   KATU-TV tracked down the actor and found out that he was hired to play the role.   We were unable to find a “Dr. Kemp” who admits to writing this “system”.   Nor is there any Dr. William Kemp licensed in Virginia to practice optometry.   Thus, Quantum Vision was in violation of FTC rules that require any endorser’s qualifications to be real.

4.  Perhaps most importantly, there is an abundance of free or low-cost vision exercise information on the Internet.    Amazon offers a number of ebooks that cost nothing and provide the kinds of well-established eye exercises that can help vision.  The titles include:  “How to Improve Your Vision Naturally”, “Vision for Life”,  “Eyesight and Vision Cure” and “Living Without Glasses”.    Even easier, you can just click this link and find four eye exercises described by a qualified optometrist.

5.  These kinds of offerings generally like to tout that their information is controversial and contains information that Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Brother or some other such authority is trying to keep from you.   Sure enough, the Quantum Vision hawkers call their video a “shocking presentation” that the “eye care industry does not want you to see”.  And they use all of the marketer-driven catch words: “revolutionary”, “greedy”, “quantum” (medical snake-oil salesman love to use that term even though it is meaningless)  “miracle” and other such words.   It’s a textbook snake oil pitch!  A sloppy one at that….rife with typos and exaggerated claims.

6.  The testimonials offered in the video do not offer the full names or backgrounds of the individuals who are touting the product in very terse, well-crafted and well-lit videos.

From what we can tell, this pitch is essentially a variation on the century-old “Bates Method” of eye exercises.  These are posted online for free.  You don’t have to spend $37 to get information about how to improve your vision. In fact, a New York-based optometrist has posted some very useful and time-proven exercises, some updated versions of the Bates Method,  for close-up vision improvement which include:

LETTER READING—for better scanning accuracy and conscious eye control when reading or using a computer. Preparation: Type up a chart with four rows of random letters, just large enough that you can read them while holding the page at a typical reading distance (type size will vary depending on an individual’s vision). Leave space between each row. In row one, type all capitals, one space in between each letter…row two, all lowercase, one space in between each letter…row three, all lowercase, no spaces…row four, wordlike groups of random letters arranged as if in a sentence.
Exercise: Hold the chart with both hands. Looking at row one, read each letter aloud left to right, then right to left. Then read every second letter…then every third letter. If your mind wanders, start over. Over time: When you master row one, try the same techniques with row two…then row three…then row four. If you find that you have memorized parts of the chart, make a new one using different letters.

NEAR AND FAR—for improved focus and focusing speed when switching your gaze from close objects to distant objects (such as when checking gauges on a car as you drive). Preparation: Type a chart with six to eight rows of random capital letters, each letter about one-half inch tall (or as tall as necessary for you to read them from 10 feet away). Tack the chart to a wall and stand back 10 feet.
Exercise: Hold a pencil horizontally, with its embossed letters facing you, about six inches from your nose (or as close as possible without it looking blurry). Read any letter on the pencil, then read any letter on the chart. Keep doing this, switching back and forth as fast as you can without letting the letters blur. Over time: Do this with one eye covered, then the other.

PENCIL PUSHUPS—to promote eye teamwork. All you need is a pencil.
Exercise: Hold a pencil horizontally at eye level 12 inches from your face (or as far as necessary to see the pencil clearly). With both eyes, look at one particular letter on the pencil…keep looking while bringing the pencil closer to your face. If the letter blurs or doubles, it means that one eye is no longer accurately on target—so move the pencil back until the letter is clear once more…then try again to slowly bring the pencil closer while keeping the letter in focus.

THE “HOT DOG”—for improved flexibility of the muscles within the eye that allow the lens to change shape. No props are needed.
Exercise: With your hands at chest height about eight inches in front of you, point your index fingers and touch the tips together, so that your index fingers are horizontal. Gaze at any target in the distance and, without changing your focus, raise your fingers into your line of sight. Notice that a “mini hot dog” has appeared between the tips of your fingers. Still gazing at the distant object, pull your fingertips apart slightly—and observe that the hot dog is now floating in the air. Keep the hot dog there for two breaths…then look directly at your fingers for two breaths, noticing that the hot dog disappears. Look again at the distant object and find the hot dog once again. Continue switching your gaze back and forth every two breaths.
As your close-up vision improves, you may find that you need less-powerful reading glasses—or none at all—for your day-to-day activities.

We recommend that you check out these low-cost or free books or web-based exercises before forking over $37 to the faux doctor.   And beware ANY Net-based sales pitch that has uncredentialed, slick video presentations with no independent reviews. It may not be a scam, but it is probably a rip-off because it is offering overpriced information readily available for almost no cost.   In this case, there’s lots of good vision exercises in the marketplace offered at a fraction of the cost of “Quantum Vision”.   Save your hard-earned money.

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  1. Werner Kaperonis
    Werner Kaperonis says:

    We are a team of volunteers who are starting a new project in consumer protection. Your blog provided us with some useful information from which to start. You have done a extraordinary job! Please keep up the good work for all of us.

  2. Mister K
    Mister K says:

    I was getting bored listening and decided to research this. After reading the comments, iI dropped the presentation. Thanks, all, for saving me time and money.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    fake or not, there must be away to change our life and run away from glasses and eye surgery or any other thing.

    We must do everything possible to prevent money being thrown in millions for glasses and contact lense.

    This article shows what is not good from the quantum, but note, it does not give another solution, but throw as much money as possible.

    It is clear what the poet intends in this article.

  4. Dr. George Schmidt
    Dr. George Schmidt says:

    Smooth presentation, but when he stated wearing contacts damages your optic nerve, I laughed out loud! He’s no optometrist!

  5. Cory Thomas
    Cory Thomas says:

    im keeping my EYE on things here i know i will SEE the truth with this scam EYE know im close hahaha

  6. Jason
    Jason says:

    Thanks for this article. I figured it was a scam. Anything that has “wierd trick” in the title is usually fake.

    And thanks very much for the eye exercise suggestions, especially the free ebooks. I am going to check them out.


  7. Jack
    Jack says:

    I am so grateful to all of you that posted your comments. Never have I sean a product that has no good reviews. I almost bought into this scam. Thanks to that add to cart page no longer being available. Then I searched to find other ways of getting it. Thats when I found this comment page. Thanks everyone. Quantum Science is beautiful, However in this area with Fake Dr Kemp it is Being miss represented. What I will say is what Dr Kemp doesn’t know along with the actors that he used to bring this scam to the public. People that found this to be a scam put so much negative energy on them not succeeding and paying the price for what they are doing. (and not necessarily in a
    deliberate since) but just in a naturally wishing they would get theirs type of way. They will lose more in life and time in life( like prison time) than the worth of all they did. So again Thanks everyone for pointing out the flaws in the whole setup. This has made me more cautious.

  8. Yuri Spilny
    Yuri Spilny says:

    I am recommending Quantum vision to all my friends. Initially, I have found some discrepancy on Quantum’s website and requested a refund. It was paid in four days. Yet I felt somewhat confident about recommended exercises and decided to continue.
    I agree with Quantum that sunglasses are not at all necessary, contrary to what industry is trying to convince us. I am often in Egypt. It is much warmer in Egypt, especially in the summer, and the sun is surely brighter, with all its UV, HV and all other V-s much higher than in California. Yet, there are many people over 90 and 100 in Egypt who have never used sunglasses and still have a good vision.
    I stopped using my tinted prescription glasses during my morning hikes in the mountains and when driving. I am no longer using glasses at home, except when I am writing. And I feel much better without them. I was doing Quantum exercises for about four weeks, and then I have surprised my optometrist with a normal eyes’ pressure (it was higher than normal in the past). Also, my eyes didn’t get worse, which is often happening in older age, and I am 79. What is important to note that exercises feel very right, especially Acupuncture and Hydration.
    I decided to give it another 12 months and then I will certainly pay Quantum back the refunded amount.
    “Love’s Little Secret”

  9. Lars deMitz
    Lars deMitz says:

    Maybe You missed the punch of the video – hang on (inactive)
    a few minutes after the film stopped. IT CONTINUES! “…why haven’t you clicked yet, go on…!”, etc. Had it running on my “check-suspicious-sites-laptop”and was busy when it “ended”…. Anyone seen scams
    in spanish? Trying to explain a few things to my hispanic friends …
    Thanks 4 this site and all contributions! Now I must be off to sell
    GENUINE Dominican snake-feathers to the tourists…

    /Lars, Jarabacoa, R.D.

  10. Bruce Evans
    Bruce Evans says:

    The tip off that this is a scam for me was when he showed the picture of the guy with the coke bottom glasses showing the very large eyes in the middle of the frames, saying that he had a large minus prescription. It is important to know prescriptions and how they make the eyes look. These type of glasses have a large plus prescription because they are for farsightedness, not large minus prescriptions as the ad says. And the people on the street with glasses with so-called large minus prescriptions had hardly any prescription in the glasses. You could tell because their eyes didn’t look small in the middle of the frames. As actors they couldn’t have a large minus prescription, which are the type that make the eyes look small, because then they couldn’t see walking down the sidewalk!! Why aren’t these people charged with fraud?

  11. Rbulns
    Rbulns says:

    I purchased this system long before I read this page and I was able to download the eBook and all the “freebies”. I haven’t started yet, but I will soon see for myself and let you all know what I find.

  12. shlomofastmo
    shlomofastmo says:

    I clicked on the Sponsored article, and the video sale pitch started. I have horrible vision problems, and I always have hope that there would be something I can do as lasik is out of the question for me. It’s a horrible handicap which they said in the video, and i agree 100%. It looked pretty staged, so of course I wanted to see if anybody has further unbiased information. Luckily I found this, and it killed any hope that it may not be a fake scam as I was worried.

    The WORST type of people prey on somebody’s disabilities or sickness and their hope to get better. These people are azzholes to the max! Other scuzzballs use their expert knowledge to prey on others not knowledgeable. How about all the get rich quick real estate scam “systems”? Remember years ago the lil douchenozzle that placed all those “classified” ads to make millions. goes on.

    Thanks goes out to the author of this article.

