ALERT: Jack in the Box Value Menu Outrageous Overcharge

Using the value menu when buying fast food is supposed to save you money…..isn’t it?   Apparently, not when you buy a Jumbo Jack from Jack in the Box.   We discovered that some consumers trying to save money by using Jack in the Box’s Value Menu ended up getting overcharged…..and we want the fast food chain to give back all of the money it overcharged.


So, here’s the full story:  Jack in the Box’s top selling sandwich is the Jumbo Jack. It is available both as part of a combination meal, with fries and a drink, or separately as a sandwich only on the restaurant’s Value Menu. The burger can also be ordered from the combination meal as a sandwich only.  The combination meal sandwich only price exceeds the Value Menu price for the same product.  But when customers purchase a Jumbo Jack at the Value Menu price and then add cheese to that Value Menu sandwich, the price charged to customers automatically defaults to the higher-priced “Combo – Sandwich Only” resulting in systematic overcharges of between $.10-$.30 per Jumbo Jack sandwich.   Why?  Apparently, Jack in the Box created a software program used by its own stores and those of its franchisees which automatically converts the Value Menu pricing to a “Jumbo Cheese” item priced at a higher cost.

Here’s the really nasty part about this kind of rip-off;  the overcharge is so small that most customers don’t realize they’ve been gouged.    But because it sells so many Jumbo Jacks,  the company and those of its franchisees who are engaging in this practice can reap in beaucoup bucks each day through this almost undetectable computer cheat.  Not all of Jack in the Box’ franchisees are engaging in the overcharge practice, but those who do are being put on notice that they have to but the brakes on this unsavory scheme.  More details about the outrageous systematic overcharges by Jack in the Box are contained in this complaint filed in Superior Court.

We’ve documented this happening to customers throughout California.  Have you been ripped-off by Jack in the Box too?   Let’s send a message to the fast food giant to stop overcharging and give our money back!

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