Dangers of Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Nerium Case Study

antiwrinkleA long, long time ago in a world not as far away as we’d like,  people spent boatloads of gold and salt to find the fabled “Fountain of Youth”.  The search for Youth spurred Jose Ponce de León to sail West in 1513 from Spain until he bumped into Florida.   Poor Jose….he found lots of swamps but it wasn’t until 300 years later that someone discovered Miami and, well, that’s another story.  The Fountain of Youth has yet to be discovered, but today millions of people are spending breathtaking amounts of their gold and silver (and paper) on over-the-counter anti-wrinkle cream in an effort to find their youth.  Consumers spend billions of dollars each year on such creams and lotions, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. We tried counting up all of the various anti-wrinkle concoctions being sold and our computer collapsed from exhaustion.  We settled upon the official count of “A LOT”.

Most all of these creams successfully moisturize the skin, making it appear more supple and healthy.   However, many of these creams, lotions and vitamin supplements go even one step further and claim to reduce wrinkles or slow down aging.   Yes, they are taking on the laws of nature.  So the question is whether these anti-wrinkle creams really combat aging and whether they are worth the often stratospheric price charged.

There appears to be consensus among experts that most cases skin creams are harmless, although they are not likely better than moisturizers like Vaseline or Cetaphil that sell for less than a 10th or a 100th of the price.   Consumer Reports frequently tests anti-wrinkle skin creams and are consistently “underwhelmed”.   In 2012, the reputable consumer testing group tried out 7 skin creams and recommended none of them.   It found that retinoids, or vitamin A derivatives, (Retin-A) remain the only proven topical prescription remedy for wrinkles. Clinical studies suggest that retinoids smooth out a few fine lines and wrinkles but don’t banish them completely, nor do they affect frown lines and other deep wrinkles.

But then there’s Nerium Skin Care products, the focal point of this blog.   They are different largely because it is a multi-level marketing company that sells a number of beauty products which feature the extract of nerium oleander.    This oleander is a very hardy small evergreen shrub or tree grown for ornamental purposes.   However, it is among the most poisonous of common garden plants;  it contains a wide range of toxins and secondary compounds that will kill animals and sicken humans if ingested.  Notably, the FDA has not approved any product to date that has claimed to use oleander extract for use with humans and has,  in fact,  documented two deaths pertaining to products that use the extract.   Nerium products are created by a company called Nerium International.  We acknowledge that it takes a lot of chutzpah to name a company and health products after a toxic plant.  So they win the 2014 Chutzpah Prize for a name that no focus group would ever choose unless it was heavily inebriated.   However, Nerium’s products are controversial for three other reasons:

1.  It may not be safe.

2.  It may not work or, if it does, it is attributable to the Placebo Effect.

3.  Its distribution through a controversial multi-level marketing scheme.


Is Nerium Safe?

The disturbing answer is that no one knows, and if they do, they’ve not proved it.   The majority of over-the-counter skin creams are made from relatively benign products, most of which could be ingested…..although you’d never want to include them any recipe for a dinner party.   However, Nerium is  produced from a highly toxic plant that contains cardiotoxic oleandrin, folinerin, digitoxigenin, and oleandringen.   These are apparently nasty elements, according to Dr. Jen Gunter, who hosts a fairly comprehensive discussion of Nerium that is worth reading.

She notes that the efficacy (and hopefully safety) studies quoted by the manufacturer that were conducted by ST&T Research on behalf of Nerium have not been submitted to any peer-review publication.   Her issue is that NeriumAD is made from a highly poisonous plant and there is inadequate safety data to prove its long-term safety.   She warns that without published studies it is not possible to know whether the product is safe and she is very critical of the company’s refusal to publish the studies upon which they rely.

Her concerns are heightened by the many reports of people receiving serious rashes and allergic reaction to the Nerium Beauty Cream.   In our Internet review of anecdotal experiences, it is quite common to find people who saw no major or any improvements after using the Nerium creams.  This is not uncommon — most high-end skin creams have both advocates and detractors.   Some folks swear by the product and the results and are willing to fork out $100 per bottle to try the creams.     What makes Nerium more marketable…..but more alarming as well…..is that its results become apparently more quickly than other creams.   Some have stated that the quick results are due to the fact that it causes your skin to swell slightly.  So rather than getting rid of wrinkles, you just get puffier.  Their theory is that it is destroying the cells on your skin in the same way a chemical peel would.  Notably,  chemical peels on a periodic basis may be healthy, but a mild chemical peel on a daily basis could have long-term ramifications. The fact that many people report that after the first month or two they develop rashes and report headaches should be a concern to customers.

Another thoughtful discussion on the safety of Nerium products is at Barefaced Truth.   It notes that the same ingredient is used in anti-cancer drugs which are sold by Nerium Biotechnology, the parent company of the Nerium Skin Care.   There is extensive peer reviewed published scientific research on the effects of oleandrins (which are extracts from oleanderplants).  They have been found to cause “massive oxidative stress”, reduce protein synthesis, and can promote cell death (apoptosis).  If absorbed into bloodstream, these same chemicals can have effects on the heart, including heart block, which can be fatal. The bigger the dose, the bigger the risk of untoward effects.  Nerium has consistently declined to disclose the dosage in its skin care formulations, so consumers don’t know how much of this poison is being absorbed into their bodies.   This is an issue, according to this blog, because topical application of oleander plant extracts may result in cardiac poisoning.

Nerium asserts that it shouldn’t have to publish its studies.   Because cosmetics are only lightly regulated by the FDA,  companies selling face creams routinely decline to publish studies showing their products are effective.   They will often cite scientific evidence that anti-aging ingredients work, but they won’t provide those studies to show that the product contains enough of the substances to have an effect.  It also has posted a highly-edited video on YouTube depicting a panel of alleged experts describing the health effects of Nerium.   You be the judge…..but notice how they skirt around the issue of long-term effects.   That’s because most cosmetic tests are limited to whether the creams cause skin irritation.   In Nerium’s case, because it is made from a highly toxic substance there may be longer-term and subtle health ramifications that go beyond just skin irritation  (which is, by the way, among the most common complaint about Nerium on the Internet).     As Dr. Gunter points out, the absence of any peer-reviewed studies is disconcerting and, for the good doctor, a dealbreaker.

Does Nerium Work?

At a very basic, level, all skin creams are essentially the same. They contain oils to moisturize the skin – like Vaseline. They also contain ingredients designed to maintain that moisturizing, but without the greasy feeling of Vaseline. Beyond that, there’s no scientific consensus that over-the-counter creams really work.   Thus, we are left to assess effectiveness based upon anecdote — which never a desirable basis.   We note that on Amazon, the most popular Nerium product is “age defying night cream.”  It garnered 894 reviews, of which 412 were three stars or less.   So about 50% of the purchasers thought it worked and 50% didn’t.   This is curiously similar to the 50% effectiveness of placebos.   A number of customers on Amazon and elsewhere complained of skin irritation after long-term use.

A quick note about The Placebo Effect.   The placebo effect is the measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behavior not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered.  Dr. Irving Kirsch, a psychologist at the University of Connecticut, tested to determine the effectiveness of Prozac and similar drugs.    His team analyzed 19 clinical trials of antidepressants and concluded that the expectation of improvement, not adjustments in brain chemistry, accounted for 75 percent of the drugs’ effectiveness.  In an earlier study, his co-researcher analyzed 39 studies, done between 1974 and 1995, of depressed patients treated with drugs, psychotherapy, or a combination of both. He found that 50 percent of the drug effect is due to the placebo response.   Subsequent studies have borne out the Placebo Effect.