  13. Glenn Mandanici
    Glenn Mandanici says:

    Got duped on the Tinnitus cure. But got my money back.. Got duped into a very expensive Money Report automatic subscription after trying to save my “social security.” … Got my money back. Luckily I decided to research this far fetched eye repair solution beforehand… And probably would have paid for the scam except the actors were terrible!.. The people creating this type of fraud certainly should be held accountable… Who the heck is the source of this stuff? There’s tons of it! And just because they pay to advertise on a website I enjoy, they too should not allow this crap!

  14. Dano
    Dano says:

    A lot of people are claiming scams here, probably because of the similar tactics and the paid actors. However, some people in comments above do claim that eye exercises work. The problem is those people who claimed scam, ask yourself a question, have you really tried the exercises properly according to the e-book? Do you still wear glasses for the whole day after the exercises lasted just 30mins? If your answer is yes, I would like to hear your reply. Scam aside, have one really put the exercises to real test before making a scam claim? it took certain ancient mathematicians or scientists their whole lives to prove that Sun isn’t revolving around the Earth. Many are skeptics. I’m neutral. Instead of proving this is a scam. Im trying to prove that this work by trying to follow it concensusly. As I speak now, I have tried this for 3 days without wearing specs at all 24/7. I do see some improvements but not good enough to say this is not a scam. Im giving benefit of the doubt. But, however, at the end of the day, if I also end up claiming this is a scam, then this better be warned.

  15. ianball
    ianball says:

    Sue them for trying to promote a con. There are far too meny scams these days and should be stopped the government dont seem to care and there ment to , in fact have a obligation to protect people from scammers world wide.neverr part with your money on on line sites until you check it out make a phone call check there site , real address. No building address no head office address , then its more likelly a scam

  16. udo
    udo says:

    i enjoyed every moment of going through most of the comments here. couldn’t wait to read through all of them before posting mine. What is awesomely striking about this video is that every flop whether typos; the doc wearing glasses; the “road side actors” (literally); the ophtamological tablet; one of the actors with a -7 seeing from an impossible distance (i mean that’s a 20/20 vision); claiming to be able to secure a patent for some “invention” already made public and already invented (on the internet); unnecessary begging; turning one to a cia agent (lie detector) e.t.c, were all done carefully and painstakingly on purpose. listen to guy saying there were already legal threats as a result of the “dangerous” information he was about to share. l mean! The only reason I would want to watch this video to the very end was if i knew this guy personally and had a grudge against him that i really want to sue him. aside that i would be watching it for fun or be intellectually retarded in some way. and yes! this video was carefully and intentionally produced to capture the attention of the intellectually impaired as they sit in front of their pcs not knowing what else to click and weed off every other audience. These guys are bada** psycho-techs. one must give them credit for that. i mean look at all the hype. it wasn’t even easy scrolling down from the top of this page to post this. Phew!

    • Lynn
      Lynn says:

      I ordered the ebooks but I was having difficulty to know where to put them on my tablet.They disappeared on me when I clicked on them.Then my daughter-in-law found them in my stuff and I found them in documents.One book I didn’t get and the coaching one I get a blank screen.I have tried to get hold of them with the information in an email and my emails can’t send.I will do these things that are posted.thank you for your input.I was interested in the one about how to know when someone is lying I never got that one.

  17. Kits Temple
    Kits Temple says:

    I believe the actor playing “Wm. Kemp, OD” is a fella from my hometown by the name of David Gillies! Tried to find out more about the Garry Powell actor mentioned above, but the link provided doesn’t go anywhere at this point. I wonder if they re-did the whole shoot with a new guy after being found out already… The spelling mistakes and all the rest – dead obvious this is click-bait/hard-sell. Find it a little sad to see him in this role, but actors have to have parts to play, or else go hungry… But the ad’s illegal and should be removed in any case.

  18. Izzy Brass
    Izzy Brass says:

    I am 11 and I was totally hooked. I truly believe glasses are ruining my eyes, because when I was younger, I had 2020 vision until I decided my sisters glasses were cool and started wearing them. My eyesight slowly worsened and now I have the same prescription as she does. I ignored the highly relevant signs, because I truly wanted to believe this. I’ll admit I didn’t notice bad acting, him wearing glasses, or any of those things, but I did notice him almost saying something relevant and then going on anon to talk for another 15 minutes about nothing. I also noticed there were two different camera angles, but no visible cameras inside his office in the scenes where he “drastically improves people’s vision in 10 minutes.” Bs. I clicked on the link thinking it was a helpful tip to discreetly improve vision daily. About 10 minutes in I realized it was a product, and felt rather stupid, but kept watching, thinking, “It won’t be much longer now, there is a limit to how long you can spend stalling for time talking about nothing at all.” Apparently not. I try not to wear glasses so the only cause of deteriorating vision for me is an internet addiction I am trying to fix – any tips on that would be greatly appreciated, because it appears to be getting worse. Anyway, I walked into the kitchen and showed this to my dad, and after glancing at the price and free offers, he said, “Scam.” And went back to doing the dishes, leading me to this page. I am close to never needing glasses at all, but I’m torn between asking to be put in the front of the classroom to see the board in Alg. 2, forever ruining my chances of reading my books while the teacher is talking in all of the other classes, or doing nothing about it. Does anybody have tips of things I could do so being able to see the board in class is not an issue? Thx

  19. Moe
    Moe says:

    At age 40 I could not read the third line on the driver- license test. I went home and started taking extra vitamin A. I had read that the body will take from the eyes to repair vital areas like heart, lungs, other organs. I took about 50K a day for about six months before I noticed an improvement. I am now almost 70, still read without glasses. I take an average of 20K a day, only fish oil vitaminK from northern deep sea fish. I think the vitaminK laden fish oil , with other natural organic oils, not modified “improved”, or tampered-with by man, helps to keep the lenses flexible, maintain the health of other related structures/systems, and give amazing night-vision. I did have. ” pilot-eyes” in Viet-Nam , useful for flight of course, so that may have been a contributing factor. But, in conjunction with the VitA, I forced myself to see w/o glasses till improvemen ( did not allow my eyes to get lazy, and dependent on mechanical means). I am living proof , not some theory by scientists/medical profiteers. Try it! Do the natural approach, put in intensive energy/effort, and don’t go downhill, become their success story, for them. A permanent income stream, mucho money, next Mercedes. All they do does not improve you, but, depletes you, with side effects (read ANY medicine label: lose your liver, grow a tumour, become an Impo-tent person). YOU must take care of yourself, wisely.

  20. Mooky
    Mooky says:

    I had the unfortunate circumstance of being scammed a few times online..never did get my money back. They weren’t too obvious to keep me from falling for it but this one is so full of fail it’s not even funny. I’m not sure why I watched the whole thing cuz I was continuously saying yeah right! But I guess I like many others want it to be true. I do get tired of wearing glasses. I have nice glasses (Ray Bans) that I got off Amazon but even so they’re still a nuisance. even though this guy is a snake oil salesman he is right about that. They are easier to slide off when you sweat. You have to constantly worry about where they go. I think they might get smashed sometimes. Also personally bc I can be OCD there are many times where I am pushing at them. Then there is constantly having to clean them. I’ve been saying they need to make something for glasses like windshield wipers for your car every time it rains your glasses wipe themselves tho I know that would look stupid. Also bc I am a sunglasses girl (for some reason I don’t feel the need to push at my sunglasses like I do my regular ones maybe bc I don’t need them to see?) I have to carry around two pairs of glasses when it’s sunny outside constantly having to switch. Sunglasses you do have to clean but not as frequently and I can wear them more on my own terms. I have tried Transitions. I don’t find they are effective for me. So I really wish this was true but it’s far too good to be true. Nothing in life is ever easy or at least this easy. Perfect vision in 7 days? Complete joke. Like other people noticed, bc I am observant I nluriced this too. So many typos! I could forgive one..maybe two typos but that was too much and you’re supposed to be a doctor nonetheless and not a regular doctor nonetheless but one that’s supposed to have a revolutionary product. You should be intelligent enough to spell things right if this was that revolutionary. The acting did feel phony too. Also I agree with the fact he went on and on. I have a mental deficiency so I do have the kind of brain where I can go on and on (particularly verbally) but I haven’t seen too many people like me and even I don’t take that long to get to the point. It’s like this guy wasn’t even trying. Then he had to throw in about perfect lie detection and memory. My memory is not that great so I would love for that to be true but that makes it even more too good to be true. I think my reading people visually is good enough so I don’t really need a lie detector book unfortunately for this phony tho it would be nice to improve it. i was with him on how many optometrists are out for money if there was something this revolutionary it wouldn’t be easily accessible bc then they might be out of business. No one would need glasses or regular eye exams if it was that easy so what would they do? I do also think that maybe eyeglasses make eyesight worse. I try not to wear my glasses much. But at the same time I get worried about straining them if I’m focusing on something for a long time I get headaches far too easily. It would be nice to not be dependent on them so I would like to believe there is something out there that can improve my eyes with a little work. I tried the bates method for a little bit I know I need to be patient bc like I said nothing is ever easy but I don’t feel like it was doing ANYTHING at all. There seems to be so many exercises out there..not sure what to go with. Phew see what I mean about me going on and on? I’ve never been good at condensing

  21. Richard Neva
    Richard Neva says:

    I smelled the “perfect vision” infomercial right away because I had fallen for the “flat stomach infomercial. I am waiting now for my refund. I will never look at another infomercial again in my life. I have not far to go, I am 75 years old thank God!

  22. badintense
    badintense says:

    So I am near-sighted and wear contact lenses to see far away to drive. I can read just fine when the lenses are out but have a hard time reading with my contact lenses in. I find reading glasses to be annoying and disorienting. strong sunlight helps to read but so does sliding my lens to the side. should the pencil-chart exercise be done with my lenses in out out?

  23. What
    What says:

    He almost had me until he said click the button below. meh :v
    I hate wearing glasses so much and I want to get rid of it but I cant. 🙁
    This site saved me from those frickin scammers. thank you so much!! T_T

  24. Trixibelle LaRue
    Trixibelle LaRue says:

    I knew immediately this was a scam. There is no price listed on the home page.

    VERY LONG WINDED video that is waaaaayy too long winded This is typical tactic of online scams…to lure the viewer in and keep them “hooked” by not giving the FACTS up front and making allegations either the governement, doctors, BIg Pharma, etc “Don’t want you to find this out”.

