For those inquiring minds who just need to know:   On February 28th, I filed a complaint in San Diego Superior Court detailing a number of misdeeds by UCAN, a specific employee at UCAN — David Peffer — and attorney Michael Aguirre during and subsequent to my employment at that organization.   The bottom line was that I had tired of the efforts by a specific group of people at UCAN who were /are hell-bent on tarnishing the reputation that I’d worked the better part of 32 years to develop.   It had to stop.

Two local print  media outlets latched onto the filing and repeatedly printed incomplete or misleading stories about the complaint.    Their interest was apparently to continue their conspiracy-chocked castigations rather than offer actual facts to the public.  On August 27, 2015 a jury in San Diego Superior Court found that UCAN’s claims were unfounded and ruled that the five causes of actions I brought against UCAN were valid. I was awarded all of the unpaid incentive bonuses that had accrued.   Each and every allegation claimed by UCAN and published by two San Diego media outlets  (San Diego Union-Tribune and San Diego Reader) have been debunked.

For those who want a more complete and accurate understanding of the allegations in the complaint,  I’m making a copy of the complaint and various legal documents available on this web site.    The documents speak for themselves.

Shames Response to UCAN and Aguirre SLAPP Suits

Shames v. UCAN Verified Complaint – FILED

Answer to UCAN cross complaint

Verified Declaration of Michael Shames

Verified Declaration of Robert Ames