Why We Ask Bob Rankin

RankinIf we want to know anything about the Internet or computers/electronic devices, there’s generally one man that we ask: Bob Rankin. Bob is one of those gifts that the Internet world has provided – an expert resource who gives straight, thoughtful and understandable advice about how to live on and with the Net. Just some of the advice he gives includes:

  • Five Things You MUST Do On a New PC
  • Connect Your PC to TV, Wirelessly!
  • Cheap Phone Calls – MagicJack and Alternative VoIP Services
  • Free Internet Faxing Services
  • Free Anti-Virus Programs
  • Is Java Safe and Do I Need It?
  • How to Get Free TV and How Roku/Hulu/Google et al. Can Replace Cable TV Service
  • Free Satellite TV on PC?
  • Can Roku Replace Cable TV Service?
  • Ten Ways To Boost Your WiFi Signal
  • How to Track a Cell Phone
  • Boosting Cell Phone Battery Life
  • Does Email or IP Address Reveal my Physical Location?

Bob provides this advice, and much more, free of charge.  He also will send you an daily newsletter alerting you to some of the things that he is learning.   It is an invaluable service and the price is incredible.   He’s our go to guy and we recommend that you similarly adopt him as a friend and colleague.

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