    No address listed on the home page of the website.

    I could tell the guy in the white doctors coat was an actor – he just seemed “off” to me.

    The biggest signal it was a scam was it claimed their product could restore your vision to the level it was when you were a child and ALL people could be cured and have perfect vision. I was born near sighted and with astigmatism and even as a baby I had poor vision, except for reading.

    Thanks for posting this info because some folks are gullible and will buy it and get swindled.

    PS Even if the company refuses to give a refund you can always dispute it with your credit card company. It is better to use a credit card than an ATM debit card tied to your checking account. You have better dispute rights with a credit card compared to ATM debit card – that is based on my personal experience.

  25. Ron
    Ron says:

    I’m a 69 year old male and I normally don’t buy things on line. For some unknown reason, except for the fact that I’m an idiot, I bought this one. I have been wearing glasses since I was in the seventh grade and really, truly, wanted to believe that the cure for bad eyesight was at hand. I’ll let you know how I make out with a written log for each day that I use the product. Now I have to try to explain why I bought into this scam to my wife of 46 years. She will probably, with good reason, take away my credit card.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Yes, we’d appreciate hearing about whether your vision improves as well as any other observations about the product sold by this marketer, although, we suspect that your vision will improve somewhat, based upon the free information available about eye exercises that we link to in this blog.

  26. sanchez mccollum
    sanchez mccollum says:

    the first thing you should check before purchasing things on websites is the disclamer tab and terms and conditions those tabs dont even work on the websitte it just say blank page

  27. Lorenzo
    Lorenzo says:

    Funny part i noticed is the people who he pulled off the streets for “10 minute exams” were all clear like they were wearing a mic, hmmn strange guess he might just have a HD mic that boosts speech while lowering ambient sounds, or was it that they were wearing a mic too.. nah that couldn’t be!

  28. Katy
    Katy says:

    Thanks SO much for posting this! Great information.

    I appreciate your saving me the time, money, and hassle of ordering from a scam… as well as all your research so that I have it all the information at my fingertips!

    FYI: the link in 4th-reason paragraph is no longer valid (and the paragraph has a misspelling of optometrist):

  29. Joy
    Joy says:

    Thank you all so much for your honest reviews. It saves so many people signing up for nonsense and losing money and self-esteem. I appreciate people informing the public of their finds when they (marketers) are fleecing the general public. Many thanks to all of you.

  30. Susan
    Susan says:

    I was interested in finding out more about these new, improved, faster, “quantum” methods because I have experienced my vision improving with the Bates Method. Needless to say, I was disappointed due to the obvious unprofessional look of the presentation (all those misspellings!) My personal vision improvement instructor (who trained in the Bates Method) was patient and knowledgable and I was able to change my seeing habits over time. The classes last for 9 weeks and offers alternate ways to use your eyes in a relaxed manner, rather than squinting and stressing your optical system. Because it is unlearning old habits and learning new ones, I gained significant results over a long period of time (several months) with consistent, daily practice. These are not “eye exercises”, they are “vision habits”. Although I rarely practice proper vision these days (I’ve gotten lax about my habits), my vision continues to slowly improve. Every visit to my optometrist confirms that I am seeing better, and about once every other year, I get new prescriptive lenses because my eyesight has improved.
    Find a Bates Method instructor near you. Best if you can kickstart your vision improvement with a Bates retreat.

  31. Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill says:

    Contact lenses cannot slide around you eyeball and damage your optic nerve, as the doctor says. Any optometrist knows that.

  32. Mary Evans
    Mary Evans says:

    When I first started watching the video, I thought it was a scam and my heat hurt for any blind people who might be hearing and having their hope built up. Then, although it all looked like actors, I was rather fascinated and watched nearly the whole thing. I was thinking about purchasing ! So thought it best to Google up some research first.

    Thank you SO much for this posting and saving me $37 and a lot of disappointment !!! Really, really appreciate your care for those who would be duped !

  33. cynthia rowe
    cynthia rowe says:

    from what i have gathered it does help your eyes, there is a guy on youtube that his went up a couple points in two weeks lol. but it does not do what it says, it may improve it slightly tho.

    here is the video

    and here is some of the quantum video

    some people say it has helped.

  34. Patti Boeckman
    Patti Boeckman says:

    I have run across so many of these scams that I knew instantly this was a fraud. There should be enforceable laws against such trash. Unfortunately, these scams are so wide spread that there aren’t enough law enforcement resources to go after these scumbags. So it’s up to us legitimate folks to protect ourselves. Sites like this can help to inform trusting innocents that they must be wary of such scams. Keep up the good work!!

  35. Mireille
    Mireille says:

    One word to those looking for eyesight improvement in 7 days or less – lasik. He says lasik is new and unproven. Wrong. I had it done exactly 15 years ago, went from 20/400 to 20/15 and back then I think I only paid $2500 total. Best decision I ever made. I would imagine they have perfected it by now. My new problem is that I am starting to need reading glasses. Wish they had lasik for that, although I am not sure you can do it twice. I agreed with one part – wearing glasses does weaken your eyes and they get worse quickly. I started with glasses with a mild correction when I was about 11 and ended up with 20/400 by the time I was 16. I kept going in for new glasses every 6 months and the doctor always seemed happy to know my eyesight was getting worse. It seemed obvious even as a kid. I switched to contacts, which was better cosmetically but a huge pain, especially during travel. Didn’t have lasik until I was 30 and had perfect vision within a week. I was so happy to be free of those danged correction devices and to be able to wake up and see everything! I don’t know if halos are really an issue now but I know it was a temporary side effect of the surgery while your eyes heal. I didn’t really have much of a problem with it. It seemed like an insignificant side effect and it went away within a few weeks. Also, I made sure to follow the care directions to the letter. I watched this stupid video because I was hoping this would help my advancing farsightedness but the misspellings were killing me. The bad acting sealed the deal. And there are so many videos nowadays that go on and on and on and “I will tell you in a few minutes” and they never tell you anything. The gall they have to ask for money when they never even deliver on their original promise, or they give you some throw away advice that “seems obvious” but you never did it right. That is a clue that it is a scam. Someone above mentioned the actor’s name and I googled it. Lo and behold, he is out there. He must not be too serious about acting because this video would certainly ruin his career if he ever became known. Anyway, this was just a rant, and to let everyone know that lasik is the way to go for nearsightedness and astigmatism in my opinion.

  36. Eulalia
    Eulalia says:

    The QuantumVision system is so poorly pitched anyway. I’m just a student and even if I ignored all the typical “hurry before the REAL professionals take this down” crap, the “it takes just SEVEN days!” thing, the terrible acting, and the fact that there’s no credentials and proof…you can tell that they’re full of shit with all the voodoo hypnotizing “Imagine you were blind now open your eyes” thing. At that point, I was getting worried that they didn’t want to sell me something and just were trying to stall so they could install a virus in my computer while I laughed at their stupid pitch.

  37. StarofLife
    StarofLife says:

    Many years ago, I had RK, and am now starting to show signs of presbyopia (due to natural aging). I was watching the video and noticed a few things not quite kosher, right off the bat.

    1) The video does not allow fast forward scrubbing or pause functions, so you have to sit there and watch the whole thing painfully slowly which is a tip-off right away. I walked away from the computer several times just letting it run, and came back every few minutes so I could see what they wanted – money of course, but how much? They finally say they want money after 20-30 minutes (I lost track how long it took) of this droning on and on. I had made up my mind there was no way I was going to give them any of my money after the first few minutes of not getting to the point, because this alone really pissed me off.

    2) The video never gets to the point, but continually tries to hook you in with another example of how wonderful it will be after you use this “wonderful” method. It’s an obvious marketing scam based on little substance. A little substance is all you ever get. Besides, if you have to resort to this marketing ploy, with all the fluff words, your product must be a scam rather than a product that legitimately works.

    3) I noticed, like other commentors, that the word “amateur” was misspelled. I’m not surprised if other words were too.

    4) This “Dr. Kemp” never seems to tire or stutter, and certainly has more patience to sit in one place than I do, so he must have a LOT invested in doing take after take of this, going on and on and on…..droning on. Not normal. So obviously not a real person with his own real product.

    5) This “Dr. Kemp” sounds too much like an actor and never gets excited for his own “wonder” system; he is too well-contained and controlled, just like a paid actor. If it were my “wonder system”, boy, I’d get right to the point, and be excited, and I would probably stutter here and there too. This guy’s obviously a paid actor, which makes me REALLY suspicious. Why do you have to pay an actor if a “Dr. Kemp” has a wonderful product?

    6) I heard this “Dr. Kemp” reference the Bates Method once. An obvious attempt to piggy back on a legitimate method and add credence to his own unheard-of method. I made a note to research the BATES method.

    7) Why have I never heard of this or seen mention of it in any media? People would be trumpeting it’s wonders everywhere if it truly was a new break-through.

    8) The people-on-the-street, guinea pig-test-subjects are SO OBVIOUSLY actors! Come on! Everyone is by themselves, strolling along, with no other background people or cars going by, no one has a child with them, no women even carry purses or jackets or shopping bags! The men aren’t carrying anything, and I only saw one with a phone or wallet in his back pocket.

    I googled Quantum Vision System to see if I could find the “book” for sale cheaper than the $37 they were asking for. Amazon has a free version for Android, there’s a Bates method book for around $10, and an Eyesight: How to Naturally Improve Vision book free for Kindle.
    I checked online at my library and found three Bates methods books, the latest being a 2006 version. I put the 2006 version on hold.

    So the upshot of this is, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on the Quantum Scam System, go to your library and check out one of the Bates method books and do whatever exercises are in this book.

  38. John
    John says:

    This is just another version of the advance fee fraud scam.
    The “doctor” is a fake and has no idea at all as to optometry or even basic optical theory.

  39. Ian
    Ian says:

    I have had to bother Clickbank for refunds in the past and dug up the following numbers which I used with success. They are a few years old so I can only say they worked in the past.

