ALERT: Steer Clear of the Parking Violation Notice Scam

We all have our opinions about parking tickets.  The general consensus is that they suck!  Some even might suggest that they are a scam perpetrated upon drivers by cities and towns looking for easy income.   So there is some irony in the fact that these same cities and towns are now warning citizens about an email scam that uses parking violation notices to steal money and personal data from drivers.

Cities around the country (and even in other countries) are reporting that consumers are being fooled into thinking they are paying overdue parking tickets.  Even worse, once the scammers get your payment, you are at risk of getting scammed for even more money, as well as unwanted access to your personal computer.   The notices you get in an email look something like this:

Parking ticket

This sophisticated phishing attack involves scammers who send emails that appear to be from the city, warning victims they have an outstanding parking ticket. They are told to pay $40 and click on a link. However, by pressing the suggested link, you could infect your computer with malware, possibly exposing sensitive identity information.   Here’s the important point: Municipalities only notify and collect money through the mail.   They don’t use e-mail.

If you receive an email claiming that you owe money for a parking violation, you should do only one thing:  ERASE IT.  If you have some time, you might notify your local City or district attorneys office about this scam.  But do not click the link and do not pay it.  Enough said!

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  1. Josué Estrada
    Josué Estrada says:

    The only scam being ran, is by the City of San Diego. Street Sweeping parking tickets are nothing but a scam operated by the city. Most of the time, the streets go untouched, unswept. City Sweeping is conveniently only done in high traffic areas. Where parking is already very limited. Where are these people supposed to park exactly?! The option is to move your car. Well not everyone works in the morning, so you are left driving around aimlessly wasting gas, waiting, and hoping that someone has to go to work. Be prepared to take an UBER, because if you don’t want to waste time waiting for someone to go to work, you will have to park pretty far away from home. People need to get outraged and put a stop to this nonsense.


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