In regards to skin creams, there are reportedly  thousands of scientific studies showing that active ingredients featured in anti-aging products have the potential of reducing wrinkles, but there are also those that say a simple emollient can do the same.   Could it all be in the mind?  Scientists are increasingly recognizing the placebo effect as an authentic neurochemical reaction in the brain.  In one reported study, the experimenter rubbed a skin cream on subjects’ wrists, telling some it was an experimental salve and others that it was a placebo cream. In reality it was all placebo cream. A third of subjects who got what they thought was the painkilling cream reported less pain, showing a clear placebo effect.  It became increasingly clear that when a patient improved on placebo, it wasn’t just some delusion or an effort to please a person in a lab coat. It was a measurable brain event and reflected an actual reduction in the experience of pain. But scientists are increasingly recognizing the placebo response as an authentic neurochemical reaction in the brain.    It is highly likely that the anti-aging marketing gurus have figured out that compelling ads, fancy packaging and high prices will combine to persuade the mind that a product works even though there’s no biological support for the product’s effectiveness.

Is Nerium’s Multi-Level Marketing Distribution a Scam?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes are not illegal and, often, are perfectly acceptable methods of product distribution.   Avon, for one, is a multi-level marketing company.    However, MLMs are often characterized by high-margin products  (meaning: overpriced relative to the cost of manufacturing them), high-pressure sales by economically  “motivated” salespeople and the potential for overblown claims.   If you want to learn more about how MLMs work, check out this “mokumentary“.  At their worst, MLMs are pyramid schemes in which only a small percentage of sellers make any money and most everyone else (including customers) are the losers.    Nerium doesn’t appear to be a pyramid scheme, but it does suffer from two characteristic MLM excesses.

First, it places a strong financial incentive upon its marketers to sell product — perhaps too strong. The sellers of Nerium products are usually obligated to buy product, whether they sell it or not.   Like most MLMs, Nerium products are sold and distributed via independent consultants known as “Brand Partners”. Nerium’s “Brand Partners” are allowed to choose their own methods to sell the products. However they must meet a certain sales requirement every month otherwise they pay out of pocket.   By way of comparison, an Avon Representative has to pay $15.00 to join, gets a free web page and has an upfront commission structure in which they get paid in cash or product.  Nerium “Brand Partners”  have to pay a significant amount upfront ($500 or more), pay $29.95 a month for a web site and compensation is reportedly complicated.  It would appear that most sellers just get free product rather than cash payments.   Eddy Salomen hosts a very informative blog about the selling of Nerium products.    Anyone considering becoming a “Brand Partner” or being sold product by a Brand Partner should take ten minutes to read his blog about Nerium.    Many former “Brand Partners” share their experience about having tried to sell Nerium Products.   In short:  it is a very mixed bag.

As to the accuracy of the advertising claims, one of the big controversies has been the involvement of the reputable MD Anderson Cancer Center in formulating Nerium products.   The claims became so widespread….and unfounded….that the Center itself published a rebuttal on its own webpages and denying any endorsement or connection to Nerium products.   Similarly, well-known actor Ray Liotta sued Nerium in 2014 claiming that his photos were used in Nerium ads even though he’d never used the product.   TMZ reports Liotta saying ““Ray Liotta says (Nerium Internation” is like a pimple on his ass, and he’s gonna pop it … in court.”

Nerium also makes claims about results that border on “too good to be true”.   It offers a product called “Nerium Firm” that claims to “reduce the appearance of cellulite”.   It contains “white willow bark” which contains an active ingredient known to cause kidney damage.  The clinical studies of this product consist solely of a questionnaire given to users — no other physiological evaluation was conducted.   Nerium’s pitch is”try it and see for yourself”,  which is really what most all anti-aging cream sellers want.   Even if you only try the product for two or three months, the companies make money because the product has insanely high profit margins;  that is, it is cheap to make but they charge extremely high prices.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual as to whether to use a skin-care product that contains a known cardiotoxin and has chosen not to publish safety studies. We recommend that if you want to potentially spend/waste your money on high-end skin care products that you consult the Comestics Database to look up the ingredients in products to check their toxicity levels.   There, you can find low-toxicity alternatives at a fraction of Nerium’s cost.   Ultimately, the best — and lowest cost — strategy to combat wrinkles (and aging, in general) continues to be:

Wear sunscreen

Don’t smoke

Treat your skin well

Eat healthy

Manage stress.

Try these first time-tested and very low-cost strategies…………and only after that should you consider anti-wrinkle cream.   As for Nerium, well, we can only say “caveat emptor” and “good luck”.   If you really feel that you need to spend the money on Nerium, we recommend you take 10 minutes of your time to read this opinion about the merits (and demerits) of Nerium.    Or if you only have four minutes, check out this news report by KPIX in San Francisco.  It’ll be well worth your time.

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  1. G
    G says:

    I just started using the nerium eye serum; saw immediate results like wrinkles faded and skin became smoother and puffier. However, few days after using it i developed skin rashes and itchiness in the inner corner of my eyes. I have no doubt it was nerium causing it since i didn’t use anything else aside from nerium. I also just started using the nerium facial wash and night cream with no side effects…so far….but reading the comments above make me want to stop using them before shit happens.

  2. Cheryl A Fosnocht
    Cheryl A Fosnocht says:

    When in use the firming cream. I get edema in the areas I apply it. Someone deplane that please!!!! I’m not happy

  3. Robin
    Robin says:

    Has anyone developed severe leg pain when using the FIRMING Body Contour Creme NeriumAD* Formula? IShortly after I started using the creme I developed severe cramping in the back of my legs to the point where I could hardly stand up or walk across a room without wincing with every step. Stopped using the creme and a month later I still have pain, less but still pain, so that now I need to see my doctor. Sure the cellulite looks better but the pain is not worth it, nor is the expense.

    • Teresa
      Teresa says:

      I’ve been using the EHT supplements for 0ver 12 mnths & has terrible leg pain & spinning head originally but decided to only have 3 per week instead of daily & symptoms went. It has helped my peri menopause symptoms dramatically reducing them. The firm cream within a month showed remarkable results is the reduction of cellulite & my neck, wow my turkey neck looks 100% better. So it does work … but long term affects based on above rattles me, but so much of what we consume today & spread on our skin concerns me also.

    • Long GLEASON
      Long GLEASON says:

      How are your legs doing now??
      Someone came to me..about using Nerium..now they are having severe elbow pain..muscle cramping back of arm..
      Anyone?? Can help

  4. Anna Cesnjevar
    Anna Cesnjevar says:

    You’ve heard of these, right? It’s where you pay money up front and purchase your stock of products with a company like Nerium. You make a commission on your sales. Then recruit others to become sales people under you, for which, you get compensation. The more people you recruit, the bigger cut you get.The product ingredients would need to penetrate to the deep cellular level of the skin. If a product does not do this, then it usually requires no FDA approval and ends up disguising the skin problem versus.

  5. Anna Cesnjevar
    Anna Cesnjevar says:

    This is what was learned when nerium oleander was originally being tested by Nerium Biotechnology for cancer treatment. Unfortunately inflammation and oxidation are the cause of most skin problems, including acne, sun damage, and premature aging. Protein synthesis should be increased for anti-aging effects. The company abandoned using it as a cancer treatment and decided to use it as an anti-aging ingredient.