    Canada/USA – 1-800-390-6035

    Direct – 1-208-345-4245

    International – 1-208-345-4245

  40. Kuyang
    Kuyang says:

    I was almost sucked, had typed my visa card number and about to press the key to send the purchase. But I was surprised that in the form, it does not even show the company’s name. So I googled for Quantum Vision to get more information about the company, and here I got this “SCAM” information. Thank you very much Admin Author.

  41. Ardith Myers
    Ardith Myers says:

    Does anyone know how to get off 20/20 Systems’ email list? UGH!! I get multiple solicitations from them a day, which is why I’m researching them… indeed there doesn’t seem to be a published phone number or any other way of reaching them. Thanks!

  42. Pavel Gurvich
    Pavel Gurvich says:

    I am not a doctor or optometrist. I am a computer professional for many year. I found that I had a problem with my vision at the age of about 40 years. I went to the eye doctor and got prescription for reading and then driving glasses. I was wearing them for about 25 years. I needed at the end bifocals because the distance of my eyes to the computer screen was different from the distance from my eyes to the printed material (book or written letter) were different.
    Then I have gotten the call from my daughter who asked me to use spinach instead of letuce in the salad. She did not mean anything about vision. I tried and liked it. I found in the year and a half that I do not need glasses anymore. I did not realized why but soon found searching Internet that certain German doctor who was testing vision recovery with lutein and zeaxanthin. Later I found that dr Richter in Chicago Veterans hospital was giving his patients pill of Lutein every day and they could have see extra line in the eye test in the year.
    I started my research and discovered that the richest vegetable with those elements is Kale.
    I eat now the kale salad every day as a medicine and I can read every font on the computer or books without any problem.
    I will be 80 years old in the February 2016 and when I see young people in glasses I advise them to try. I do not ask any money for it.
    I hope at least some of them will have their vision improved.
    Thanks, Pavel.

  43. Barry Selwood
    Barry Selwood says:

    The teacher lady whose pupils did the quantum vision exercises and also improved their vision so remarkably, looks identical (or very similar) to a person who had such a wonderful financial success using a binary option website. All scam actors together!!

  44. nimee
    nimee says:

    I purchased QV after a lot of hesitation.Since I had to be online every time I wanted to read it , I could not complete reading it.Nevertheless, I went through the exercises using their charts. After about a month I decided to get a refund from clickbank. BUT I WAS STUMPED when I discovered that it was already refunded the very next day that I made the payment ! I had never asked them for a refund !!
    Now when i check with my bank I learn that they have’nt refunded my money till date.
    I conclude (sigh) that they are quick as a hawk swooping over chicks….

  45. Aubry
    Aubry says:

    My husband convinced me to buy this as he has very bad eyes and was desperate for anything. We paid for it and got scammed. We got the ebook but it only lasted about a week before it just vanished. My husband did like the exercises. But no real improvement. My lesson is to always research and read reviews from real people about a product. To bad we lost $37 in the process. And don’t even get to keep the ebook because now it’s gone 🙁

  46. Howard Kanitz
    Howard Kanitz says:

    I went to their youtube video to look at any comments left, it says comments are disabled for this video. This must be a scam if they will not let people post a comment !!! Damn, I had such high hopes, I almost bought it. Thanks for the links

  47. Bo
    Bo says:

    what a load of Bovine Excrement. I just got it today. listened for about 5 minutes and figured it was a scam.
    also got to be careful with the same crap via telephone, as they have now figured out how to spoof any phone number they want. next time you get an unsolicited call sting them along for as long as you can how ever you can.

  48. Peg Fisher
    Peg Fisher says:

    I, stupidly, fell for the ad and when I did the exercises 3 times, I did receive results which were DOUBLE VISION. Fortunately, I had paid for this program through Pay Pal. I contacted Pay Pal who in turn (while I was on hold) contacted ClickBank who promptly issued a credit for the full amount to my Pay Pal account. ClickBank sent me verification and Pay Pal has placed this money back into my account. I acted stupid by falling for the infomercial but I was smart to use Pay Pal as I always do when purchasing over the internet.

  49. Karin
    Karin says:

    Tuesday the 2nd June 2015 from Karin in South Australia: Unfortunately I also was an unsuspecting Fool, (having fallen for this Quantum Vision System”(=Q.V.)” Eye improvement Scam. I’m a 70 yr elderly Lady with diagnosed Glaucoma and I’m also very short-sighted and I wear Bi-focal Glasses. When I saw that Video here I thought, it could help me so I would not need an Operation for my Glaucoma later. So (although that Video seemed to be running an overlong time), I thought, that I would give it a try anyway, esp. since there was a link to PayPal so I could pay with my Paypal Account, (only because of PayPal, which has a good and honest reputation,I trusted this Q.V. System).
    So I did a few clicks, and then I received a type of note via email, welcoming me into the Q.V. Family. But my $27.00 became $49.64 in
    Australian Dollars. I then received something from Clickbank with the option to download, but for some reason I couldn’t download it to my tablet, so I never even got what I had paid for. But thank Goodness I didn’t use my Visa Debit Credit Card but my PayPal. And that somehow seemed to be linked to Clickbank. So this email will now also go to PayPal.
    Today I tried to contact Q.V. Myself, to tell them that I cannot seem to download their Product. So what would be their best solution. I thought of suggesting perhaps a CD- Rom for my laptop might be more suitable for me? So I clicked on in the hope of contacting Q.V. Direct and then this wonderful Internet Scam Website came up instead. If only I had known about this website before, I would never have paid QV in the first place. In the future if I see something on the Internet again that I might need or want, I will definitely look at your wonderful Scam Exposing Website, before I buy anything. Thank you all for having enlightened me about these I/net scams.

  50. Ivy
    Ivy says:

    Thanks so much guys. I would have fallen into this terrible internet scam if I hadn’t found this site on time. Anyway, I really wish there’s a method that can improve my poor eyesight. sigh..

  51. David
    David says:

    “Caveat emptor”; let the buyer beware. The claims may well be exagerrated. However, the underlying ideas are sound. A major cause of eye problems probably is a constant focusing on near objects. Any exercises that relieve eye strain and exercise the focusing of the eyes and the extra-ocular muscles can’t do any harm and may well be beneficial. It’s like exercising any other part of your body. You wouldn’t expect dramatic results in a few days. Over a longer term, you might well experience an improvement. These eye exercises, over a longer time, might well improve your eyesight.

  52. nat omara
    nat omara says:

    Apr.26 I sent $37 for the information. I have high myopia, am borderline glaucoma.
    Shame on me… just grasping at straws. I did try researching the author but cldnt find any info. My check was cashed the next day, Apr.27th. No acknowledgement to date (5-21)
    It makes me wonder what kind of person this slick doc is. Im grateful for the info this site
    has provided.

  53. Brian Berry
    Brian Berry says:

    Late at night, really needed it . . . ordered this product and paid for it. Nothing came. No downloads, no booklets, no nothing except a billing. Pure SCAM . . .

  54. Libby
    Libby says:

    a question to HVAC: thank you very much for your commentary. I have received exactly the same e-mail content. Regrettably, I hardly read it and used the link to get to the site to purchase the system. Unlike others I was directed to PayPal and after payment was redirected by PayPal to the…. dead end. that was the end of my purchase. Can you please explain what you mean by “if your information is there you might want to delete the account.”? I realize now that I have paid USD 30 and something for an excellent lesson but I want to limit it to just that. Reading your comment I realized that this story might not be over yet, so I shall appreciate if you could expand on your commentary.

  55. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I am one of fools who was trapped in this scam since I am desperate with my near nearsightedness and there is no other methods to improve it.

    I have tried and there is no difference. And my e-mail for refund is immediately returned for “no such domain existing…..

  56. Sasha Tane
    Sasha Tane says:

    O.K. I’m one of the silly people who have fallen into the trap of paying $66 New Zealand for the offered Quantum Vision video coach and e-books. I seemed to have accessed it in the evening before I went to bed though I couldn’t work out how to download it. In the morning all I got was an unhappy faced computer cartoon in the middle of the screen and I haven’t been able to work out how to phone Click Bank from New Zealand for my money back. I’m inclined to let it drop rather than go through more hassle but it hurts since I’m already deep in debt and struggling to look after my family as a husband and father of two. I hate to think of some bastards living the life of luxury off the backs of people like me. Next time I’m tempted by anything on the net I’ll do my research first. Damn!

  57. hvac
    hvac says:

    I received an email – Shocking Dr. Kemp’s 20/20 Vision Breakthrough
    ip on email was

    The email was set up to look like I sent it to myself.
    Had I of clicked the link I think my account would of been hacked.
    You can see the misspelling are the same – vissons
    And at the bottom was mailcracker.

    Copy of email sent to me for you to see, I wouldnt send any personal information to this company
    if your information is there you might want to delete the account.


    Dr. William Kemp has a special announcement to make to you today.

    If you follow vision science you know this guy well.

    He claims to have unraveled the truth to restoring perfect 20/20
    at QUANTUM speed…

    The best part is that it only takes 7 days. And then you can
    smash your glasses to hell.
    Because it’s permanent. No lasers. It’s all natural. This really
    is a “quantum leap” forward in vision science.

    So if you wear glasses or if you know someone who wears glasses
    please visit the link below

    >> Go Here for Dr. Kemp’s 20/20 Vision Breakthrough
    http :// Marketplace/click.php?id=High-Powered-Vision& (removed was my email address)

    To your clear vission,
    Dr. Kent

    • admin
      admin says:

      Thanks for the heads up about the email solicitation. We’ve heard others have seen similar ones. The best way to “fight back” is to get the word out to the unsuspecting. We appreciate everyone who has shared their info.

  58. hazem
    hazem says:

    I haven’t bought the book. I found it on Kickass and it’s very poor. Nothing worth all that big blablabla. I was very disappointed with it. I’m sorry for all those who bought it, as they wasted their money.

  59. ad
    ad says:

    Watched the whole ad with little hope and a healthy dose of scepticism seeing the bad spelling, typical white background ad with hard sell messaging, unconvincing testimonials and acting. We saw the before shot of coke bottled eye guy, but no after shot or even his testimonial. The freebies section was ridiculous because the doc is supposed to be an optometrist, what does he know about being a mentalist and professional lie detector? With all that said, i am intrigued to actually see if the information in the pdf will actually have some information that could help me improve my eyesight, not 20/20 but just some improve. Those who got dragged in and bought, throw the bad away keep the useful stuff. I guess there might be some truth to the stuff, cause the fake doc did say certain things that I’ve been researching up on which is true, e.g. Lasik. As one who has contemplated lasik to resolve my myopia but back tracked due to the possible side effects, I’m all for safe natural methods. Any chance that there’s a link to the pdf so we can evaluate the content ?

