Do You Think You Can Handle A Smart Appliance?

The long rumored smart appliances are rumored to be coming to your home soon.   At the 2014 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES),  LG is unveiled a service called ‘Home Chat” that remotely connects you with your LG appliances.   It would allow you to send texts to your appliances giving a series of operational commands.  (“Don’t burn the string beans?”)   Similarly,  Samsung unveiled its Smart Home at the show demonstrating at how embedded wireless has become fast and cheap enough to make this idea a mainstream one.

While smart appliances aren’t an entirely new concept, it is notable that LG has chosen the CES to showcase this service.  It will take companies like LG, Samsung, Westinghouse and Kenmore to commit to smart appliances before they become mainstream.   The technology exists; the standards and business models needed by large companies to achieve the scale necessary to reap profits are lagging.

As noted by Rethink Wireless,  these announcements are presaging the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) . Defining the workings and usage of the next generation of the internet is a massively significant undertaking. The move to IoT will be a decade-long process and a complex one, and will only become real to consumers when all the various stakeholders work out their business models. This will not be a case of an overnight revolution.

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