  6. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    So, first off, let me say – wow – some of you people that use this cream are soooo touchy! If it works for you, great, why do you have to get all defensive, ugly, and condescending to people who saw bad results?
    And now we come to why I am here. My mom is in town visiting me. I usually give her my anti-aging cast offs that I feel didn’t work for me. I gave her my NeriumAD night and day cream yesterday morning. She used the day cream yesterday – first time ever using anythng Nerium related – and then we left for a long day of shopping. She immediately started complaining about burning and itching while we were in the car. After a few hours her face was pink. By the time we got home her whole face was red, rash covered, and swelling up. She washed her face, I gave her some Benadryl and hydrocortizone to put on her face and she went to bed. This morning she looks worse. She’s never had an allergic reaction before and this is freaking her out. It has spread down her neck, her eyes, even her ears are red and swollen. She did not put it on any of those places, it just seems to be spreading there. Before any of you zealots say “yes, she HAD to have put it on her eyes and ears and down her neck!!” No, she did not – my mom did not put it on any of those places. I feel terrible for her and hope this goes away before she has to fly home in a couple days. She has me scouring the internet on how to fix this but Bendadryl and Benadryl cream are all I can come up with for her.
    So, to conclude, this is so crazy that one application can do this to a person especially when it didn’t have the same affect on a relative. Just goes to show how different we all are chemically. I will be throwing out the remaining product before I give it to anyone else! Geez!

  7. Sheila Wood
    Sheila Wood says:

    Guys….think about it. If it causes redness, swelling, and itchcy spots that you scratch – it gets into the bloodstream! And take it from me, it causes systemic damage that can take years to repair or not. Please, please DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. After two years of having large itchy sores and hives plus blisters, I have only one thing to say – histamine intolerance. Try to fix that one when physicians do not even know much about it. Good f . ing luck!

  8. maggie
    maggie says:

    I have been using it for a rather long time now, and have had no issues. I’ve always shad super sensitive skin, and I always skeptical of anything like this (the stuff that feels like a pyramid scheme)…..but my boyfriend really wanted to try the EHT to help with his memory issues…. I agreed to try to night cream, but that was it. I noticed the EHT change him in less than a month. At first he claimed to feel no different, but there was a big difference. He was remembering little things, like things I’d asked him to do the day before, but would have normally forgotten. His smoking habits decreased, his depression issues ceased, he was more energetic, and he was sleeping better (he’s always had issues sleeping well, for as long as I can recall, so that alone was worth it). I started the cream, expecting to hate it, break out, and be itchy. To my surprise it was not like that at all. I assumed it would eventually change and that would happen…but no. I kept using it and the redness in my skin went away. My dry skin went away. I was never very pimply, but what few i used to get stopped existing (and yes, i have always washed my face before bed and when i get up, so it wasn’t due to a change in hygiene). I added the day cream in, and that helped with the dry skin too (i spend a lot of time in the water so my skin dries out quickly). As far as it being made with a toxic plant….it’s pretty simple…don’t eat it. don’t put it in your mouth. and if you read the instructions it says to keep it away from eyes and not to eat it. It’s like any product that contained chemicals, which for the records is basically all of them anymore. I have no doubt it makes some people break out. People are allergic to all sorts of things….that’s like saying peanut butter shouldn’t be sold because it causes death in some cases. Use your brains. I can see how or why this product isn’t for everyone. I mean there are loads of things I’d never buy from this place or that place, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. It just means they aren’t for me. You can’t placebo effect your way into something working when you give it to a skeptic that didn’t believe in it to begin with. Also, there is not a monthly fee for your webpage, not sure who told you that. and that $500 buy in, is because you get about $1200 worth of product to distribute for samples…..don’t be cynical about something and then not give the facts. I chose not to do the brand partner things because sales in not my thing. No one makes you do it. I get my product, and I go on my way. The pay out can be in multiple forms, so to say that it’s sketchy or that it just comes in the way of free product is silly. I know loads of people doing it, who make a living off their sales and are in fact comfortable. Yes there are incentives for betters sales, but that’s any sales job.

  9. Barb
    Barb says:

    I used Nerium, as did my 40 year old daughter. Both of us initially liked the results but after about 3 weeks, we started developing mouth sores on our lips and even within our mouths. We have both stopped using it and no longer have soreness. Maybe oleander isn’t the best product to use on your face?

  10. Tina
    Tina says:

    Step back and think that many of the comments here come from those who sell beauty as their profession. Would you not think that a product that can do everything their expensive treatments can do, might hurt business a little. Botox is a poison, dermal ablation is killing a layer of skin, even aloe is a poison. We are not seeing results of people dropping dead and yes Oleander is a toxic plant if you graze on the plant itself. At present it is used in an herb and beneficial in many ways. And I read comments about how as a brand partner they were not educated on the product. Hand held do you need to be? There are countless videos and printouts that explain every detail in your training material. Any thing that rises fast and can make professionals concerned it could tap into their wallet provokes negative review.

  11. Faith E Parker
    Faith E Parker says:

    I tried yhis product because a friend of mine was so excited about it. I couldn’t tolerate the night cream at all – one application caused irritation. The day cream, however, seemed to do a great job. I called Nerium to return the product, mentioning I’d like to keep the day cream. I was told to return ALL product for refund, so I kept a small amount to continue using until my friend could order me day cream on her account. I have rosacea and Nerium is supposedly safe for people with that condition. Usually, my skin is clear, but after a total of about 2-1/2 weeks of just using the day cream, developed painful blemishes, akin to rosacea reaction to irritation. My friend said she doesn’t know anyone who’s had a reaction, so I Googled the subject. Thank goodness for this blog! Yes, my skin looked better initially, but I’ve noticed lines at my dimple are actually worse than prior to using the product. I’ve had some other symptoms mentioned here, as well. There’s an old saying: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” –FEP

  12. Jenni
    Jenni says:

    I found this blog actually looking to see if anyone else had experience help with their chronic migraines from nerium. I actually have found that my migraines seem to be improving and I was wondering if anyone else tried putting Nerium on the back of their neck or other pre migraine headache spot to try to divert the migraine? I cannot take many Migraine meds because of other autoimmune disease issues so I am all about avoidance. It seems I have come to the wrong site because you all have the opposite reactions and results. I love this stuff. It eliminated the millia under my eye that has plagued me for the last 5 years, the 3 age spots on my hands, the eczema between two knuckles that kept returning with my prescription and improved my son’s teenage “acne”. I use it for a lot of things and then wait and see. I have’t had the trouble you all seem to be experiencing. Maybe those who still have some and don’t want to use it on their face for one fear or the other could use it to soften their heels, or split nails or even just hand cream. Don’t just throw it out.

  13. Debbie DeAngelo
    Debbie DeAngelo says:

    I have been using Nerium products for the last 2 years with no ill effects. I am in the beauty industry and have extensively fact checked prior to getting involved with this company as well. It’s unfortunate to read all this negative commentary, as with all products on the market, high and low end, everyone experiences different things. I myself have visited the doctor after using Lancome products. It CLEARLY States NOT to use Nerium AD on the eye area, so obviously when consumers aren’t properly using a product as directed the outcome will be problematic. I have 50 long-standing clients using Nerium for years with no issue. In the time I personally have sold this product one person has sent it back and gotten a full refund promptly because her plastic surgeon started her on his own auto delivery product. Many clients have suspended and restarted their auto deliveries at their convenience. At no time have I felt pressured to aggressively persuade and pursue others to join me in this venture. I get paid 13 different ways, Neriums compensation plan is the BEST in this type of business, no other company has this payment plan, there’s no smoke and mirrors, it’s ALL written out for you to see. We never have to pay for additional inventory once we become a Brand Partner we get FREE product to give out to sample or sell, we have no “quotas”, we work at our own pace, I have 4 woman under me who earned their free Lexus, one in 4 months, I’m in 2 years and I’m not driving a Lexus but I have an $18,000 monthly team under me. Some work part time in it or full time in it and have fun, we travel together, we are all friends who believe in our products and our company, Nerium is the #1 donator to Big Brother’s and Big Sister’s in the USA, Jeff Olson started the International day of Happiness and Happy Acts and making People Better, he publishes Live Happy magazine and sends it free to all of us and all of the customers, it’s all positive things. Unfortunately people have a sour view of relationship marketing. Amway, Mary Kay, Isagenix, Silpada Jewelry, Juenesse, Pampered Chef, Party lite, etc. These are all multi level relationship marketing companies, yet Nerium is made out to be some sort of cult. I believe in the products because I have seen results in myself and all of my friends and clients. The NEWEST Eye Serum is fabulous with instant results and feels light, unlike Juenesse which has the same ingredient as CEMENT and looks and feels like that when applied. Every person I apply it on sees the result in the photo I take right in front of them, no phony balony. As for the Night Cream and people’s experiences, NeriumAD brings up and rids everything from deep within your skin, so yes some at first may experience breakouts for a month or so, but then you will have the most amazing skin ever. I do not encourage my clients to use the day and night creams all at once, you need to introduce new products one at a time. So to those of you who had problems it’s a shame, your brand partner was not educated enough to help you and in any business, education and knowledge of product is key. It’s NOT up to NERIUM to educate us as Brand Partners, it’s up to us as Brand Partners to educate ourselves through research, Nerium provides us with everything we need regarding what they have for the business and the product knowledge and then We CAN take it one step further and educate ourselves even more. Every single company out there has detractors, Nerium is no different. They are a GLOBAL company (5 countries) with exclusive PATENTED products and are working EXCLUSIVELY with Signum BioSciences out of PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.They are killing it in the industry and people love to hate. As I said before Lancome EYE CREAM burned MY eyes terribly, enough to see a doctor twice and get shots, but I’m not on a site writing about it and saying it’s the poison ingredients in it that burnt me. Hysteria is being created here. Be leaders not followers, try it and make your own educated decision.