    • admin
      admin says:

      Here’s the unfortunate catch: the “doctor” doesn’t want you to see any specifics about his recommendations unless you buy the book. And posting the book — or a link to it — is a violation of copyright law. So we can’t actually show you the materials. Suffice to say, there is some useful information in it. A lot of it could be useful. Our big problem with this “scam” is that most all of the information is already in the public domain (to which we provide links) for free. The scammers claim that they are providing a “convenience” in exchange for the money. We say they are overcharging, overpromising and underdelivering. That’s why we can’t legally provide a link to the ebook. But we can tell you how to get most all of the info in that ebook for free — and with less hassle than what the scammmers will create for you.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi John – good question but you may be disturbed by the answer. In fact, these “news articles” to which you refer were posted on news sites through a spamming process. They are simply press releases and nothing more.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Please be aware that all of these “books” are ebooks that you download. There is no physical product offered by these companies.

  60. Michael
    Michael says:

    It’s a total scam. They just take what’s already available on the internet and sell those free techniques to you.

  61. Ridhwan
    Ridhwan says:

    Hi guys, i actually have the same situation with you guys. I’m amazed with the video and really want my vision to be cured. So, i bought the product this morning at and i’ve got the product all in pdf. I have not finish reading it yet, so not started the exercise yet. I dont know if the product good or not, will update later to you guys. I was curious about it, so i googled dr william kemp after buying and unfortunately found nothing about him except his product and i also found this website. I have read all the comments and believed that i was scammed. So, i issued a refund to and the message failed to be sent. I then realised that i sent it to the wrong email address. So, i sent a new one to which i found at the contact us link at the bottom of the product page. In my mind, if the company refund it, means that it was not a scam. And within a few hours the email address send me a refund. This just prove it…maybe…i guess so..And if you guys want a refund, pls issue using the 2nd email address (it’s the true one). Overall, i cant say it’s a scam or not because i did not try the product yet. But what i can say here is the costumer service is good because i got the refund within a few hours. It’s all up to you guys. Sorry for bad english. P/s..i will buy the second time if the product works.

  62. Mike
    Mike says:

    High-volume spamming campaign underway by this quack.

    The number one rule for evaluating claims on the Internet is that if it’s spam, it’s a scam. Every time. No one honest spams. Period. That’s your proof that it’s a crook right off. If you deal with a spammer, you are dealing with a thief by definition. Know that before you start.

    The other fraud red flags — spend 45 minutes of your life watching their video, the vast army of sock puppet web sites with glowing testimonials to poison search results — are just the icing on the cake.

  63. Chris
    Chris says:

    I wonder what this guys neighbors think of his scamming innocent people? The guys got to live somewhere so there are people who must know the guy. I’d like the see a review of him from their standpoint.

  64. Vish
    Vish says:

    First of all, I want to thank the Page admin for such a wonderful and truthful article.
    I don’t know… Maybe if I had not seen this, I would’ve went for buying it and obviously turned a victim!
    There is one thing that I wanted to know though – the alternatives provided on this page – does it work for short sighted vision too ?

  65. Mantasa
    Mantasa says:

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    1. First of all you should know that most of the opportunities to work at home are not actually paid jobs. This is true because most employers do not know you and have no control over the work environment when you do it from the comfort of your own home.If you realistically think about this, why would someone pay you an hourly rate when they do not know if you are really working or not? Therefore many of the opportunities to work at home are actually in the form of business opportunities where you work for yourself.

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  66. Sid
    Sid says:

    This guy sure knows how to make a saint angry. I normally never get angry at all. But this asshole hav tested my patience I wish I cud pull out his eyes and tell him I can cure it in a minute.

  67. Mary
    Mary says:

    After you read this please don’t still want this Quantum vision program. I’ve tried this but nothing happened, trust me this whole junk is bull sh**. Try the alternatives mentioned on this page first.

  68. Elisabeth Andersen
    Elisabeth Andersen says:

    If you stop someone accidentally on the street like the “doctor” does in the video, and you are filming them, the filming will be only from one angle. Unless they are using 2 cameras. Which they are not, cause in the first pic of the lady on the street the camera is very close. And on the next pic, the camera is far. If it was two cameras, we would have seen the other cameraman in the picture behind the woman and the “doctor”.
    Because the editing is done in the middle of their conversation, shifting from one angle to another, the only option is to stop the filming and the conversation and to change camera angle, and the continue the conversation.
    But this is supposed to be a spontaneous conversation of some stranger they just stopped on the street, and to stop the conversation and wait for the cameraman to move before starting to talk again tells it all -acting and directed big time! No stranger is accidentally stopped on the street.

    And of course, as earlier commented here, it is not only the shift of camera angle in the middle of the talk that proof it is fake, but also the bad acting.

  69. Kim
    Kim says:

    _It_ has a LinkedIn: For being so charismatic it is strange that the nice guy that only want your best doesn’t have a single connection! Its (if it is its) twitter account isn’t much better, on a work related account he is following celebrities such as Shakira, Lopez, Lady Gaga and Bieber. That is not strange you say, but it is. It should keep its private life separate from the work life.

    Here is another strange account:

    Here is some “news” that help stuff like this fool others: you should contact them and ask why they help a scammer gain customers. They clearly have not been doing their research.

    • admin
      admin says:

      U.S Consumer Times is an affiliate marketing site masquerading as a fake news site. It is a good example of how Internet marketers are scamming consumers by pretending to be resources when they are, in fact, referral sites.

  70. saeeda
    saeeda says:

    Yikes! Thank u guys a lot..i myt nit know any1 of u..m from kenya but wow..u saved me from paying 4 that so called ebook..i was tempted n too excited. Ofcoz many things were fishy but many of the people posted “its refundable so its worth a try” i got carried away and was thinking of getting it…but please inform me more on the e books which can help me get rid of my specs.thank you once again..

  71. Skeptical
    Skeptical says:

    As soon as I saw the video, I recognized the guy posing as Dr. Kemp. I recently saw him in another video as a guy giving away software in a video for binary options. He invited people to his “home” and said he would make his students money in real time. He was called “Bob”, or “Rob Wilson”, I think for According to that video he was a full time investor. Hmmm. Isn’t that interesting.

  72. Mariana
    Mariana says:

    I am so glad I saw this. I just saw the video of Dr. William Kemp and was impressed but full of doubts! I do believe glasses damage the eyesight but his exercises and treatments don’t help either! I was curious and so I clicked the link because myself I have eye problems.
    If you haven’t seen the video..don’t watch it. It’s just 45 minutes about how great it would feel to have perfect eye vision, crappy actors and an old dumb man talking. No offense. He guarantees an exercise or so “in minutes” . Which never happens.
    I decided to search for reviews and I found many (clearly) fake ones. This one truly helped, especially because I was considering to buy that bullish*t.
    What really made me wonder about that video was:
    -If the product is so good, why spend 40 minutes trying to hypnotize us ?
    -Such bad actors…
    -Wearing glasses in the street while selling a product for perfect vision?
    -If it was that revolutionary, why aren’t scientists, journalists , etc. talking about it?
    Thanks for this honest review website and for the free book suggestions! I will check them out first.
    BTW.: I’m only thirteen. If “Dr. Kemp” can’t fool a bored 13 year old on a Sunday, then hopefully won’t go too far with his scam.

  73. Re
    Re says:

    Thanks a lot! I really loved the “hot dog” exercise and will practice it. By the way, I learnt about Bates Method some ten years ago but at that time there were no licensed trainer in northwest Italy, where I live. Later on I read Huxley’s book “The art of seeing” and started exercising my eyes muscles for a relaxed vision improvement. Now I’m 56, I’ve never been using reading glasses at all, and my driving license says, after thirty years of lenses, that I don’t need them anymore. It works. And with minor sight problems, as I had, it doensn’t take much more that to become conscious of our muscles and just use them in everyday life. Nowaday the only glasses I wear are lovely, multishaped and colourful sunglasses! 🙂

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      It is impossible to change the shape of cornea with any amount of “exercises”. It probably didn´t hurt your eyes, but the way you see now has nothing to do with it. Correlation does not imply causation.

    • JBuckle
      JBuckle says:

      Eye exercises do work. My story is pretty much the same as the one from Italy. I got my licence changed a couple weeks ago as my eyesight has continually improved for six years. I bought the Quantum Vision expecting an updated version of the Bates method which learned about 40 years ago and that’s what I got. So it’s not a total scam and the exercises do work. I would recommend supplements like Lutein as well.

  74. Will
    Will says:

    This quantum vision thing has given me -20/20 vision, due to tears of laughter in my eyes. It’s totally a scam. One they have used the word quantum wrong.Two, lots of misspellings in the presentation thing. Three, it’s too good to be true. I wish it was true though…
    Oh, and I think the Dr kemp was wearing glases… Wierd…

  75. Paul
    Paul says:

    I’ve learned never to trust anyone who goes on forever; always just on the verge of of saying something.
    I think possibly they are trying to wear people down with their long windedness so as to tire your brain
    before they go for the kill. One ploy after another to cover as many different mind sets while your concentration
    grows weaker if they catch some tired from work to begin with they just keep you on the hook till it’s easier
    to haul you in.
    Greatly appreciate all the astute observations from people. Anyone can be fooled given the right time and circumstances.

  76. aloha
    aloha says:

    this is a good article. well done. I just wonder how does this company quantum vision doesn’t get prosecuted for misleading consumers? Is this legal in USA? also if the rules when buying says it is refundable, it is also against the law to not apply the undertakings, isn’t it ?

