Music for the Generations!

Almost everyone has an opinion about music — it is in our genes and imbues all of our lives.   In the past sixty years (three scores?), music has taken on an even greater presence in our lives thanks to Elvis, The Beatles, radio and the Internet.    Once in a while, old and new music merges to create something really memorable:  The Beatles incorporation of classical music,  The Who’s dalliances with opera, Tony Bennett’s duets with the likes of John Mayer and Lady Gaga or the Rolling Stones’ performances with Jack White and Christina Aguilera are amongst some of the examples of old and new merging to transcend generations.    Amongst the most impressive of  such combinations occurred recently at the iHeart radio concert when Queen combined with Adam Lambert and fun. to create something really special.    It can be viewed here or below.

Amongst some other very special pairings,  check out the David Bowie/Arcade Fire concert in which the two bands combined to offer Five Years, Life on Mars and Wake Up.

In 2008, the Rolling Stones filmed a live concert in New York City for their film ‘Shine A Light’. They invited Jack White to play Loving Cup and the collaboration of these two artists was remarkable. See their joy as they take one of the Stones’ lesser known songs and raise it to new heights.    If you’ve not seen the Scorcese-directed film,  it is worth watching to see musical and cinematic masters at work.

Another classic music cross-generational event was Bruce Springsteen’s presentation at SXSW in 2012, where he discussed his musical influences, the new music scene and the magic of songwriting.    For anyone interested in modern music, this is must-see stuff. If you don’t want to watch the entire 50-minute video, the transcript of his speech can be found here.

Talk about upcoming the upcoming musical generation, check out Quinn Sullivan, a 13-year old blues prodigy.    He plays with 77-year old Buddy Guy this year.    It’s a trip to blues heaven as one blues legend shares his passion with an legend-in-the-making.

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