    • Nelsey
      Nelsey says:

      Debbie DeAngelo, I just read your comment and you stated that it is not Nerium’s responsibility to educate you on the products but rather the brand partners responsibility to educate themselves thru research. ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME?. This is ludacris. It is totally Nerium’s responsibility to educate you on the very products they manufacture and you sell. Unbelievable to think anything different. And scary to think that thousands of people are climbing on board and buying into the products from people who don’t get the proper education from the company and make the product claims based on what they hear from others in the company. This is my biggest beef with MLM marketing. Many unqualified and uneducated representatives pushing the products. Complete turn off.

  14. Vicki O'Neal
    Vicki O'Neal says:

    Please see the following webpage

    You’ll find that Nerium International was taking dangerous “shortcuts” and not using the patented key ingredients which passed all required toxicology, environmental testing as well as federal requirements. The videos and seals of approval were allowed to be used when they were apart of Nerium Biotech Skin Care; however, the San Antonio based company filed suit in 2015 after discovering Nerium International’s fraudulent acts. After a year of unsuccessful mediation a law suit is now in progress. Nerium International has yet to comply with removing all of Nerium Skin Care’s documentation and resources from their marketing products and online advertisements.

  15. Eliz
    Eliz says:

    Regardless of what any Nerium partner says; all of us reporting the issues can’t all be wrong.

    I did a favor and tried it. My mistake, the first night I had rapid and throbbing heart rate. I thought it was in my head. I woke up with rash/bumps on my face. The next night about 10 min after application I started feeling funny in my chest. I washes it off ASAP. I’m sticking with my organic raw products. I don’t need a product to swell my face to hide wrinkles, I’m good!

  16. Alex
    Alex says:

    Anyone experiencing unusual hair loss! Ive been using the night creme for a month now, a friend gave me a bottle to try, and I have noticed that my hair seems to be coming out much more than the usual daily hair loss. I’ve had my thyroid checked twice and all is good. So I was just wondering if it’s just the timing or could it be the Nerium. But even with all of the concerns I’m not going to continue using it.

  17. Jodie
    Jodie says:

    I am an Internationally Certified Medi-Spa Practitioner, Advanced Clinical Skin Care Specialist, Laser Technician, and Oncology Esthetician. Although I had already done my research on this product and come to me own conclusion I have recently been approached again by an Oncology nurse who believes she is helping women with scarring from breast surgeries heal their scarring. The fact that she believes introducing a person who is either undergoing cancer treatments or after cancer treatments is entirely disturbing. People who are undergoing cancer treamtents or after such treatments are already at risk to have extremely sensitive skin to rashes, irritations, inflammation, and dryness. Also, their bodies have been undergoing levels of toxic chemicals, and other foreign bodies that only their doctors or those who have experienced this could possibly imagine. I have yet to see actual Documentation that supports their safety claims (if they are even existent they refuse to reveal them to anyone), nor do I believe for a second that using a product ingredient that has extensively been concluded to be toxic on many levels would be safe to use on anyones skin, never mind an oncology client or child. If someone is currently pregnant and using this product, please be safer than sure and chose something else. There are soon…… many effective choices out there that are cheaper, effective, and proven safe, that I do not see the need for anyone to cause inflammation or risk killing cells, whether they get results or not, I do not believe it is worth the risk of long term damage.

    Furthermore I have experienced the aggressive Nerium ppl on more than one occasion and am not surprised by their tactics considering the Company is headed by someone such as Jeff Olsen, who teaches this get rich quick crap in every company he has ever sunk. His recruiting style is well known in the Industry and it is very evident in any representative of Nerium that i have come across. He makes his Millions and then jumps ship onto his next venture happily with everyone elses money in his pocket. So even IF, I even slighly believed in this product (which I do not) I would never associate with any business that he was a part of.

  18. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I have used Nerium for almost 3 years and love it. My skin is firmer, my wrinkles are barely there anymore and my complexion glows. Here are my thoughts after reading this blog and the comments.
    *It doesn’t need an FDA approval because it’s not a food or drug. *My dog has licked my face and hands with Nerium on them, many times and hasn’t gotten sick.
    *There has never been any detectable amounts of oleander is the blood of test subjects when the safety studies were done.
    *You can’t get a patent on a consumer product that can poison someone.
    *Some people may have a reaction to any product. Sometimes it’s a reaction reacting to a combination of things.
    *You can’t judge the effectiveness of a product when you buy it third party of Amazon or eBay or whatever. You have no guarantee that you are truly getting what you think you are, the product’s expiration or exposure to heat.
    That’s all for now. I will watch and see if my positive comments will be deleted or not. I will also watch for someone to post that it made their cousin’s ear fall off or something else just as rediculous. The internet can be a great source of information or not. Just because something is posted, it doesn’t mean it’s all factual.

    • Karen
      Karen says:

      It’s doesn’t require FDA approval because it contains less than 8% active ingredients. I’d also be concerned what it does to you neurologically.

  19. Joan F
    Joan F says:

    Thank you for this review and all the comments. I started using Nerium just a little over a week ago. During that time, I have had a migraine almost every day, which is unusual for me. The only day that I did not have a migraine was after the only night that I didn’t use Nerium. After reading this, I am definitely not using it any more. It is not worth the risk. My health is way more important than anything that Nerium promises.