    • Sketch
      Sketch says:

      It was super long and I was tempted to leave a couple times. But I was so enthralled by the prospect of not having to wear glasses and contacts I stuck with it, even after the HORRID acting (and I say horrid in the WORST possible way). I have to admit I didn’t actually see the spelling errors because I really didn’t pay attention to the typed words. And I was like “oh, I can ask someone for the money and guarantee them the money back. no biggie.” But as I’m the type who wants immediate satisfaction, I looked online for a freebie. What I found was this…. It really sucks this is fake, but as people mentioned, all the signs are there. It’s hard to believe people can be so greedy that they would go through all this trouble and play on the emotions of people who seek serious help. Its nice to know there are those — like this web site — who do seek to help, even if it’s just saving them from being sucked into sending money to strangers whose only real guarantee is their own word.

  77. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    Thank you for this site. We need more of these kind of independent consumer sites that give us information but don’t tell us how to think.

  78. Linda
    Linda says:

    I purshased this March 31, 2015 w/credit card. I have received no e-mail confirmation and can not find a website phone # to get in touch about this. I f nothing else I was hoping it would help the eyes somewhat. Still have not received my product either. Does anyone know how to contact these people. I printed my payment as soon as done and I do have proof of that. Wish I had read this before but when it came up they were saying they did not know how long they would be up before they were shut down by government. That should have been red flag for me. Stupid me and now I can see must have been scam. Hoping for a # please!!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Linda, you should be able to affect a refund through Clickbank. If it doesn’t respond, you should seek a transaction reversal from your credit card company. No need to “call” anyone.

      • Lona
        Lona says:

        I purchased in March. I responded asking for a refund soon after and they asked for the oder number…There did not seem to be one. Do you suggest I contact the Clickbank or my Credit Card Bank?

        • admin
          admin says:

          Start with Clickbank……although the 60 day timelimit may have run. Then try your credit card issuing bank. But the biggest challenge you face is that you only have 60-days to try out these scam-programs. Clickbank will likely refuse on that basis.

    • rose
      rose says:

      Hi Linda,
      The product you purchased should have sent you a receipt to your email inbox from clickbank. The email you entered to purchase. It should look like this CLKBANK Receipt for Order #What ever your order number is.

      In that receipt you will find…


      If you need additional customer service, ClickBank is happy to assist you. You can view and manage your orders online, 24 hours a day. Please visit: – Copy and past if you want to check it out.

      From this page, you can create a printable PDF ClickBank Receipt, generate another copy of your ClickBank order confirmation, change your email address or access the product you purchased. You can also request support from the vendor, or request an order cancellation or refund. To do this, click on Get Support and select More Options.

      If you have problems with the link above, please visit to reach ClickBank Customer Service.

      If you used paypal to purchase you can fial a claim through them.

      If this doesn’t help you?
      Please email me and I will see what I can do for you.

      P.S. I’m a pro at refunds because I have fallen for the Bullshit myself.
      If you find the contact info. and what state this is from you can report the to the BBB. You will get your money back that way if nothing elese works.


  79. JOHN
    JOHN says:

    I made the mistake of purchasing this material. The stupidity of buying this product SUCKED. I wish I had seen this blog first! Oh well. Hope others learn from my mistake John

  80. Benny
    Benny says:

    I have watch the video….. The Dr. was a great Con artist, but he was right when he said that I do not need to wear glasses again…… Watching the video made me blind. Hope I am OK tomorrow. I was close to buy the books, but was waiting for the price to come down to $20.20. It never happened and it never will be 20/20 vision.

  81. Camille
    Camille says:

    The name of the product was the best bit, and a dead giveaway. “Quantum”? Please! They use that word as a casual technobabble hand wave in sci-fi all the time (particularly when it involves time travel).

    The real meaning of the word? Hint: it has a similar background to the word “quantity”. It’s totally meaningless in 95% of contexts.

  82. Anon
    Anon says:

    I agree that it’s a scam, however, what makes it partly successful is the fact that he throws in part-truths. Wearing glasses does make your eyes more dependent on them.

  83. Dixy
    Dixy says:

    Gabriella I would call my credit card company and tell them I ordered this product and didnt recieve what I paid for. They should refund the whole thing to you.

    Thank you for putting this website up. I was right on the edge of buying this program and was searching the web for any kind of information about it. Or as someone mentioned above, if it was so wonderful and worked someone would post a freebie of it somewhere.

    Good Luck 


  84. T.Econ
    T.Econ says:

    I can not believe that there may be people who may fall for this obvious type of conmen .

    Isn't there a cosumer protection body in America ? And ,by the way , Pinhole glasses offer a better way of eye exercises than anything else . Look it up . So , dear doctor impersonator and the rest of your actors , F… off , rude letter follows !!!!!!!!!

  85. jay
    jay says:

    I can't stand listening to this guy go on and on and on and on and on and on and on …. to get to points he could get to quickly.

  86. Tania
    Tania says:

    On another note I healed my deteriorating eyesight by doing eye execrcies and to this day never had to wear gleaases despite the fact optometrists advisd me to. I even bought glasses but upon wearting them felt how they were damaging my eyes so I resorted to other means. Mantak Chia has a book about how to heal poor eyesight by doing eye exercises and Moshe Feldenkrais created an ingenius system based on ATM's (Awareness Through Movement) and it was through doing these exercises that I healed my eye sight in a very short period of time. So even though this add happens to be a scam, there was a lot of truth in what was said in it.

  87. Laura
    Laura says:

    Rook team behind the video: ( i see no optometrist)

    Ed Russelll haves a degree in german and spanish, he is a director of UK marketing.
    Ash Rahimi got a law degree
    Daniel Law, army veteran and Ivy League Economics and political science graduate from columbia university
    Martin Andersson domain investor, master degree in business administration and international management
    Simon Pupo degree in marketing and finance
    Matthias Muller – their scout (the one looking for new partnerships and recruitments)
    Joe Higgins senior sales  and strategy consultant
    Jessica Besseling .. sales skills


    and thank u to CJ who got out who was behind it all with phone number and location !

    • admin
      admin says:

      As we mentioned to CJ, Rook Media doesn’t appear to be the most savory of operations, but we’ve not found that they are responsible for the marketing of this “Quantum Vision System”.    Thanks for your sleuthing, though.

  88. Saroj
    Saroj says:

    These kinda scammers should be behind the bars … Seriously… Assholes why give false hope to the pple who are already suffering …

  89. Bob Martin
    Bob Martin says:

    thank you for the info.  yeah, i suppose there is nothing inherently wrong with selling information that one can get for free from better sources, as long as the info is good…. but sure do get tired of long boring infomercials and sales pitches myself, and all the boring hype out there about anything that could possibly have some merit, makes it too difficult to locate the truth about anything in a world full of carnivel barkers and snake oil.  the hope of the internet was once that we would have access to more information that could improve lives but has turned into a wild west of traps and scams.  it all just gets so old.

  90. abhishek
    abhishek says:

    and what that idiot is claiming is itself impossible 20/20 in a week hahhaah that's itself funny………………….. if that's possible naturally u could have charged even more than lager surgery for the system instead of just a website that doesn't having anything more than a stupid video further u can't even pause or forward the bulls hit he was going through…………………

  91. Suzi
    Suzi says:

    Almost had me. I wanted nothing more than for this to be true. I HATE wearing glasses and I won't wear contacts, so this was going to save my job!!!! I have to have a physical in May and have to pass an eye exam. 

    Thank goodness my husband found this and brought me back to reality. I have never been sucked into one of these stupid scams and don't intend to ever be…..but I so hoped this was for real. 

    Thank you for all of your info. 

  92. ada
    ada says:

    The video was way too long, I nearly fell asleep, but I will not lie, they had me for a long time, thank god my family doesn't own credit card, so I looked aroundt he internet to see if anyone who brought the program would give it to me for free, turns out, it was a scam. I'm so happy that I idn't spend a single penny.

  93. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Thank you for this page.

    If you go here:  and click on all the user names in the commets you will find NONE of them have any content at all. They are all fake comments.

    Check out all the other YouTube positive videos on this and see similar results. The trick is to Google it then skip the first several pages to get to the real reviews. They have made sure their fake sites come up first.

  94. zach
    zach says:

    I noticed the spelling errors, what seemed to be bad acting, and other stuff. But the idea of perfect vision was so tempting that it pretty much sucked me in. Good thing I’m smart enough to look on Google before buying it. Thanks Google.

  95. Annie
    Annie says:

    If you close your eyes, he sounds so much like Bryan Cranston! Just as I was getting sucked in, I saw Cranston's face doing a phoney-baloney salesman and I was slapped back ito reality. Lmao.

  96. HawkDebs
    HawkDebs says:

    Dr. Kemp needs to seriously reconsider his pitch if he wants to net the unsuspecting public with this rubbish. The video is boring and far too long – I was losing the will to live. Of course I knew early on it would culminate in a fevered 'buy now, or blow it' frenzy. That's the worst type of pressurised selling technique, usually associated with double glasing or replacement windows salesmen.  And as for the punters he stopped on the street – all lone-walking bespectacled people, who seemed so easily persuaded to follow him in to his clinic – it was just laughable! They were unifomly unconvincing actors. I didn't make it to the end of the video, and I was cross I wasted the time on it that I did. At least this web site gives me a chance to vent my fury. Eyesight is precious and Dr Kemp (if he exists) is trying to capitalise on the desperate hopes of people to restore their vision to 20/20 in just one week. Open your eyes people!!

  97. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I did notice several spelling mistakes in his video, and also every ‘review I could find were different people using the exact same words… WORD FOR WORD.

  98. Mike Gallagher
    Mike Gallagher says:

    I was ready to pay up (what a bargain for those promised rsults) but decided to find out where to ask for a refund (just in case) and could not find any kind of contact. So I hit Google and here I am.

    I,too, noticed all those telltale signs and still wanted it to be true. Nearly had me. But not quite!

    Thank you all you commenters.


  99. Charles
    Charles says:

    The biggest clue was recognizing that it was actors playing the part of passerbys.  And as many have pointed out if this were so good why all the hard selling, price dropping at the end.

    These clowns are indeed professional liars who simply repackaged Bates Eye Exercises.

    The good news for those who think they got scammed, not to worry.  I'm quite familiar with Clickbank and they will honor the gurantee.  In fact, they do indeed collect European tax and submit to the appropriate authorities.

    In fact they withhold a percentage of each vendors sale at the rate of their typical refund rate.

