The $400 Home Energy Audit That Is Actually Free

One of the better deals on the energy front is a California program which offers a free home energy audit done by a qualified auditor. Our little secret  is that normally these audits would cost anywhere between $250-400 is that the audit.   Our other little secret  is that the audit really is free.
The auditor will come to your home and look for ways in which you can reduce your electric and gas consumption.    It takes about three hours.  If the auditor finds just ONE modification that reduces your bill by $10 per month, you’ve got your three hour investment paid back.    This is an example of the audit findings that you would receive.   It provides an Energy Use summary, an analysis of your utility bills and specific energy efficiency recommendations along with estimated savings.   The one thing that it doesn’t provide is an estimated cost of the efficiency recommendations;  those come later if and when you meet with a contractor to discuss implementing the recommendations  (also a free consultation).    An added bonus if you meet with a contractor about the audit results:  some of the contractors bring with them a “welcome basket” of energy and water efficient devices such as LED bulbs, water economizers and smart power strips that would cost you as much as $135 to buy.   No obligation and you are already $135 ahead.
But there’s one catch:  your home must be a stand-alone single family residence.    Apartment and condo dwellers — this program isn’t for you.
What do you have to lose?    Almost nothing except for a few hours of your time — most audits take within two-three hours.    For more information you can contact We Green energy solutions.   You can call for an appointment at  1-888-991-HERS (4377).
Why are these appointments subsidized?   In part, to encourage energy efficiency.   But the state is also using these audits to gather large amounts of information about homes so that they can better design efficiency guidelines and requirements.    You win and the state wins.
For more information about this program,  click here. 


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