  20. Mario
    Mario says:

    I have just read through the blog and all of the comments. It seems that this product is good for some and others experience an allergic reaction to it. I think this just proves that we are all different as human beings. I once offered a good friend some fresh strawberries, to which he commented “Are you trying to kill me?”, I had no idea he was allergic to something so common to me. Perhaps we should take this product in the same way, works for some but not EVERYONE. I also see loads of comments about FDA approval. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I know a lot of the government agencies are deeply influenced by big business who has no regard for our safety. So perhaps we should question why the FDA allows rat hairs, bugs, and rodent excrement in our daily foods that we purchase in the supermarket. Also, I have been told but have not found a reference to verify it, but in order for the FDA to approve a product it has to not kill 51% of the test subjects. So killing 49% of the population consuming the product is ok for public safety? Just something to think about

  21. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    This is getting off the point of whether or not Nerium really works for what it is advertised for, but I feel the need to share incase this can be useful information for anyone in the future. I know a few people that sell Nerium so I decided to try it out for a couple weeks several months ago. I felt the results that I experienced were worth trying it again. In December I decided to try it again (this timy buying it off Amazon). I had decided I would try one bottle and once it ran out I would decide if I would continue. I remember that the Nerium was delivered to me around 1/1/16 and I started using it sometime between 1/2/16-1/4/16. My dog started vomiting 1/5/16. I figured it would pass. After a week I started thinking it was weird that he was still vomiting. I hadn’t done anything different with him and he is with me all the time so I knew he hadn’t gotten in to anything. When the vomiting didn’t stop at two weeks I figured it was time to take him to the vet. The day I made the appointment I sat down and drew up a calendar with each day marked that he threw up and made notes of all changes that I noticed and anything I could think of which wasn’t much. I drove myself crazy trying to figure this out. When I drew up the calendar and marked the first day he vomited (1/5/16) the thought came to me that it could be the Nerium AD. Almost every morning I work out in my living room. I sweat A LOT when I work out and I have a constant struggle with my Dog every morning….he licks my face and I am constantly pushing him away. This sounds ridiculouse but he was getting anywhere from 5-10 licks give or take almost every day. Seeing as how Oleander is toxic, the thought came to me that this could be it. I wasn’t convinced as I wasn’t sure that this small amount was enough to make my dog sick. I called my vet and let them know about Nerium AD and they printed up a list of the ingrediants for the Doctor to take a look at so she would be able to review with me at the appointment. We went to the Vet appointment and she said that there are 4 to 5 ingrediants on the list that she said were VERY concerning to her and that this could absolutely be the cause of the vomiting. I stopped using the Nerium immediately (2 weeks ago) and my Dog has not vomited since. He is back to his normal cheerful self (It only took a day or two for me to see signs of him acting normal again). I still can’t believe that I was able to figure out that it was Nerium AD and I still can’t believe that Nerium is the cause of him getting sick. I am sooooo thankful that I figured it out. It was very stressful and very sad. My Dog was miserable and I just can’t believe I was the cause of it and didn’t even realize it. My Dog is a 1 year old 75 pound healthy Pitt Bull. If my Dog was an old dog, or an unhealthy dog or a small dog I would hate to see what kind of effect this could have had. I can only assume it could have been a lot worse. Anyways I understand that my situation is a weird one and that most people who use Nerium don’t have a dog that licks their face but just incase there is someone else out there that has experienced a problem like this and can’t figure out why their dog is getting sick…..or just incase there is someone thinking about using nerium and has a dog that sometimes licks their face – this is for you. If this helps even one person, it was worth me typing this message. It was extremely stressful for me and if I could have just read this, it would have been a huge help to me. I obviously started researching Nerium AD as soon as it came to me that it could be the cause of my Dog getting sick and that is when I found this article and all these comments and I really wish I would have done all this research before using it. For the small amount of time of using Nerium AD I felt that I could see a difference (not sure if it was all in my head or not) but I will never use it again, not after what I experienced and not after what I have now read about it.

    • Shelley
      Shelley says:


      Your comment is helping me make my decision. I have known people to use Nerium and have had no problems. I have used it thinking it is great. It is my go to. I bought it 2 years ago, and I loved it. But, I hated the price. Since, managing my skin’s challenges is not easy, I was relieved to find it for much less on Amazon. I have researched and found a product that I have been thinking about replacing the Nerium. But, I have a dog who licks my face every morning. She licked my face after applying the Nerium and looked stunned. I worried that it might be bad for her. I love the results, and I do not think its merely inflammation. The tightness it provides is unreal. It has erased acne, acne scars, and helped minimize my lines, but not erase them. I do not want to hurt my dog. I am scared to risk it. I am not thinking it is going to hurt me, but my friend who uses it has a dog who has never been healthy. I have wondered if there is a connection. But, for me, it has mad my skin look less red, no breakouts, and just healthy. I seriously do not know of anything that works like it. I don’t sell it. I don’t like MLMs, but I do like my skin right now. I am thinking about trying a cream I saw advertised that is only $25, and/or rose hips oil I have heard helps with my skin problems of acne, redness, and lines. The ace and redness are almost completely gone. Scars from years ago have vanished. I used it for about 3 months 2 years ago, and it looked great afterwards. The look lasted a long time too. But, I went back to it, because every anti-age cream breaks me out. And the ones that do not break me out make my lines look like dry cavernous places in the desert. So, I may try this the one next. Until then, I am NOT letting my dog lick my face, and I wash it off first thing. I mean I can not believe how much it has helped with the acne. Acne and wrinkles together are not fun. Right now I am so clear and moisturized. Oh and one more thing….it makes my skin so tight, and I can not imagine putting that under my eyes or on them as someone mentioned. Good Luck!

  22. Nora
    Nora says:

    Brutal headaches. Took the “brain pill”, for three days and have not felt good since Have three months worth of the pills and am throwing them away. This is fake,,, and dangerous.
    Just throwing money away.

  23. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I was going to try Nerium but I always research anything that I’m going to buy first. I always check the one star reviews first on Amazon before I even think about buying a product there and then I work my way up through the two star reviews, etc. And if you look at products that have several hundred and worse yet, one, two and three thousand reviews, you’ll notice that the three to five star reviews almost Always say “I received this product free or at a discounted rate for my unbiased review”! Those are an instant red flag to me. This blog was very well written, researched and informative for me and I will Not be trying anything made by Nerium. Thank you for doing the leg-work for me! I have Multiple Sclerosis, have suffered from violent migraines since I was in a head-on collision (she came into my lane to avoid another vehicle), am in a wheelchair (due to the MS), take 15 to 20 prescribed medications 3 and 4 times a day and have a medically-induced paralyzed immune system. I won’t even take an OTC without thoroughly researching it and I certainly can’t afford to put something toxic into my body! I really do thank you for this information! At least this time I got my to make my decision after only one article of research. 🙂 (Sorry if there are any typos in this comment since my auto-correct likes to take my shaky fingers and create interesting words with them!) lol

  24. Angel Johnstone
    Angel Johnstone says:

    I have used Nerium for 2 years. When I discontinue use temporarily, the results STAY. It is a shame that people with little knowledge about the company or product can post whatever they like online. I urge you to do your own research and not follow the ramblings of an online blogger with an axe to grind!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Ms. Johnstone – While we appreciate your sharing your experience with Nerium and your temporary discontinuance of the product, we don’t appreciate your referring to this website as an “online blogger with an axe to grind”. We are unaware of any axe needing grinding other than providing the truth about products….something that Nerium has not been able to do very well. We have no agenda, bias or ground axes other than to provide consumers the best information available.

  25. cc
    cc says:

    This cream may be a poison.I was almost fooled because they keep the ingredients a secret and if you don’t research what you’re using the damage is on you.The book from Jeff Olsen is full of bs and he’s not a business person. I sent the kit and products back today. What a huge disappointment that was and I’m glad that my family members didn’t use it. 2 cases of people dying already…..I feel like a class action suit should be filed against this Nerium right away before someone else dies- a pregnant lady who doesn’t know not to use it or an elderly person with heart issues….

    • A.mara
      A.mara says:

      My nan. Parkinsons wolffe white (heart condition). She was only sporadically using a freebie (two brand partners) pushed her to use by preying on my nans insecurities about her stroke wrinkles… nan isnt an educated woman and trust what others tell her… she had skin reactions and sudden change in her heart beats dropping and slowing to about half its normal rate. It has also been interacting with her quinine,lasix and ive been trying to get her to see a dr and test the link between the product and her worsening symptoms. But her reply “but it was made in princton university, they are drs they knownmore about this than anyone” or ” no no its just my age” and the big ” why would they give me this stuff knowing its harmful”… cos they are blind fools caught up in the NLP tactics this company uses to sell its glorified moisturiser…

      My point is the only people i know swear by it are those selling and most everyone else tried and rejected it due to reactions and interactions with sales reps was offputting.
      Yes there are proveable cases but people arnt making the link.
      As for their ‘coaching’ the are using brainwashing techniques and teaching their reps these things… the use of certain words phrases and gestures to lull the gullible and how to divert hard questions to their “”totally unbiased”” website reveiws etc..