    I'll admit I was getting sucked in but started noticing the same red flags as most here and did a Google search for the name of this ass-clown phoney doctor.

    But the really good news is their egos are so fragile that they've probable searched and found this very forum and know what a lot of people think of them.

    Consumers are smarter these days guys!  


  100. Yitsky
    Yitsky says:

    The doctor does not exist. The public records do not show it. The proofs that are listed cannot be substantiated. A practice that does not have a location is a sure give away that it is a fly-by-night salesperson. Why would anyone want to buy from such a person? It is the slick marketing he is hoping to entice. If anyone wants to find out just type……in your Google browser…..his name or alleged name….with a reviews….and just do your due diligence. You sure will find people who have been scamed and have a story to tell or a serious researcher who did a check on it. There is always someone out there.

  101. Gregg
    Gregg says:

    I always get suspicious when I see a video that runs on and on without getting to the point. Spelling errors (as several people on this thread have pointed out) are also a scam alert.

  102. Matt
    Matt says:

     I have to admit, at first I was pretty excited about the thought of not wearing glasses in 7 days, and I was convinced to try this out…until they got to the sidewalk scene. That had to be some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Just by listening to the tones of their voices gave it away that they were only saying what they were told to say. The frequent misspellings were also a dead giveaway. I really do feel sorry for those of you who were sucked in to buying a product that doesn't really exist. As for the rest of you, let this, and every other comment listed be a warning that your $37 is much better spent somewhere else. 

  103. Shwetabh
    Shwetabh says:

    "In fact, this video has already recieved threats….."
    How is that even a part of the video if the threats could only come after the video was published!!!?!? And if he were actually doing it for good, there is something called a 'E-Book' that 'amerature' could have published. Even my son could tell its a hoax!

  104. Sasha
    Sasha says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    I just read that you are about to have cataract OP.
    Have you heard of Can-C eye drops?
    They seem to be effective in reversing cataracts.

    Beware of fake products, though.
    Make sure to buy the real ones.
    Check Amazon reviews and Google for more information.

    I am just a guy who wants to share info that may help you.

    I got my info from:
    Robert Redfern (Serrapeptase Guy),
    Dr. David Williams (recommends three types of eye drops),
    and others…

    Good luck, and DO reverse these cataracts!!

    I would also recommend “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy.
    Hope this helps.

    • Anna
      Anna says:

      Dear Sasha,I have been developing cataract from last five years .Im using homeopathy remedy from Germany Hahnemans-Cininaria Maritima .It is not growing further,in fact my eyesight has improved .Read that many cataract have been reversed.But you must get the original C.Maritima plants drops. Difficult to get pure ones with right price .My husband who is 80+ yrs old .His yes improved inspite of his cancer .Yes,I’m retired doctor.You have to be very careful what you buy online these days & videos going as Scam .

  105. Michael W
    Michael W says:

    I just wanted to say that the information on this site is great. I’m very much encouraged that the world is not only filled with people looking to take advantage of others as evidenced by this site and how it empowers people with real information to make informed decisions. I’m not in California but found your article on the “Quantum Vision System” to be very useful and informative especially in light of the fact that just about everywhere I went there was an ad for this … “system”. I can’t really offer anything monetarily but instead offer my well wishes and hopefully can reflect back some of the encouragement you have given me. Your actions, where they may be dedicated to the people of your state and city specifically, have a much broader reach; of which I’m very grateful. Please, keep up the good fight and thank you for being a positive agent on this world wide web.

  106. Jack
    Jack says:

    I'm sorry to hear that Gabriella. I almost made the same mistake and am still very curious as to what BS they are selling. if its possible maybe you should make the content available to this website to prevent anyone else from purchasing.

  107. Norma
    Norma says:

    Mitch date of 1-26-15 Yes Dr Kemp is wearing glasses. An oversight of greedy, evil people so busy thinking about the money that the scam will bring in, forgot the glasses!!

  108. Richard
    Richard says:

    Misspelled words are the way to filter out likely intelligent folks who will see it as a scam. What you are left with is the easy targets of low class intellectually challenged who part with money with hope in their minds. They are easy to fool and don’t follow through their disappointment with persistence in complaints.

  109. Becca
    Becca says:

    I remember watching one of these and they say you never see babies and toddlers wearing glasses so it must mean you jack your eyes up over time. Uh huh

  110. Gabriella
    Gabriella says:

    I have bought the book this night, because I am now before an OP of cataract and thought I could help
    me to avoid the operation. Only after paying with credit card I have seen that I paid to Clickbank, I
    have got the confirmation of the paying WITH TAX! € 41,46 CLKBank Com C7DSE7C2. Who will get this tax now?
    I have paid for “Quantum Vision System – 60 Day Moneyback Guarantee Digital Product E-Buch” (a german speaking order conformation!)

    As I haven’t got the download link to my e-mail account, I have looked in Google after Quantum Vision System and have read the comments. It is now too late!

    I have paid my stupidity tax because of fearing!

    • Zayn
      Zayn says:

      Have you have a chance to try the system since you got the book, Gabriella? I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

    • Suenette
      Suenette says:

      Gabriella – If I were in your position I might have tried it too… Heck I almost did until I decided to look for reviews on line!!! You might try using the contact information CJ above dug up to get ahold of someone for a refund. God Bless!

    • tom
      tom says:

      The lens in the back of your eye is becoming frosted. Only surgery helps with cataracts. Cataract surgery is a quick and virtually painless surgery. There is no need to put it off.

  111. Al
    Al says:

    I thought it was funny that there was ONLY one person walking the sidewalk at a time and ALL of them happen to be wearing glasses. I don’t wear glasses as I broke them on purpose in elementary school (late 70’s) as my parents were broke and meade me look like a dork! I haven’t worn glasses since and my eyesight is right on target. I have a -.25 to date and really only enjoy wearing the corrective glasses while driving at Night.
    I totally believe this is rubbish.
    And honestly, when I go to post this, they give me 5 blurry alphanumeric characters to type to prove that I’m not a ‘robot’. How funny.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Actually, Jack, yes we have gotten feedback about these materials.  In December 2014, we were contacted by a consumer who had purchased the materials and was duly unimpressed.  We’ve also heard from three consumers who have sought to get refunds from Clickbank (one, with little success).   However, none of the postings, so far, have come from people who had made the mistake of purchasing this material.    Nor have we gotten any posts from consumers who have made the purchase and felt it was worth the money.  

  112. Al
    Al says:

    I thought it was funny that there was ONLY one person walking the sidewalk at a time and ALL of them happen to be wearing glasses. I don’t wear glasses as I broke them on purpose in elementary school (late 70’s) as my parents were broke and meade me look like a dork! I haven’t worn glasses since and my eyesight is right on target. I have a -.25 to date and really only enjoy wearing the corrective glasses while driving at Night.
    I totally believe this is rubbish.

  113. CJ
    CJ says:

    I was able to track down the people behind this marketing scam. They are called “Rook Media” and are based out of Switzerland. Here are the steps I took to track them down:

    You find out the IP address of where it is hosted…

    Then you take that IP Address and turn it into a Location, Name, and Phone Number.

    Rook Media GmbH
    Administrative Contact

    Ed Russell
    Böhnirainstrasse 13, 8800 Thalwil Zürich
    Telephone: 41788905326
    Technical Contact

    Ed Russell
    Böhnirainstrasse 13, 8800 Thalwil Zürich
    Telephone: 41788905326

    Enjoy hunting the fraudulent SOB down!

    • admin
      admin says:

      As ironic as it would have been that Rook Media was behind this crooked, rook scheme, it appears that this company monetizes parked domains.   We’ve found no evidence that they are involved in creating Internet marketing ads themselves.  They merely allow companies who engage in buying up domains that sound like high traffic domains to “park” or locate their domain somewhere and make money off the wayward traffic that comes their way.  

  114. Dr Yayle
    Dr Yayle says:

    There should be a law against these kind of people. An optometrist who claims that contact lens can damage optic nerve??? Clueless about the anatomy of an eye…

  115. Dr Yayle
    Dr Yayle says:

    Not only that, but his glasses don't look like they are with such a high prescription. Quite obvious. Sloppy scam with lot's of giveaways, but unfortunately, many will still fall for…

  116. V
    V says:

    What a joke this is. I like how they are trying to use hypnosys and NLP techniques to try to amplify people’s likelyhood of purchasing.

    Hopefully people are smart enough to realize that the whole premise is impossible. On top of this, they are trying to use conspiracy theories regarding the eye industry, and leveraging people’s ignorance.

    A great example of thieves at work.

  117. Arthur K Newhouse
    Arthur K Newhouse says:

    The part of the presentation that proved to me it as “a load of rubbish” Was, the person whose eyesight changed from -9 to -7. Standing at opposite sides of the room it is impossible to read the bottom line of text. With -7 eyesight you would need to be as close as 12 inches to read the text. I should know, my eyes are -6 and -7.

  118. Shaniqua johnson
    Shaniqua johnson says:

    It’s disgusting that the video exists. I watched most of it and all it goes on about is the ‘amazing’ results. It even suggests that you keep watching and you’ll be able to experience improved eyesight yourself. All sounds good, but actually the whole damn video lasts 45 minutes, and it’s all bull *hit! The propel off the street in the video clearly smack of being actors, and the Dr himself should be tracked down and taken to court for his involvement in mis-selling.

    In the UK, THERE ARE TRADING LAWS THAT PREVENT THIS TYPE OF FALSE CLAIMING IN ADVERTS! As a psychologist, I know what techniques thie messages in the video are using to con viewers, e.g. Time limited offer (web site could be closed down at any time, so you need to buy now), supposed testimonials from many satisfied customers, system has been tested on 1,000 of people, enticing you with a host of free things…I mean seriously lie detection system?

    Really disgusting, and youtube should take down the video immediately!

    • Hezekiah J Shmuel
      Hezekiah J Shmuel says:

      Obvious scam. When they keep overselling something anyone would obviously desire WATCH OUT! The red flags are all there but, as with any “good” con, it is something so desirable that you are willing to suspend common sense and disbelief. Snake oil sales, miracle healers and three card Monte scammers all know this about human nature – we WANT to believe in the impossible. If it sounds too good to be true it IS too good to be true, therefore it is a lie; or in this particular instance, a whole bushel basket of lies.

