ALERT: Verizon telephone customers beware!

VerizonIf you are a Verizon telephone customer in California,   you need to be aware of a possible effort by this telecom company to force you into a higher-cost phone plan.   The consumer group TURN has uncovered some internal company documents that outline a policy of pushing “copper wire” phone customers into more expensive phone plans.   The group alleges that these documents reveal Verizon’s plan of  “deliberately allowing its network to deteriorate, refusing to repair service and then forcing customers to ‘migrate’ to either its fiber network and largely deregulated digital voice service or a new wireless service that is far inferior to copper-based basic phone service”.   In R.11-12-001, TURN cited customer complaints from Long Beach, Torrance and Cerritos that accuse Verizon of refusing to fix customers’ copper service. Verizon is allegedly quick to offer FiOS installation, but requested repairs of copper-based phone service are subject to long delays, if they happen at all.  The consumer group alleges this is an illegal policy and has asked regulators to investigate.

In some documented cases,  Verizon pushes customers into a FIOS service that is far more expensive than regular landline phone service.  Customers are told that they’ll be disconnected if they don’t switch their service.  If you feel that you’ve been pressured into accepting a more expensive phone service from Verizon or have experienced unreasonably long repair delays, it is essential that you contact the California Public Utilities Commission or directly contact TURN and let them know that you’ve had the exact experience about which TURN is warning the regulators.

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