      Partners aldo have tried to get me into selling and even trued the techniques forgetting that they taught me the bs hypno NLP so i can spot it a mile away…
      Predatory sales techniques for a potentially harmful product…

  26. Annette
    Annette says:

    I have very sensitive skin & have had no reactions to Nerium I noticed a difference after 2 months a year later many friends asked said I look younger . On vacation with family in Florida I was asked for identification to purchase a cocktail. I’m 52 year old grandmother! & I do sell skin care for a different major company….I love Nerium! Use sunscreen when in the sun & im surprised all the reactions some people have said . Not me & I have very sensitive skin.

  27. Diane
    Diane says:


    I have been using the product for over a year and really love it. I have had no complaints about it and have only gotten compliments on how great my skin looks and I love how it feels.

    Are any anti wrinkle creams FDA approved? Since they are neither a food nor a drug, it wouldn’t make sense to have them FDA approved. But if there are some anti wrinkle creams that are, please let me know…I would love to try them.

    I look forward to reading more of your reviews on other products!



  28. Esage
    Esage says:

    I used Nerium night cream and experienced some burning and tightness which the instructions say is normal, I decided to try the day cream the next morning and WHAM!!! instant reaction, my skin burned, turned bright red like I had a sunburn. I has to wash it off with cool water. Its been about 6 hours since then and my skin still burns and itches. I will be sending the product back for sure. Not worth it.

  29. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    I’ve been using Nerium’s Optimera day and night creams that are sold in Canada for about six months now and love the results, tighter, smoother, even toned looking skin but after reading this article am concerned about Optimera’s safety. However looking at the ingredient list for the Optimera product http://www.neriumsupport.com/downloads/canada/Optimera_Ingredient_List.pdf
    I see no mention of the nerium oleander referred to in this article. Can someone confirm for me if the Optimera products contain the exact same ingredients as Nerium sold in the US and if they are different if Optimera is considered safe to use? I had heard mention that for Nerium to be approved for sale in Canada they had to remove one/some of the ingredients, would this have been the nerium oleander?

    • Angel Johnstone
      Angel Johnstone says:

      The optimera formula contains Sig-1273 which is a superior formula proven in clinical trials. Please contact the person that introduced you to the product to get updated information on the ingredients and the studies behind them before you walk away from something that is working for you!

  30. Irene
    Irene says:

    I became a Nerium Brand Partner because I believed all of the hype. The people were really nice and they believed wholeheartedly in the product. I used both the NeriumAD and EHT but developed a headache. I tried to ride it out, but after 15 days of consistent headaches, I stopped using all Nerium products. I had the headache for three days after stopping, but have not had those headaches since. I’m not sure what was causing the headaches, but I know that it’s not normal to have pain every day and the Nerium products were the only change, so I can only conclude that Nerium was making me sick. I am no longer a Brand Partner because I can’t be enthusiastic about a product that I cannot use.

  31. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    I was interested in using this product, but i always research first…not believeing what companys claim. People need to understand products used for “beauty” and cosmetically are NOT cleared and checked out by the FDA. This may seem off topic but felt I needed to inform anyone that will listen. I work in the beauty industry as a hairstylist, 30+ years. A company had a miracle hair product claiming it was safe, makes your hair straight, it’s just protien keratin. ..GREAT for your hair, CONDITIONS. .AMAZING, ETC. This was proven to be extremely TOXIC. Full of formaldehyde. They still claim it’s safe! Hairstylists were getting migraines, coughs, bloody noses, disabling effects from it. I will believe those that are getting headaches, rashes etc…over the company Nerium. It’s all about the MONEY. I wouldn’t chance my health !

  32. Brandi
    Brandi says:

    I was a Nerium brand partner for several months. At first I saw great results with Nerium. My chest area and hands seemed to look better almost immediately. Changes to my face were much more subtle. I was excited to join, and thought I was selling the product itself, but I was pushed more by my “up line” to recruit others under me to sell the product instead. It was a big turnoff. Seemed the only people that made much money were the people at the top–of course they want you to sign up more brand partners–they make $ every time you do. After about 8 months of use I started having problems with my eyes…soreness around inner lids. Then I started to get eczema like symptoms on my upper and lower eye lids (puffy red areas, itching/burning, dark spots under eyes). I didn’t at first connect it with the Nerium, but thought it was something I had inadvertently rubbed on my eye. I tried all types of eliminations to figure it out (no make up, different make up, etc). I kept using the Nerium but stopped putting in around my eyes and there was no improvement so assumed it was not the suspect. Finally after a few months I noticed my skin seemed to be getting dryer and dryer, so I stopped using it. My eyes improved almost immediately. I confirmed it was indeed the Nerium as I tried it again several months later and it had same effect of burning eyes (although I made sure not to apply it anywhere near my eyes). I have not noticed my hands or chest looking any worse since I stopped using it. My face however is no longer dry — I think it looks pretty good. I have been using pure coconut oil every night instead. Much cheaper, pure, safe and smells wonderful!

    I’m not knocking Nerium as a product. I think it had some visible benefits and I liked using it, but I definitely developed an allergy to it. I was totally turned off by the pressure marketing and little hooks they try to get you to use on your friends to pull them in to selling. I also got a little tired of my up line sending messages and texts like “oh my gosh this is the greatest news ever!” only to find out that the fantastic news was we could earn an additional $125 bonus for recruiting 3 people in one month (or something similar) which really isn’t a lot of money for the person who recruits, but do the math and figure out how much those at the top make and it’s significant–for them.

    • Kerry
      Kerry says:

      I was so excited about Nerium when I first learned about it, and was guaranteed it was NOT a high pressure sales type business. I explained my goal was to sell enough of the product so that mine would be paid for… and maybe some pocket change each month. I was told that was great!!!! But have been pressured ever since, like you, with the constant barrage of FB notices and messages on my phone that I need to be doing this…. or that. It’s ALL about making money for the upline and I don’t appreciate the hidden little dings each month (that I wasn’t told about) for the use of the website and other amenities that I was never informed about. BS.

  33. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    I am a physician and use and sell Nerium. I am unaware of ANY reported cases of cardiac or other toxicity related to Nerium. The Oleander in the product is NOT the toxic variety. There are clinical trials and 3rd party trials to support its safety and efficacy. Skincare products are never FDA approved unless they claim to treat certain conditions such as psoriasis, etc. Nerium specifically states they do not claim to treat such conditions and forbids its brand partners from making such claims. I’m pretty sure if Nerium were poisoning people they wouldn’t be a 700million dollar company and some agency would have shut them down by now.

  34. Roger
    Roger says:

    I know some local “brand partners” from local networking events. They have done very well in Nerium and are honest, ethical people. Since I work in the senior market (senior health and life), Nerium’s anti-aging and new EHT product looked very attractive as an added revenue stream. Having read this review as part of my due diligence effort, I have to say I’ve backed away from going all in. I would still like to try the AD and EHT product. Thank you for posting this report.

  35. ginny
    ginny says:

    I used the night and day cream for about a year and a half. It did firm my skin, help my sagging jawline and helped reduce wrinkles, however I became incredibly tired and had excruciating pains in my lower back and abdomen. I then had (and still have) a weird almost geographic looking rash throughout my breasts, neck and shoulders that gets worse with exposure to heat, after showering or tanning. I also experienced pore blockage and headaches.

