Fascinating Future of Mobile Devices

ubuntu-phone-300x195An industry publication is offering an interesting insight into the future of smartphone service:  low-powered, cloud-based mobile phones.   Rethink Wireless printed an editorial today suggesting a whole new approach to the mobile experience:  “one which is being quietly created for the low end user bases where nearly all the handset growth will lie in the next few years”.  It theorizes that , built around Java, Linux and the browser, the new mobile platforms will start at the low end, but will then become the norm – partly because a proportion of the users with featurephone or entry level smartphones will move up to more sophisticated devices, but more importantly, because there will finally be something that moves the whole mobile experience on from iOS/Android.
The bottom line:  iOS and Android may have a run for their money from cloud-based mobile operating systems which don’t require high processing power nor even strong cellular connectivity.    It predicts that five years from now, the Google OS will be looking old-fashioned. User habits will have changed, so that the emerging Linux-based platforms, many starting life on low end phones, will feel more natural to most consumers.    You can click here to read or download the entire Rethink editorial that ran today:  Rethink editorial on future mobile
Rethink highlights Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch as an example of this new mobile device; it is an interesting development in mobile computing.   It is a OS environment however Canonical is currently raising money for manufacturing of a concept device that is based on the Ubuntu Touch open source software as well as around HTML5.   It is expected to evolve into a cloud-based experience which will span mobile devices, PCs, TVs and other screens. Canonical is even adopting fashionable crowdfunding tactics to raise money for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone, which will dual-boot Touch and Android.   C/Net chose Ubuntu as the most exciting development in mobile computing and believes that Samsung, Apple and Microsoft are betting on the wrong horses.
If you are planning on making a major investment in a smartphone or tablet, it is worth your taking a look at Ubuntu or other Linux-based devices.  They may well be the future of mobile computing!

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