ALERT: Phony U.S. Treasury Grant Offer by Phone Fraudsters

scam202-666-4111.   If that number comes up on your cell or wireline phone, don’t answer it.    Better yet, answer and ask to be taken off the call list  (as they’ll keep calling).   They are telemarketing fraudsters representing themselves as calling from the “U.S. Treasury Department” (which they aren’t) and that you’ve been selected to receive a government grant (which you haven’t) and that all you have to do is give them bank or credit card information which would allow them to make a direct deposit into your account  (which they won’t).     This scam has been around for awhile and has been noted by the BBB.

This scam isn’t limited to this phone number.   Other consumers report online that 202-621-0020 has been used for the identical scam.   Others have reported identical calls from 202-621-0436, 202-657-6899, and 202-350-9207, among other numbers from the 202 prefix.    Even though they are Washington DC area codes, in all likelihood, they are making the call from overseas, so as to avoid U.S. prosecution and they are using the 202 prefix to make it appear as though the call is coming from Washington.

Here’s the simple truth:   If you have NOT submitted an application for a government grant and someone claims you have been awarded one, it’s a scam. Grant money is not given over the phone.  If you have the time and energy, you might consider reporting your experience to the U.S. Gov’t at  (Their number is listed , along with an email address, at the top of the page) or at   But please don’t fall for this scam;  you’ll never see any money and you’ll likely lose all the money in whatever account information you provide to them.

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  1. Also been harassed
    Also been harassed says:

    I am getting these same calls. Asking to be put on the do not call list doesn’t do anything, they keep calling. My new approach: block the number.

  2. Nurse Rachette
    Nurse Rachette says:

    This number calls me daily. Leaves NO message. Does NOT answer when I pick up. When I call back 202.621.0020 it says I have reached a non working number!!! This number called me 3x within the last hour on my CELL phone. They need to be sued and reported to the FTC, which is EXACTLY what I am going to do after this post. THIS IS HARASSMENT!


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