    It has been about six months since I stopped using the product and I still have the rash and the total exhaustion. The headaches went away when I stopped using the creams but I have a question.

    How do I get rid of the toxins left behind in my body and purge the poison from my system? I have gone for colonics which have helped a little, I try and eat organic, exercise and do take probiotics and supplements but I am totally exhausted and can barely function.

    Is there a class action suit pending? Is there an anecdote to purge this horrible weed/ flower extract? Is this permanent damage?

    • admin
      admin says:

      We are unaware of a current class action again Nerium, but has more people share their experiences, perhaps the basis of some kind of action might develop. If anyone has any proven recommendations about how Ginny can expel the Nerium “toxins” from her body, please also share that information. Thanks!

    • Laurie
      Laurie says:

      Hi Ginny,

      I stopped using the product back in early July, and am still suffering rashes all over my body. I’ve been to numerous dermatologist and they can’t determine the cause. It too gets worse with heat/showers. I am 100% convinced that the Nerium product is to blame. To all who are thinking of using this product don’t RUN! The “panel” of experts that Nerium put together is biased. If anyone, like Ginny is asking, knows how to rid toxin from the body, please let us know. This is horrible!~

  36. Crissy Hill Georgelas
    Crissy Hill Georgelas says:

    I was told by a seller of this product that one of the products will magically take away the saggy arm problem as we get older. That was when I said “no thank you” That alone was enough for me to not trust the seller or the product.

  37. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    I began using Nerium day/night cream about two month’s ago and about six weeks into my daily regimen, I started noticing a rash on my forehead and right outer corner of my eye. I didn’t think to associated it with the Nerium product use and kept using it for another week only to see additional rashes appear on my arms, lower back and neck. I will be heading to the dermatologist for “official” diagnosis, but can only contribute the rash to use of this product. I’m hoping in time the rash will disappear (it’s quite itchy as well). I too have suffered several headaches in the last few weeks which is also unusual. After reading so many reviews from fellow users, I only wish I had done my research before purchasing and signing up for monthly delivery! I will be more careful in the future about what I put on my skin. I should have known better…but being “plant based” I assumed incorrectly of its safety. Don’t be fooled.

  38. Nick
    Nick says:

    I have a question for Maria, why is this product not FDA Approved? You seem to back it up but unless FDA Approved there is no way I will try it… Also the following are highly toxic.. why on earth would you put that on your body? oleandrin, folinerin, digitoxigenin, and oleandringen… Oh my gosh… Contact your Doctor before applying any creams on you that are not FDA Approved.. I have yet to see anyone prove this can be approved by the FDA…….

    • Lisa
      Lisa says:

      Check your facts. Cosmetics do not go through FDA approval. And these products have been safety tested at ST&T (Science Technology and Toxicology) Labs in San Francisco. It is perfectly safe. This blogger simply has his information wrong. http://www.neriumbiotech.com A biotech company with scientists and doctors …not a direct seller created this product. Get your facts straight admin.

  39. sara nicole
    sara nicole says:

    Tried out free sample, after a few times using i noticed it gave me headache. Wasn’t sure it was the cause of the product. A month later I thought I’d buy it. Took them 3-4 weeks for me and my guest at party to receive our products, couldn’t get a hold of anyone by email or phone.
    After 4 times using I got severe headaches, dizziness and vision problems. I STOPPED using and The headache and dizziness went away. I am still experiancing sharp flashes of light in corner of eye. 2 weeks into receiving product, I email and call again to cancel and get refund. STILL can’t get a hold of anyone or get a email reply.
    Finally do, then they gave me RMA number to send product back within 10 days. I send out next day and never received my $120 Back, plus the $6 shipping I had to pay to send product back They say sorry.. NO REFUND. Still getting charged to after I cancelled, so I had to get a new credit card!!
    From my experience, if it caused headache, dizziness and vision problems that should tell you something!

  40. Laura debranch
    Laura debranch says:

    I have tried Nerium for three days and love the results! However I’ve had a terrible headache for the last two days!

  41. Deana
    Deana says:

    Has anyone ever reported migraines from using Nerium? I’m on day 3 of my trial & have an unbelievable headache!! The only thing I can think of that might have caused it is the Nerium. I wasn’t exposed to any of my usual migraine triggers.

  42. K. Reed
    K. Reed says:

    I have used Nerium AD for almost a year. I have had no rashes, my jawline is considerably tighter (not possible with just ‘inflammation’) and my sun spots have faded noteably. I did not use it for about 5 weeks earlier this year and did not see any negative changes such as skin drooping again or spots darkening. Is it poisonous? I still look for recent information periodically. My vanity though, says, what ever. Works for me.

  43. Donna Walden
    Donna Walden says:

    I used Nerium for about 5 months, and had compliments from EVERYBODY on my skin, but after I stopped using it (because I got tired of paying $74 a month), after about 2 weeks, my skin looked worse than ever. It has taken me over a year to get it back to normal. I am 72 and do not look my age, but after using Nerium, my skin looked 90. Now I look 50’s, and I keep my skin clean and moisturized with “whatever” I have. So not worth it to me!

  44. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    OH my..if you field search first and last name of any of the people who give the product a good review on these sites along with the word nerium (on google or facebook), you find that they are all involved in the business of selling the product. DUMB ENOUGH TO USE IT, DUMB ENOUGH TO SELL IT, DUMB ENOUGH TO LIE ABOUT IT, DUMB ENOUGH TO THINK THAT WE ARENT READING THIS REVIEW ONLINE AND THEREFORE HAVE ACCESS TO A SEARCH ENGINE.


    • Lorelei
      Lorelei says:

      Hey Virginia, you are right! Did the Google/Facebook search. Clever girl. Thanks. My cousin had almost convinced me. Her friend, a Nerium partner, gave her a bottle and she shared some with me. I have seen a difference (4 days) but I’m definitely stopping today. I have seen what stopping Botox has done to some of my friends. Hope it’s not too late!

  45. Tessa
    Tessa says:

    I was a brand partner for a little while but stopped because I felt the businesses was too shady. I went to a number of trainings and no one ever taught me a thing about the product. The trainings were only about getting rich. If there would have been product training and the focus would have been more on selling a great product rather than recruiting, I might have stayed with it. I did stop using the product because after 5 months, my pores were so clogged and my skin broke out terribly. I believe Nerium is a pyramid scheme with a product because the focus is not on the consumer, it’s on the needs of the brand partners whose success depends 100% on getting new “believers” into the scheme. I can’t say this product is safe, because after being involved with this company, I know absolutely nothing about Nerium, what’s in it or how it works on the skin. Weird experience.

  46. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    There are publications by third party scientists not affiliated with Nerium that have conclusively backed their claims scientifically. You should also note that Nerium is full on antioxidants which combat inflammation not cause it.

  47. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    As an Esthetician & knowing how the skin works, the smoothing your seeing is healthy skin cells being destroyed. It’s aging your skin long term. You can’t see it now but once you stop you will see how bad your skin really is. When your 40 you will look 60 because this product does not work at the dermal layers to make true age reversal. This product only penetrates the epidermis where nothing but dead skin is. You may think it’s working but it’s causing more damage than good, your being fooled by inflammation. Causing inflammation in the skin doesn’t make wrinkles ever go away it’s just a filler that causes more long term problems.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Thanks Michelle for your expert insight into the long-term impacts of induced inflammation. It is one of our greatest concerns about Nerium.