  119. Steve
    Steve says:

    They claim it’s the glasses or contacts that are making your vision worse and as a result needing a stronger and stronger prescription. Well, I wasn’t wearing glasses before I wore glasses, so why did my vision start going bad to begin with?
    My vision kept getting worse and worse until I finally needed glasses.
    It’s pretty clear this is a hoax!

    • Suenette
      Suenette says:

      I wore glasses since the third grade and my eyes had gotten slightly worse by the time I turned 18. I went to the eye Dr. and boy did he give me an education. Things we’ve all heard, glasses do the work, making your eyes weaker over time, etc. He also said that contacts were a better option because they force your eyes to do the work they were supposed to do. I have stigma in my left eye. The Dr. said that if I could stand the used of hard lenses that they would assist in reshaping that eye. Don’t know about the last one, but it does make some sense. Anyway, after using contact it was 15 or more years before I needed a stronger prescription. Just my experience.

  120. Linda Lowerson
    Linda Lowerson says:

    Dr Kemp wearing glasses? ‘On the street’ segments?? Wow, I gave up on the presentation long before that. Zzzz. Esp when he got to the bit, ‘before you part with a penny…’ I thought oh, How naive of me. And I thought he was out to save mankind out of the goodness of his litle ol’ heart… ha ha.

  121. cwize
    cwize says:

    OH my goodness, the acting in his “on the street” segments is so bad. And in the testimonials (those are running right now – I’m “live commenting”). Let’s all check for “Reese” on the MLB roster next season!

  122. S
    S says:

    hehe… this was my fav one outta the video …. Ameratures.. hahahaha!

    BTW good (proper) review. And thanks for the links. It smelt a bit fishy considering the fact that if this ACTUALLY works, the e-book would be all over people's blogs and websites, and there'd probably a number of people sharing the eBook itself… the distinct lack of exactly that, and even thousands of supposed "pdf" listings on google which, quite intelligently distinguishes between a bot crawller (such as google) and a human viewer for the same URL (the latter of which directs you to the "buy now" page rather than the PDF file that the bot saw, tells me this is way beyond the technology capability of a semi-retiree Virgininan eye doctor – the amount of marketing and false reviews spent into this is just mind boggling!!

  123. Nomie
    Nomie says:

    I will say that I do believe that glasses and contact lenses are ruining people's vision, however, that may be the only thing in the video that may be somewhat true. I wore glasses since fourth grade. I was about 13 and I remember that my vision was getting worse almost every couple of months, making it harder to see out of my glasses. I eventually got to a +3.75 in my left eye and a +1.75 in my right eye. I decided to stop wearing them for they were too expensive and after I broke them leaving me without them. I felt too dependent on them and that scared me. After I stopped wearing them around 14 and my eyesight did get better. I am now 16.5 and I went to a +3.25 in my left and a +1.25 in my right. This was over a long period of time though. So it is possible to correct your vision, but it takes time. DON'T Waste Your Money!!!

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      The fact your eyes got a little better without glasses does not prove that was the reason. They may have got better with the glasses as well. You are still growing, your eye socket is still changing shape and growing itself, this is probably the reason why your eyesight got better. My son was started out at +6 and now at 21 is down to +4.5 for this very reason, but his optometrist was bright enough to tell us all this when he was younger.

      Of course, your eyes could have got better for some other reason, but you cant assume one thing follows another without some evidence as to why.

      • BillDee
        BillDee says:

        ALSO, the young person might be, probably is, straining his eyes, which is not good. You can do that to some degree, especially early on, if your astigmatism is not that bad. But people do it all the time if they have non-20/20 eyesight and they are attempting to see without correction. Sometimes it’s an actual squint. But if your astigmatism is bad enough, even straining and squinting does do enough. It is the supposed 21st Century, though, and you would think they would have made some advances in all this, more so than Lasik.

    • Frank Kozin O.D.
      Frank Kozin O.D. says:

      Nomie if you are 16 years old and your eyeglass prescription is +1.25 in you right eye and+3.25 in your left you probably have 20/20 vision with both eyes open. However I’m sure reading and any close work is difficult for you and I am sure you would function better and easier if you wore properly fitted eyeglasses. Wearing these glasses most of the time would also protect you from amblyopia of your left eye since without glasses you cannot use both images together. Also if you feel wearing glasses has made your eyesight worse what caused the poorer vision in the left eye before you received your first pair.Check with members of your family and see if other relatives have a lazy eye. This condition is usually genetic if there wasn’t any trauma.

    • tom
      tom says:

      Nomie your eyes have changed very little and that is because you are still growing. Wearing glasses or not wearing glasses will never change your vision. Prescriptions are due to the shape of your eye. You CAN get used to seeing well and miss it when you are not wearing glasses but that is psychological more that physical. Not wearing glasses will never have a positive effect on vision, you are only fooling yourself. We have always referred to this type of system as voodoo optometry. It is no more effective as the last con artist to state these “facts.” I have worked in eyecare for 40+ years and the only thing that WILL correct your vision is either corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) or surgical correction.

  124. JSonny
    JSonny says:

    OOPS! Guess I should read all the comments before commenting, huh? Sorry! I would also point out that if a product is so revolutional or great, why are they willing to cut their price to $27.00 when you exit the video? Something so wonderful is surely worth every penny they originally asked don’t you think?

  125. JSonny
    JSonny says:

    Did you notice that “Dr. Kemp” had on glasses during some of his on-the-street customer stops? Or was I seeing things? LOL

  126. Dawood
    Dawood says:

    Here’s the revealing part of their pitch; if you have devised a revolutionary program that the world has been waiting for, why do you need to offer further freebies with it? If it is really that good, you don’t need to offer any further attraction. Unless of course you hail from a scam marketing mindset that you can’t seem to shake off and which simply exposes you for the scammers that you are. Thanks for letting us know about this scam.

        • Heike
          Heike says:

          Yes I have tried it for 3 weeks with no difference.I kept an open mind and gave a good shot.No difference and have asked for a refund.Each email is retrned with failure to deliver.Obviously I have been had and it is a SCAM.Beware and stay away.

        • dahitaa
          dahitaa says:

          yeah i got a refund all right but not until i called click bank three times because the quantum vision folks have a fake download. every time they send me a link the page was …sad face not there. weird eh

          i would have liked to try it but yeah not there so i think its a scam. very disappointing. hate being lied to to and taken advantage of big time

          • Cristie
            Cristie says:

            any tips for getting a refund? their ‘support’ email address is defunct and they don’t recognize my email for contact at their website. They never gave me the Clikdbank # so I could not log in that way.

          • admin
            admin says:

            You should be able to reach Clickbank through its website (they don’t have a phone number). If you are unable to secure a refund from Clickbank, just lodge a complaint with your credit card company and ask them to reverse charges. However, Clickbank’s refund process should work for you.

        • sada
          sada says:


          Have been practising for almost complete month without any progress,when request for refund- no answer.Mail not being delivered.

          Please don’t trust them anymore.



        • Phil from Mi.
          Phil from Mi. says:

          yes I requested a refund from my card holder because I never got any thing from the Quantum Vision people. and I cant reach them at there customer support e-mail location. I would contact your c.c. company and file a fraudulent claim against them

          • mshames
            mshames says:

            Just in case you missed this, our critique is not that the QVS “system” works or doesn’t work. Our issue is that most all of the exercises included in this $39 system are available to the public for free. If there were some exercises that you found worked for you and are solely found in this “system” we encourage you to share them with others so that they can determine whether it is worth the money QVS is charging..

        • Matt
          Matt says:

          I was able to get a refund from clickbank after trying it for 3 weeks and getting no results. Your mileage may vary. They decide case by case whether to issue a refund.

        • Dr.Aga Majid
          Dr.Aga Majid says:

          As a Researcher in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, my 40 yrs experience taught me that every new discovery takes years of research. Pls do not take any medication, unless it is prescribed by your M.D, or D.O Physician or Surgeon and Approved by US FDA. We are fortunate in this great nation that FDA protects us from thousands of harmful substances sold in the grey market or imported. Always listen to the inner voice and seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. And have a long and healthy life. God Bless!

    • Peet
      Peet says:

      As a person who works in TV and video production as a director and on-camera talent I had to watch this to the end so I could expose these types of scams for what they are. First of all the actor who is plating the doc is way to smooth and comfortable on camera and has worked in the voice field in some capacity to be any sort of doctor; unless he has a PHD in Communications. It would be extremely rare to have a doctor perform like he did. Let’s move on to the actors on the street who are supposedly caught by surprise with audio as good as the “good doctor” who has a microphone on(I believe on the one male actor you can actually see part of a microphone under his right collar). The best is that none of them are surprised or shy down from a man walking up to them with an obvious camera and operator right beside him; no one even acknowledges the camera with even eye contact. So let’s say I am wrong, the doc got lucky and they are all comfortable with the scenario they found themselves in. There is obviously a second camera position(doesn’t affect any of them) right behind the doc which is impossible because that camera by it’s position would have been in the first camera’s shot.. which means they only used one camera and changed it position. The element of surprise on unsuspecting victims with two cameras and a man asking them to come to a building across the street would have been way more of a deterrent to the street people than not at all and their acting was horrible!! In the office only one camera was used as well.. the actor said his parts. the cam position was changed and the doc said his responses. The doc was too far back in his shots in that small room. These actors should be ashamed of themselves and should be prosecuted for misleading the public in such a fraudulent manner.

    • Judy
      Judy says:

      just google Portland actor Gary Powell and you will see his face come up several times (along with some other actors). So…. this means Dr. Kemp is letting an actor say “Hi, I’m Dr. Kemp”. Sad this is not true. Would love to have 20/20 in just 7 days. Also NEVER buy anything online until you FIRST call the C/S # they need to provide you with UPFRONT before purchase. Talk to them and make sure they are real, where they are, etc. Do your homework people!

    • Jacky James
      Jacky James says:

      Quantum Vision is absolute SCAM. They put me on a monthly subscription without warning. That cost me close to USD 200.00 for pills you can’t trust. Stay AWAY!


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