dietsFad diets.   Arrrgggh!    The “weight loss” and “diet” industries are enough to drive consumer advocates to drink….or eat… largely because none of them really work.   In fact, that’s the weighty little secret in the diet business…..their benefits are largely short-term, if any at all.   The vast majority simply don’t work unless they include lifestyle changes which are really the key to any weight loss.   Ever wonder why there aren’t two or three really large companies who have proven weight-loss track records?    There’s no Amazon or Target or USAA or General Electric kind of companies in the diet world and its not because there isn’t any money to be made.   Millions upon millions of people spend billions upon billions of their dollars on creams, devices, plans, pills and prepared meals whose one common attribute is that they will NOT deliver long-term weight-loss.   Any well respected company is loathe to enter a business where your product or service is unlikely to work.

That may change.  Nestle is reportedly looking to enter the diet picture.   Scientific studies indicate that the food giant is looking closely at C13, as the compound has been named, which helps regulate the body metabolism by stimulating specific enzymes called AMPK, also known to its friends as “adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase”.  It is an enzyme that plays an important  role in cellular energy homeostasis.  This enzyme could, conceptually, turn brisk walking into an activity that generates the metabolic response of 20 minutes of jogging or 40 minutes of cycling.  Reportedly, Nestle’s scientists are now searching for fruit and plant extracts that could act as a trigger for the enzyme. Nestle is a big, well-financed company and their plunge into the diet world would be a major event, if it happens.

And that’s a big IF.   AMPK has been known about for many years.  The trick that no one has mastered has been how to effectively activate AMPK.   Nestle has not even begun clinical trials yet, so it may be a few years or more before you can drink your way to weight loss.   In the interim, if you really want to lose weight, reaching that Holy Grail will involve a journey into a world of exercise (150 minutes a week), stress reduction, discipline, unprocessed foods and reduced carb intake.    If you do that, you’ll be successful.   If not…….well, you’ll have to wait a few years before you can drink your way to weight loss.   Here’s hoping that Nestle’s scientists figure out how to make a red wine version of their AMPK diet potion.