    • Maria
      Maria says:

      You state Nerium skincare does NOT peneyrait the epidermis, so that invalidates the claim it gets into the blood stream. Also doing research shows Nerium Biotechnologies, and Nerium International are not related…they are independent of each other. I’ve researched this product, and company in person, and have not found any of the claims stated in the article. What does a Gyno know about skin? I’ve found NO reports of people having kidney problems, or heart problems from Nerium use. You do not mention Retinols (retin-A) in your post…they burn layers of skin like a peel does, and I have personal friends that use daily, and they look really bad! Waxy shiny creepy! Personal friends I know that use Nerium for the passed 3 yrs have beautiful youthful glowing skin, and are hard core believers in the product. I’m looking to quite my Murad “system” of products as I can’t keep up with the boxes, and switch to Nerium…my friends keep telling me how easy it is with only 1 product! We’ll see! Every product I’ve researched has some kind of criticism following it. I find it’s usually a competitor selling their own line “a placebo” if you will. Of I can do a little research, the Admin can too.

      • admin
        admin says:

        Thanks for your point of view. We were careful not to include information in our post that came from competitors or anyone with financial interest in discrediting Nerium. We published our findings so that people can better educate themselves as to the claims (and risks) of beauty products like Nerium because we believe that educated consumers make the best decisions for themselves.

        • Carrie Starks
          Carrie Starks says:

          I find this comment very strange. The Barefaced Truth, which you referenced actually has a huge financial interest in discrediting Nerium. And if you are not already aware, their articles about Nerium have all been removed from their website, I’m guessing because of their lack of proof for their claims.

          I was very skeptical about trying Nerium at first, so I did extensive research. Fact is, there is no factual proof or studies showing that Nerium is unsafe or harmful. Yet so many people are stating their opinions as fact. On the other hand, there are published clinical studies and trials showing that nerium is not only safe but also effective, the point that the studies have not been submitted for peer review are false.

          It may not work for everyone and if you opt for a more natural product that’s great. But why aren’t all of these concerned people addressing the safety issues of botox, chemical peels, and retinol? On the environmental working groups rating of toxicity (skin deep) retinol is rated at a 10, the highest level of toxicity. Yet dermatologists and estheticians use recommend these every day.

          I understand people’s negative attitudes towards MLMs, but that doesn’t mean the products are not good.

        • admin
          admin says:

          We actually reference this video and hyperlink it in this blog. We agree that people who are considering using Nerium should watch it but we strongly disagree with your suggestion that it is accurate.

    • Gabrielle
      Gabrielle says:

      Hi, I am not interested in this product but I have bad wrinkles under my eyes and I’m only 19. I messed up by using anti wrinkle creams that made it worse. I’m trying to moisturize the skin under my eyes by using vaseline, hoping that it will diminish the wrinkles. Will this help in the long run or is there something else I should try using?

      • admin
        admin says:

        Based upon the comments we have received, it would appear that physical reactions to Nerium recede after you stop using it. Let us know how long it takes to eliminate the eye lid swelling.

      • Brooke
        Brooke says:

        Nerium should not be used on the eyes. The skin is too thin there. There is an eye serum that is for the eye area.

    • Jeanne McCullock
      Jeanne McCullock says:

      I agree with Michelle! I too am a licsensed aesthetician and cosmetologist. I was approached by a brand partner and foolishly I tried Nerium’s Day moisturizer as I was given a bottle to sample. After the 2nd day my facial skin began to deeply redden, icy and produce sores. I also had an anti hystimine reaction which caused inflammation at the usuage sight / area of my face wear the cream was applied. I stopped usuage on the 2nd day and was asked by a fellow colege if I had injections done due to the fact that my skin looked more plump and voluminous. I told her that I had tried Nerium on my face and had a reaction. I then with my cosmetic dictionary broke down every ingredient that was on the bottle. I found most of the ingredients to be made up with some regular cosmetic cream preparations that were legit thrown in to make it look real. So in essence it is all bogus and made up nonsense. The so called Proprietary ingredients were a bunch of made up words as well. This same group of scientists that did this research for the good of cancer research made no money first time round because their were no significant findings of the toxic Oleander plant. So they then started Nerirum International total hype for our public to buy so they could cash in another way by poisoning citizens first in our country and now internationally in Korea which is there next big launch and other big countries to follow like China. This is all public knowledge and if you go on the National Skin Cancer Society’s web page they show the findings. People you owe it to your self to do research you wouldn’t let your small child go munch on your Oleander bush in your front yard if you knew it was posin would you? Well you all need to think again your skin is your largest organ in your body so why would one haphazardly put on a product on your face or body that is known carcinogenic and poisonous?? Talk about Anti -Aging for us baby boomers the studies have not been out long enough as the author of this well written blog mentioned. My take is t causes free radical changes on the skin keeping the epidermis in the state of inflammatory response that Nerium is going to have many more liabilities in the future causing skin cancer potentially and putting its users skin in harms way to aclerate aging in a mighty big way. So people will be back to their before pictures but way worse for sure!!! So back to my Nerium lady. I expressed my concerns about the product itself but also asked the most important question I could think of at the time being a small business operator of a skin care salon.What if I sell this product to a salon guest and their skin is hurt or compromised ? Will Nerium back me up??? Who is liable if I face a lawsuit of any kind. She went back and asked her superior and her higher up did not know the answer tony question. I then was put on a conference call with someone else who said they were never asked that question but they would find out. Long story short I was told it would be my limited liability company that would be held liable. This was the answer that I knew was the case. I walked away shaking my head.?

    • Glennice Fryson
      Glennice Fryson says:

      Michelle, I wish I could have seen your comment before I spend over $160 in a product. I followed the instructions on the bottle and tube of moisturizer. I washed my face and then used one pump of the serum.

      After 4 days, I woke up to a rash which appeared to have caused a burn on my face. I stopped using the product and then placed an herb treatment on the spots which helped heal the spots now only a small semblance remains.

    • Aaron
      Aaron says:

      I know this is an old post and may never be replied to, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I began looking into Nerium as a gift for my fiancé. After some research (and your comment), I’m staying away from it. However, I’m awfully curious, with your expertise, what do you recommend?

    • admin
      admin says:

      Sorry you missed the fact that this highly-edited video is already referenced in our post under the chapter “Is Nerium Safe”.

  48. Jody Scott
    Jody Scott says:

    I have been using Nerium for about 27 days. I have had great results including fading of sun spots, smoother texture of skin and obvious softening of wrinkles. I am not affiliated in selling this product but the results I have seen in friends in family have been so impressive, I decided to give the product a try myself and have not been disappointed. No rash, no adverse reaction, only positive results. Everyone reacts to all skin care products differently. I am not certain as to why all of the negativity about Nerium.

    • Karolyn
      Karolyn says:

      I don’t sell this product either and have had absolutely wonderful results. Had old breast reduction scars that were terrible and within 2 weeks they were faded to unnoticeable! Doctor had even tried cortisone shots that almost killed me they hurt so bad. I love this product!

  49. Ethejl
    Ethejl says:

    Have used product for over one month. Skin soft,wrinkles deeper. One eye lid could use a lift, I don’t know why this is happening as I do not put the Nerium on or near my eyes or eyelids. I have just cancelled all future deliveries. Now waiting for confirmation # of cancellation.

    • Angela
      Angela says:

      The key to all the anti aging products is that once you have wrinkles it’s basically too late. Keeping your skin hydrated early on by taking care of it in your youth. For example, moisturizer starting at age 30 or earlier is how you age well. Thinking “oh now I’m 50 I better get anti wrinkle cream to look younger” and think it will work is for idiots. Treat your skin well when it’s young and you won’t need anti aging products. For women who have ignored their skin until they’re older; I’m sorry ladies it’s too late.

    • Dedra Hayden
      Dedra Hayden says:

      I am convinced that Nerium has me itching head to toe. I have a sulfur allergy and just found a bye-product of sulfur is in Nerium. This warning should be made clear. Nerium needs safety product information. I want to know who has a sulfur allergy and used Nerium had a serious skin reaction?


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